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It's that time again folks, Chase Gains here with me Larry Leroux for another booster battle! Two heavy hitters square off tonight in EVL Test by Evlution Nutrition and Alpha Test from Muscletech. Any favorite just now Chase?
Donatello Larry. To my mind always the most under-rated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


EVL Test

EVL Test has great fundamentals in that it includes solid levels of ZMA and an active amount of D-Aspartic Acid. Vitamin B6 and fenugreek also help to ensure this is no dud. But it’s not perfect either. Study after study has confirmed tribulus terrestris is deadweight and the vitamin D levels aren’t high enough to be effective. DIM is also included to strengthen the anti-estrogen profile, but is less reliable than B6. Just one serving a day is also a let down.

There's no denying EVL Test has a few of the basics down, Chase.
True Larry. But you need more than basic quality if you're going to hang with the boosting big boys.

Alpha Test

Alpha Test also has strong points. It has a good amount of zinc, which is important. There’s also enough fenugreek to make a difference and where it betters EVL Test is in the adding of boron, which not only raises T but limits estrogen. That’s good because the only other female hormone inhibitor it offers is DIM and it also falls for tribulus’ tired B.S. Shilajit has some promise as a T booster but needs more research. Two servings a day is an improvement on one but is still not great.

Much the same story Chase. Highs and lows, good and bad.
Yesactly Larry. But a few less pros and a few more cons in this formula which loses Alpha Test the round for me.


EVL Test

EVL Test is around the $30/£20 mark which for something you may be regularly re-buying maybe isn’t what you’d exactly call cheap. But for a natural booster that’s getting towards the lower end of average. Because of what’s missing from the formula any higher and we’d say save your money, but this reduced cost, on balance, probably makes for decent value.

Alpha Test

Similar story here. An incomplete formula but a low price. Arguably Alpha Test is missing more than EVL Test, but it’s that bit cheaper again in the area of $20/£20. So because Alpha Test is not a complete write off from a recipe stand point and does have a few good ingredients, we’d probably give this the thumbs up as far as value goes too.

As long as your expectations aren't too high, neither's the price, eh Chase?
Totally, neither of these bad boys are breaking any records, but they're not breaking the bank either, which is cool.


EVL Test

There’s no question of this product being any kind of financial scam, it’s normally the smaller companies you need to watch out for and Evlution Nutrition are pretty well established. All their products, including this one, are cGMP approved and all the formula information is on the label for the user to check, no proprietary blends.

You can argue over how much bigging up a formula which includes useless Tribulus and a below active dose of vitamin D3 is a breach of trust, but for us it’s an issue. No detailed testimonials to convince you though sadly, just short user reviews. Those are typically good, but don’t really tell us much.

Alpha Test

Alpha Test’s background is equally solid. In fact Muscletech are probably an even bigger operation so no worries as far as them being in it just to make a quick buck. No proprietary blends here either, which is great and it is also manufactured to cGMP standards.

It’s what’s in the formula and what’s missing that is a stumbling block here too though. Tough to trust you’re getting the best. Reviews are mainly just user feedback on retailer sites, which are not the best for depth and usefulness, but are generally very positive.

Quiet round from both there Larry. Both doing the minimum they have to get by
Agreed. Neither disgraced themselves, but neither excelled themselves either.


EVL Test

EVL Test can be found in big stores like Amazon, and GNC that means you should be able to get it wherever you call home and will be able to search around for the best price. It does mean refund and return policies may differ if there’s a problem however, so be aware of that. It’s not as straightforward as dealing directly with the manufacturer.

Alpha Test

The Muscletech website has an alphabetical list of where you can get their products in each country and there are very few corners of the globe not covered. It also retails from the likes of Amazon, GNC and offering plenty of chance to shop around. No central sales from the maker again though meaning customer service policy may vary, depending on where you buy.

Closer than conjoined twins wearing a onesie, Larry!
For sure, Chase. Nothing to trouble the Top 3, but reasonable budget options. It may be controversial because of formula problems, but as it's from the slightly more successful company and cheaper, with more servings per day, I'm scoring it for...

Winner: Alpha Test


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