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Thread: FMS 3.5 setInterval connections count

Created on: 06/11/12 10:48 AM

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FMS 3.5 setInterval connections count
06/11/12 10:48 AM


Ive created a simple interval:

[some code]

application.games["game_" + id].gameInterval = setInterval(gameCallback, id);

gameCallback = function(id) {
var so = SharedObject.get("game_" + id);
var atime = so.getProperty("time");
atime += 1;

So everybody who is connected to game sharedOBject get notified about time variable change.

Everything works fine, but the problem is that number of shared object conenctions is rising fast, and after some time FMS just freezes. Why thereare so many connectons? Why they are not garbage collected? How to create interval correctly without creating false connections? (im waching the connections number in console shared object tab)


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