Unlike recent expensive and controversial procedures which involve topping up dipping hormone levels with a synthetic replacement, a truly effective natural booster acts to stimulate our own biological testosterone production.

They do this by utilising organic ingredients, which clinical research has shown are able to work in usually one of three ways:

1. Creating More Testosterone

Alright, so the words ‘no’, ‘s**t’ and ‘Sherlock’ might be springing to mind right now, but I’m going to go ahead and say it anyway.

Every truly worthwhile booster should have a healthy supply of ingredients which are there chiefly to stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for requesting more testosterone.

They will encourage a natural increase in the production of things like luteinizing hormone, which is responsible for releasing testosterone into the body, along with DHT, otherwise known as follicle stimulating hormone, and human growth hormone.

A strong presence of these in our system ultimately leads to higher levels of testosterone.

2. Increasing Free Testosterone

A lot of guys don’t appreciate that the overall amount of testosterone in their systems doesn’t automatically equate to the amount of testosterone they’re able to utilize.

Think of it as the subtle difference between being at the gym and actually using the gym. A whopping 60% of our testosterone can be tied up by something called sex hormone binding globulin.

SHBG inhibits the hormone and stops a large percentage of it working as efficiently as we’d like (in our gym analogy SHBG would be the steam room or the café.)

Effective boosters will contain components to help reign in SHGB, freeing up more testosterone and putting it to work.

3. Suppressing Estrogen

Contrary to what its status as the female hormone may suggest, we guys also have a quantity of oestrogen in our system.

In fact how much we possess is directly balanced against testosterone; the higher one is the lower the other. Aromatase enzymes are the enzymes in the body which convert testosterone into estrogen; therefore if this becomes too active our hormonal balance is tipped in wrong direction.

That’s why quality boosters will always make room for elements which are potent aromatase inhibitors, to ensure testosterone is always in the ascendency.

Getting in touch with out feminine side externally might be strangely liberating at times, but internally it does us no good at all.

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