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Welcome along again to another booster battle with me, Larry Leroux and Chase Gains. Today we've got two popular brands in EVL Test from Evlution Nutrition and Alpha Jym from JYM Supplement Science
Could be close Larry. Looking harder to pick than Edward Scissorhand's nose


EVL Test

There’s actually a fair bit to like about EVL Test. Good amounts of ZMA and an active dose of D-Aspartic Acid should definitely be of benefit to your T. These are well supported by high levels of fenugreek and enough vitamin B6 to help keep estrogen in check.

It’s a shame that vitamin D3 is here but not in a large enough amount to affect your hormones. The party is also crashed by Tribulus Terrestris, which was clinically discredited years ago and is literally money for nothing. These flaws and a poor serving schedule of just once a day ensure EVL Test is good, but not great.

Not bad Chase. We could have a prospect on our hands.
There's some quality there for sure, but just one or two silly mistakes that would give better boosters the edge, Larry.

Alpha Jym

Alpha Jym matches EVL Test’s impressive amount of fenugreek, but after that loses its way a bit. A large amount of Ashwagandha may help stamina but still needs more to affect T any. After that it’s things like Damiana Leaf and DIM, meant to inhibit estrogen but neither as proven as vitamin B6. Longjack is good for libido and not much else and Quercitin may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant pluses, but what’s it done for our hormones lately?

Weaker than expected, Chase. Anything to do with JYM Supplement Science's belief you should get vitamins and minerals separately?
Everything to do with it Larry. No zinc, magnesium, D3, B6. Imagine buying onion crisps and having to buy the cheese separately. That's a world gone mad.


EVL Test

Nearly every booster you’ll find is a pretty big financial commitment because ideally you’re going to be buying it monthly. At around $30/£20 EVL Test is no different. However it’s all about value for money and even though this product isn’t as good as the very best brands, it’s also not as expensive. That trade off actually ends up as pretty good value.

Alpha Jym

At $30/£30, Alpha Jym is around the same price. If that’s all this section was about we’d have a draw on our hands. But since this section is about value and Alpha Jym doesn’t have nearly the formula perks EVL test does, you have to question if it’s worth it for anything more than a brief libido boost.

Looks like that extra quality carried EVL Test to victory in round 2 partner
Right on, Larry, right on. If I didn't know who my money was on before, I do now. It all comes down to what you're made of.


EVL Test

Evlution Nutrition are too high profile to be considered any kind of in it for the money chancers. All their products, including this one are cGMP certified and we’ve got full info on the label, no proprietary blends. They don’t get a clean bill of health however. Including a useless ingredient like Tribulus and expecting people to waste money on it is cheeky at least. Same goes for the low dose of Vitamin D3. As far as trying to winning customers over, you’re left to fish through retail site reviews which aren’t exactly overflowing with detail and can be shaky in terms of credibility.

Alpha Jym

Jim Stoppani is well respected on the supplement scene, all his products are cGMP cleared and he doesn’t use proprietary blends. So in that respect the brand is totally trustworthy. This particular booster though is just missing so much in terms of active T boosting ingredients that to sell it as your best option for stimulating male hormone seems a real stretch of believability. Retail site reviews again are strong. But this may have more to do with respect for the man rather than the merch.

No fireworks from either competitor there Larry. Solid if unspectacular round
I would give EVL Test the edge, just because it's better placed to get the job done.


EVL Test

EVL Test is available from most all big retailers who sell supplements, like Amazon, GNC and In fact the official Evlution website takes you direct to Amazon when you want to buy. This is good in a couple of ways. It means you can shop around for a better price and it’s widely available so you’ve every chance of getting it easily wherever you are. Different stores however have different ways of dealing with issues such as refunds etc. so it service may vary if there’s an issue.

Shred Jym

Again, Jym Stopanni’s official website is more dedicated to health and fitness advice and ideas. The supplements he leaves to the retail sites, like, GNC or Predator Nutrition in the UK. So there’s a possibility of getting the price down if you shop smart. Similarly though you are dealing with third party retailers if there’s a problem it’s possibly not as straight forward as dealing with the manufacturer.

Alpha just got beat-a Larry!
Indeed Chase indeed. EVL Test wins the battle but I still think one of our current top 3 would still win the war you feel.

Winner: EVL Test


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