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Thread: Live Stream over low-bandwidth

Created on: 05/04/11 10:14 PM

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Live Stream over low-bandwidth
05/04/11 10:14 PM

Hello all

I am helping a non-profit organization set up a live stream the only problem is that they have low-bandwidth. Some one told me that this can be helped with a bigger buffer.

At the moment the thing I cannot figure out is how to actually get the live video into the website. I have followed some tutorials and done a few videos locally but what is the next step. I would really appreciate it if someone would help me out or point me in the right direction.

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RE: Live Stream over low-bandwidth
05/09/11 9:23 AM

Low bandwidth means low FPS or quality or size. You just don't have a choice here. Figure out which of those or all they are willing to put up with and go from there.

Putting live video on a website isn't hard at all. You will need an FMS account, maybe through Influxis, or your own FMS server (or Wowza of course). Then just build a live player to play it. Do a search for "live" in the tutorials section, or just check out this one:


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