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Thread: Live audio stream / choppy audio

Created on: 07/14/11 01:58 PM

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Live audio stream / choppy audio
07/14/11 1:58 PM

Hey all,

I have a FCS 1.5 install that has been running for about 5 years. It generally works fine, but sometimes when we publish a live audio-only stream, many users report that the audio is very choppy. We're not talking occasional dropouts, but full-on choppy audio. It's a 11khz stream. Default buffer time. Nothing unusual in the logs. Restarting FCS doesn't help, it still happens once in a while. I believe Updater 2 has been installed. Any ideas?

It kind of sounds like a bandwidth issue, but this happens on a 20mb DSL connection, which is otherwise very fast.
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RE: Live audio stream / choppy audio
07/18/11 11:14 PM

I have heard that increasing the rate fixes these kinds of issues. Try a higher rate maybe?

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