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Thread: "Speed-up" sync issues with live stream

Created on: 11/10/11 09:09 AM

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"Speed-up" sync issues with live stream
11/10/11 9:09 AM


I'm having an issues with flash application that is streaming live video through FMS to multiple clients. I don’t know why but in the beginning the user can see like 4-5 seconds of old video frames that are speeded up. After that period the live video is playing as normal. The issues appears when the “viewer” application have to reattach the NetStream object to another (or the same) stream name (that is streamed live). What I use is a Video object to display the video and my NetStream.bufferTime property is set to 0 (as described by Adobe’s live docs).

Also I have noticed that if I increase the bufferTime (I have tried many values like 0.01, 0.1, 0.5, 1…) and bufferTimeMax properties of the NetStream object the “speed-up” is gone, but instead the video has a delay of like 3-5 (up to 10) seconds, which is not acceptable for the purpose of my project.

Another weird thing is that I'm receiving "NetStream.Seek.Notify" and "NetStream.Play.Start" net stream events just before the "speed up" (I'm never doing a seek() on the net stream).

I’ll be very happy if someone can point me what I’m doing wrong.

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