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Welcome along everybody to another hotly anticipated T party as EVL Test from Evlution Nutrition takes on Nugenix Free T Booster from Direct Digital. I'm your March Hare, Larry Leroux alongside Mad Hatter, Chase Gains
I didn't understand any of that Larry. LET'S ROCK!


EVL Test

It’s easy to see why EVL Test has stayed a consistent seller. It has the foundations any decent T booster needs. Good levels of ZMA, an active dose of D-Aspartic Acid, and a useful amount of vitamin B6 to keep estrogen in check. Fenugreek is also a bonus for balancing blood sugars and stimulating libido.

There are areas where it needs improvement though. Vitamin D3 looks good on paper, but the amount in this formula isn’t strong enough to properly raise T. Including Tribulus is a terrible idea, it doesn’t even look good on paper, studies have proven again and again the best place for it as far as helping your hormones is the garbage. Only one serving a day?. So not all bad, but a few parts pretty bad.

Far from perfect Chase, but definitely some potential.
A mix of promising positives and disappointing negatives Larry. Depends if you're a formula half full or half empty kinda guy.


Nugenix drops a lot of the right names on the label, it also has zinc and vitamin B6 for example, but the dosages are ridiculously small. Just 1mg of zinc and 2mg of B6 won’t do anything. Then we have a 2g proprietary blend of just 3 ingredients. This means you’re probably getting high levels of Fenugreek again and the useful energy boosters like L-Citrulline, but also means you’re likely getting a huge whack of pointless Tribulus. Even if you’re not, this booster is still missing a lot and the fact you cannot be clear on dosages is unacceptable

An incredibly poor start for this challenger, Chase. Worrying times when we're only in the first round.
Unbelievable Larry. They've covered nearly none of the bases and nearly all of the ingredients. That's one crazy, backwards-ass approach.


EVL Test

At around $30/£20 EVL Test is at the lower end of average for this kind of product. Nobody saying it’s cheap, especially on a monthly basis, but higher quality boosters are usually more expensive. A lower price is a decent trade off for what’s missing from the formula. In that way it’s fair to say EVL Test is good value.


If you buy from the official website you’ll be paying north of $60 for Nugenix. Shop at Amazon and it’s closer to the $40/£40 mark (although it was currently unavailable from Amazon UK at time of writing). It hardly makes a difference frankly, with two good ingredients radically under dosed and another couple mysteriously mixed in with a useless one, it’s not worth either price. Really poor value

Shocking from Nugenix Larry. I can't think of any other place you'd pay a price this high for something this awful other than a bondage dungeon
The price tag is ridiculous Chase. I don't know where so much bare faced cheek would be on display other than that very same dungeon.


EVL Test

EVL Test has done its due diligence by getting GMP approved and avoiding recipe confusion with no proprietary blends. There are a lot of positive reviews for the product, though it’s worth pointing out these aren’t full testimonials, just short paragraphs on retail sites. Pitching a booster as the finished article when Trib is still involved and there’s not enough D3 to do good. Come now.


Nugenix is also in line with GMP certification but that’s about all you can say for it. After that they don’t earn our trust at all. Forget the blend altogether – there’s the free trial issue.

You’re given 2 weeks of product for around a $5 shipping fee, then if you don’t remember to cancel it you’re charged a $70 monthly rolling fee. There are reviews on the site but they are also short paragraph’s by faceless first names. Bad news.

Nugenix doesn't seem to have a clue, Chase.
Larry, if this was a boxer not only would he have forgotten his game plan, he'd have forgotten his shorts and gloves


EVL Test

Big stores like Amazon, GNC and all carry EVL Test, so you can expect not only to be able to find it wherever you are, but also do a bit of bargain hunting. It does mean that customer service policy is in the hands of a third party though, so if there’s a problem responses may vary depending on where you buy.


Nugenix is also available from Amazon, GNC, Wallgreens etc, but some products are only available for the U.S and Canada Buying from the official site will cost you $69.99 plus $4.99 for postage arriving in 5 days. You do have the option of a 30 day money back promise if you’re not satisfied, though you have to return what you haven’t used at your own expense and you won’t be refunded the original postage. There is a U.S phone number, email and company address on the site for any questions.

Total shutout Larry! It may not be top 3 material, but EVL Test could be a pineapple shaped suppository and I'd still choose it over Nugenix.
Sometimes your way with words brings a tear to this old man's eye, Chase.

Winner: EVL Test


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