How Does Testosterone Affect Performance?

We’ve talked about how effective High Intensity Interval Training is for boosting hormones on this site before. Fair to say though, while short bursts of activity are a great way to get extra testosterone, it may not be the best use of it once we’ve got it.

There’s still a place for some long, drawn out cardio is all we’re saying. And that place, I think most would agree, is usually the bedroom. Sure, plenty of guys worry about length when it comes to the bedroom …

But far too many of us are still reaching for a tape measure when we should be going for a stopwatch.

Size is all well and good lads, but let’s face it, this isn’t the world’s biggest ball of twine we’re talking about here. Nobody’s coming home with you just to look at it, have their picture taken with it and possibly buy a souvenir keyring of it. Whatever you’re packing ideally it has to be ready and willing to go at a moment’s notice. The stronger, longer and more frequently the better.

So, in this article we’ll look at ways high, natural T can help you give your best as often as it’s required. You’re welcome.

Tool up

The first thing we all need if we’re going to do anything well is reliable equipment. Fact is, you can be the most skilled carpenter in the world, but if you don’t have proper tools to work with, you’re likely destined for for some disappointing woodwork.

Well, exactly the same rule applies whether we’re talking about cabinet making or lovemaking. A trusty, sturdy and durable tool is a must.

(Look I’m really not sure how to get out of this D.I.Y metaphor subtly. So I’m just going to come right out and say I’m talking about our penises now. You all got that, right? Great.)

Yup, to the surprise of precisely no-one, solid erections are key to a good sex life. And the secret to getting and keeping those is of course testosterone.

We understand this thanks to comprehensive research  like that conducted by the University of California in 2000. Reporting a strong correlation between poor T levels and erectile dysfunction, it states:

“Erections are clearly testosterone-dependent, as evidenced by the observation that men with hypogonadism have a marked reduction in the frequency, amplitude, and rigidity of erections.”

Passion crashin’

You’ve got be up for it in more ways than one however. Physically ready isn’t much help if you’d rather get shut eye between the sheets than exercise.

Our teenage selves who got erections from sneezes and were seriously turned on by blinking might find it hard to believe, but often as we age libido can drop off in a big way.

Testosterone is the main fuel for that fire and the reason it dies down is usually age related T loss.

After the age of 30 our T levels tend to start to naturally start dropping. By roughly 1% a year. To the point where 40% of men over 45 show signs of lower levels. Symptoms like tiredness, loss of libido and erectile problems.

So if the idea of making a human sandwich is beginning to appeal less than the prospect of making an actual sandwich, it may be low T.  

One 2007 study from the New England Research Institute showed this by recruiting 22 men in their mid-50s, who had been having problems with libido for 4 years.

Over a period of 6-8 weeks the men were given regular T supplementation. The subjects were then asked to rate their sexual activity and urges for 24 weeks after the trial, using the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF).

Nearly all everyone saw a much improved libido and 50% also felt they had better sexual function too.

It goes to show that it’s never too late to slow or even reverse T loss. Remember though, you aren’t part of a study; it’s possible – and preferable – to raise hormones naturally.

Pole control

Okay, so looking after your T will give you the means, the urge and the physical stamina to perform.

But what about getting carried away? It’s an exciting business. Things happen. But sometimes they happen 29 minutes and 40 seconds before we’d rather. What’s the secret to you stopping that?

This isn’t really our wheelhouse but we’ve listed a few methods thought to help longevity. We can’t say for sure if these will work, but they’re harmless enough give a try.

Make sure you don’t get any weirder than this though. Or else don’t come crying to us when that cheese grater method you read about somewhere goes horribly wrong.

These at least are less “Don’t Try This At Home” and more “Don’t Try This Anywhere But Home”.

Work the floor

Pelvic floor muscles are more famously associated with women trying to regain strength and control after childbirth. Guys have them too however and training them can offer more control over our orgasm.

The pelvic floor runs from your pubic bone to your tail bone forming a base to the pelvis, just above your genitals. Too judge the strength of your floor muscles you can try to stop the flow of urine mid flow.

A rep involves tensing these same muscles and holding it for 3 seconds then relaxing. You can build up how many sets you do and how long you hold clenches as you get stronger.

It’s better to start on your back or side so initially you’re not fighting gravity.

The human towel rail

Once you’ve mustard the above you can start to take it up a notch. This involves standing, getting an erection and doing the same exercise.

Once even gravity isn’t a challenge you could always start adding weight. Nothing crazy. A face cloth at first, graduating a towel, then the end of level boss, a wet towel.

(We strongly recommend you do not attempt The Duffel Coat unless you are a professional pornstar.)

The bright side of this one is, even if it doesn’t help you last longer in bed, it will help you get a waiter job at some of the world’s busiest restaurants.

Living on the edge

Pretty simple this one. When we’re taking matters into your own hands, having a bit of me time and nearing the big finish get use to stopping.

That’s all there is too it really. When you’re waxing off, stop short of waxing on at the last moment. It’s about learning to resist that sensation so we don’t go over the edge too soon when we’ve got company.

Big finish

Don’t get us wrong, we’re no tantric sex gurus.

But making the most of your natural T and exercising a bit of self control will at least help make you a bit more Sting than microwave ping and make sure nobody ends up feeling short changed.

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