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If you use Adobe's Media Player, then I have a feed for you!

If you happen to be using or playing with Adobe's new Media Player then I've got a feed for you to check out. That is if you are interested in Flash Media Server and developing applications with it. I've taken this Flash Media Server community site, and put out an AMP feed that can be loaded into Adobe's Media Player. It works quite well and I'd say that I really like how the videos play in it. All that's left is to figure out how to get the banners in to customize the show a bit better. There's a serious lack of documentation on it all but I think I've managed to get it together reasonably well. Check out the feed here: http://www.fmsguru.com/rss/amp_rss.cfm To add the feed, just open up "favorites" and down at the bottom there is a button to add an RSS feed. Click that and copy and paste in the above link! It's that easy. Everything should just start to load from there. There are 11 tutorials in there right now with more to come! Should have new shows every week with the plan we have in place now. Those videos are progressively streamed in, if you're into being able to skip around in the file without downloading the whole thing, then go check out the tutorials page on the site for some true streaming by Influxis our cool streaming partner.

Posted by: Graeme Bull on Jan 28, 2008

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