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FMSGuru.com Site Update is Complete!

We've got a brand new site here to look over finally! Around a week late due to circumstances almost under our control, but we're up and running now with lots more to come. The new site has a far more robust search engine in the background, better results to find what you are looking for and a much friendlier user interface that should show well on both desktop and mobile. Even the player has received a few updates with more to come and accomodations made even better for iOS devices (the only one without Flash to take advantage of our cool player).

With that, we've also got a brand new product launch at the same time, STi Video Recorder for Wowza Media Server HD Edition v3. This is our latest version of our Video/Audio recording application that runs right in the browser through the Flash Player. You have the option to choose to record between three different sizes, review your recording and even save it if you want in a list to view later. It's like a mini video content management system of all your recorded videos. Once recorded the application provides a simple way to link to the page where the bonus video player (included in the package if you want to use it) where the video can be played back. There is also an option to embed the player in a web page or blog.

We have promo pricing going on until the end of the year and after that will see a price raise to properly reflect the cost of this very cool application. So don't delay! Pick it up now as all updates are free until v4.

Posted on: Nov 13, 2011