• Positive

    • Contains plenty of components
    • Uses a few solid T boosters
    • May help energy levels
    • Some good reviews
  • Negative

    • Uses several proprietary blends
    • Contains several unproven and irrelevant ingredients
    • Missing key T-boosting components
    • Question marks over doseages of even the best choices
    • Some users report side effects
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
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  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6.6/10

A lot of T boosters you’ll see will go for impressive, technical sounding names. Names that have you reaching for the label just to check what they do. Not Beast Super Test though. As soon as you read those words you know exactly what this product is shooting for: to get your testosterone up and keep it there.

In theory this means better strength and muscle mass, healthy libido and plenty of energy.

As a bonus Beast Super also aims to regulate the female hormone estrogen and detoxify your kidneys and liver. A bit of an all-rounder then. Great if it works, but it’s all about that formula. You’ve got to have the brains to deliver those gains,

Beast Super Test

The team at Beast Sports Nutrition are not shy about using our pet hat, proprietary blends. In fact they use several, so that means the names of everything in this booster, but not the doses. Just about makes us angry enough to build our own muscle the Bruce Banner way.

There’s a lot of different ingredients to look at – good, bad and pointless –  so we’ll save you some time by just covering what really jumps out at us.

How Does Elevate Work?

At a Glance

  • Anabolic Testosterone Support blend to promote T.
  • Nitric Oxide Support blend to increase blood flow.
  • Estrogen Control blend to limit female homone
  • Detox blend for liver & kidney
  • DHT control blend

If that doesn’t enlighten you any, welcome to the world of proprietary blends. Don’t worry, we’ll look closer after the scores.

The Scores

Beast Super Test

Beast Super Test tries to do a bit of everything but it doesn’t appear to do much of it very well. Good ingredients like zinc, magnesium and fenugreek have to battle for space with duds such as Trib.

Ashwaghanda which could be helpful is dependent on a dose we don’t know and the rest of the anabolic blend is fleshed out with libido boosters like Tongkat Ali. Arginine can raise nitric oxide but the body doesn’t absorb it well and you need a huge amount.

All the choices in for estrogen control except B6 are pretty unproven, while the liver and kidney detox blend is pointless. You can detox through diet and that space could be used for some of what’s missing from this formula. All in all, just plain average


Just over $30 is not bad for the sheer quantity of ingredients you’re getting here, but we still think you’d be better to stash the cash for a booster with a much more focused and potent recipe. For those in the U.K this is among the more expensive options so giving it a miss is more of a no-brainer


Beast Super Test actually has some pretty strong feedback on Bodybuilding.com, but mostly from users praising the extra energy it gives them for their workout.

It’s difficult to tell if this brand actually raises T without the kind of individual detail you get from good testimonals. There’s enough coustomers citing no effects or side effects to put doubt in your mind.


We’ve no worries about how or where Beast Super Test is manufactured, but trust means a little more than that. Stacking up the proprietary blends so that we know nearly nothing about exact amounts doesn’t inspire faith. Neither does using debunked ingredients like tribulus terrestris or missing out a lot of key components any T booster should have.


Whatever issues we’ve got with this product it’s hard not to be impresed by Beast Sports Nutrition’s slick setup. They are firmly established with a dedicated fanbase and a huge range of supplements for all areas of fitness.

Their website isn’t just a vehicle to flog products, there are blogs, apparel diet tips and bodybuilder endorsements a-plenty. Their approach to formulas might need tweaked, but when it comes to marketing these guys nail it.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 3-4 capsules in the morning before a meal then another 3-4 before eating again in the evening. You should do this for 8 weeks, before giving your body 4 weeks rest.

8 caps is a whole lot and you might think at least they’re not skimping on dose. In fact though the most important number is the servings. 2 at either end of the day isn’t going to sustain effects evenly.

Ironically, knowing what we do about metabolism and the way nutrients are broken down, just one of these 4 caps divided into 4 seperate evenly spaced servings would ensure a consistent top up.

Any Beast Super Test Side Effects?

A handful of users report stomach problems such as cramps and diarrhea after use, A number of ingredients here could contribute to this in the wrong dose, but as we don’t have any amounts we can identify the exact culprit. Aren’t proprietary blends just the best?

Where Can I Get It?

Customers can find Beast Super Test at Amazon.com for just over $32 which buys you a month’s supply. Readers in the U.K can find it at Dolphin Fitness.co.uk for around £54.

Ingredients – In Detail

Zinc & Magnesium

Zinc is vitally important if you’re going to keep producing peak T. Many of the hormone’s building blocks rely on it and its difficult to get from diet so supplementing is a great idea. We’d like to have seen a bit more than 14.4mg

Magnesium is also great as it lowers SHBG, a protien that binds T making it unusable. The more free T we’ve got the better. Just 25mg is very light though.



Vitamin B6

Estrogen has a see-saw relationship with T the higher one is, the lower the other. So anything you can do to safely limit estrogen is great. Vitamin B6 is known to work on the C2 pathway of the brain to lower production and effectivness of the female hormine


Tribulus Terrestris

Puncture Vine

Tribulus Terrestris by any other name is just as crap. Trib was once thought to be a great T booster, but all the evidence since then suggests as far as hormones go it’s useless. You can change the name but you can’t change the results: nothing. All we know is that this has a share of a 1000mg, but however much it is it’s too much.


Tongkat Ali

This herb only seems to improve T in those with clinically low levels. In guys within the normal range – as Beast Super Test’s target market will be – it doesn’t fo much except slightly help libido.




Not the worst choice here in name at least. This herb is an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body better cope with stress, including exercise. In theory this means working out for longer but since we’re unsure of the exact amount, no promises.




Another solid choice here because not only does fenugreek boost libido it also helps control blood sugars. This regulates insulin which stops it becoming unbalanced and negatively impacting your T supply. Again though no clue how much we’re getting.



We can deal with the next blend all at once, as the nitric oxide part of Beast Super Test is all variations of Arginine. While it can increase blood flow an energy it’s not typically absorbed well by the body when taken orally. This means a large dose is needed. 500mg is a lot, but not enough.



DIM is a nutrient found in green leafy veg included as anti-estrogen component because it has shown promise in studies. The problem is it’s more of an estrogen modulator, meaning in certain doses it can increase the female hormone. Since this is part of 200mg Estrogen Control blend with 3 other ingredients we don’t know the amount here.


Japanese Knotweed

There is some early evidence that this weed effects the estrogen receptors and might regulate the female hormone but we’d be looking for much more solid research before giving it the thumbs up.


Cyonatis Vaga Extract

The supposedly important part of this ingredient is 20‐Hydroxyecdysterone. Like all ecdysterones, it’s supposed to naturally mimic the effects of steroids however the study below found that 200mg daily (Beast Super Test has 184mg) brought no performance improvments.



Nettle Root

DHT is a powerful hormone thought to be connected to male pattern baldness and an enlarged prostate. One of the main ingredients Beast Super Test includes to try and limit this production is nettle root. Weirdly the jury is out on whether it increases or decreases DHT. But we do know it significanly lowers SHBG, helping our free T. So a bit of an accidental hero.


Anything Missing?

Some of the weirder choices like Milk Thistle could have made way from proven T boosters like D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3 and boron, which also lowers estrogen.


Beast Super Test tries to do to many things at once when it would be better staying as simple as it’s title.

T marks the spot and there are plenty of other muscle building boosters with more complete and focused formulas that and will give you better results.