The Swole Nine Yards

A while back we wrote a piece for the site exploring the comeback in popularity of steroids. In hindsight that article was probably – appropriately enough – way too big.

But it’s a subject we still we get a lot of emails about. What’s it like to take massive amounts of synthetic testosterone on a regular basis? What are the potential risks and advantages? Are either being exaggerated?

This video from Vice Sports gives a brief but incredibly useful insight in to life as a regular steroid user.

It gets perspectives from both a medical side and that of long-time user. You might be surprised just how similar the two takes are.

So let’s recap.

The upsides: they’re almost purely cosmetic. If the body shapes in this video are the kind you want to achieve, then no question you’re going to struggle to do that naturally.

What’s telling though, is that nobody interviewed, not the doc or notably the roid pro bro, denied the dangers or down played the side effects.

He admitted to bouts of sexual dysfunction, depression, aggression and worried about a shutting down of natural T production.

These and more are all consequences that have been laid at the door of steroid use, but a lot of hardcore synthetic T fans still deny.

It also busts the commonly held myth that the steroids will do all the work. You heard it straight from the bodybuilder’s mouth folks, they won’t. You’re not cutting down on hard work, but you are loading up on risk.

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  • Peter 15th September 2018

    Sadly, the bodybuilder you have in the photo on top of the page just passed away due to cardiac arrest. He was an incredibly nice guy as well as a wealth of knowledge for those of us who subscribed to his Youtube channel. 350lbs of fat or 350lbs of muscle…. I don’t think the heart knows the difference. RIP Rich Piana

    • Rob Wright 18th September 2018

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for comment. I knew it was Rich, I deliberately chose the featured photo of the article to be him as I can’t think of a more appropriate person to use in an article entitled ‘Life on Steroids’ – he started when he was 18 and used them until he died at 45. So literally his entire adult life.

      I also thought it was appropriate given how open he always was about his steroid use, and the fact that his views seemed to chime a bit with the guys in the video (ie, it’s the hard work and time in the gym that counts). It also seemed relevant that the video featured a doctor warning about potential health problems, although to my knowledge there’s no conclusive link between his death and his steroid use – if I’m wrong about this then just flame me via the reply button.

      A polemic character but I liked him and the bodybuilding world has certainly lost a colorful character there. RIP Rich.

    • Rob Wright 18th September 2018


      We had a chat in the office, maybe the choice of a photo of Rich wasn’t in the best taste given he’s only just passed away. Wasn’t meaning to be controversial but appreciate that could cause offence so I’ve changed it out for an old one of Dorian Yates.

      Thanks again,