• Positive

    • A few good ingredients
    • Promotes prostate health
    • Good serving schedule
  • Negative

    • Uses proprietary blends
    • Contains discredited tribulus
    • Missing key ingredients
    • Some unconvincing choices
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 5.8/10

Most of us who research T boosters know not to get suckered by swish marketing. It can be tempting though.

Sometimes a cool box and futuristic name are going to catch your attention. That’s what they’re there to do after all.

BioXgenic High Test would fall into this flashy category. It looks and sounds a bit science fictiony. Problem is, science fiction might be great in a movie, but science fiction in a supplement just spells a lot of wasted time and money. We like science fact.

To be fair though, BioXgenic High Test is among the bestselling supplements currently on the GNC website so it must be impressing someone.

BioXgenic High Test promises to;

  • Raise T
  • Boost libido
  • Increase energy
  • Protect your prostate.

That last one is important. As you age, not only does T drop but prostate issues become more likely, so if this booster can successfully tackle both, then it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about.

BioXgenic High Test Review

That’s a pretty big if however. We know that right out the gate because this booster uses not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 proprietary blends.

In case you’re not aware, proprietary blends are a system companies exploit to avoid giving you exact dosages of separate ingredients. You just get names and an overall volume.

Why? Good question. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have all the info. Your money, your body, your facts, that’s our motto.

Sometimes it’s done to hide high amounts of cheap, ineffective ingredients in with small amounts of good but more expensive stuff. Let’s see if that’s the case here.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Hormone Releasing X Complex to promote growth hormone production.
  • Testosterone Boosting X Complex to boost T.
  • Natural Factors X Complex to stimulate libido.
  • Prostate Safety X Complex to maintain prostate health.

Not a lot given away there, eh? Not to worry, we’ll breakdown everything you need to know after the scores

The Scores

BioXgenic High Test

Looking on the bright side, there are a handful pluses to BioXgenic High Test. It’s not every booster that makes room for prostate protection, let alone includes an ingredient like saw palmetto that might actually help.

The amount of zinc and fenugreek are useful too, as is (we hope) beta sisterol. A solid serving schedule also means you’re going to be getting the best of these too.

On the other hand, you’ve got seriously problems with dosages thanks to the ludicrous over-use of proprietary blends. It also includes totally discredited duds like tribulus and more than a few less than convincing choices, so we can’t go nuts with the marks here.


The $40 mark isn’t by any means expensive for a booster, but it’s starting to creep up there and it is a lot to be shelling out a month.

With 4 blends containing several ingredients it may feel like you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck but there are several misfires in there. We can’t help but feel it might be worth saving your money for something a little more on target.


There are no concerns about the safety of BioXgenic High Test, which is a relief, but there’s more to ‘trust’ than just safety. There’s no excuse for keeping customers in the dark over any part of your formula. One blend is bad enough but here we’ve got 4.

Then there’s the use of outdated ingredients like tribulus. There are those who don’t rate natural boosters at all and flogging has-been waste of space like that as an effective ingredient just gives the haters ammunition.


What few reviews we could find of of this product – 7 on Amazon, 3 on GNC at time of writing – are generally positive. But almost all of them lack both quality and quantity of information. There’s nowhere near enough detail to convince the switched on customer to part with 40 odd dollars.

That’s why you should always look for a really in-depth testimonial section on the official website. People’s (real people’s) names, written statements, photographs, videos. When you read and watch genuine user testimony about a product you know it’s a formula that works.


A lot of BioXgenics products relate to libido as it turns out. Nearly all of the company’s modest range aim for getting you better results in the bedroom. (I guess the X wasn’t very sci-fi after all. It was shooting for another genre of movie). Climax, size, T, erection supplements, you name it.

Manufacturers M.D. Science Lab, LLC are an American company established in 1999 and all their products are made on GMP registered locations. We couldn’t dig up any serious scandals. No top marks where proprietary blends though!

How Do I Take It?

Users take 3 servings of 1 cap a day.

This is not a bad serving schedule because it acknowledges that active ingredients need topped up throughout the day to work at their peak.

Any BioXGenic High Test Side Effects?

In rare cases there have been reports of saw palmetto causing headaches, dizziness and stomach upset, but aside from that very slim possibility, there’s really nothing that gives us cause to worry.

Where Can I Get BioXgenic High Test?

It’s currently available from Amazon.com for around $44 for a months supply.

Ingredients – In Detail



Zinc is a decent start. It promotes building blocks for T like luteinizing hormone, folicle stimulating hormone and human growth hormone.

Low T often goes hand in hand with not getting enough zinc and it can be tricky to get sufficient amoutns through diet. Supplementing is a great idea and 30mg a day is a safe and effective dose.



The first mystery amount in the 525mg Hormone Releasing X Complex.

This amino acid has long been a favorite of those looking to pack on muscle, as it’s thought to stimulate T when taken with L-Arginine.

We couldn’t find much evidence of that but there is some work suggesting it may help control insulin, which if unbalanced can negatively affect T production.



On the face of it L-Arginine is useful for increasing nitric oxide levels in the body, helping with energy and blood flow.

The only problem is it’s not typically absorbed well by the body when taken orally so you need high amounts to feel any benefits. Thanks to the wonders of proprietary blends we’ve no idea if there’s anywhere near enough here. Doubtful.



An amino acid usually paired with vitamin C and used to protect against the herpes simplex virus. There’s not a whole lot of evidence that this is of much use at all in a T boosting context.

At least one study shows it has a slight benefit for insulin sensitivity as well as skeletal and muscle tissue, but hardly enough to justify being included here.



More usual in fat burners in our experience, this promotes the production of feel good chemicals such as dopamine. These chemicals can reduce stress and sharpen focus.

The key here is stress reduction. Stress means the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol blocks T production so anything that keeps it under control is a plus. Pity we can’t be sure exactly how much we’re working with.



Another neurotransmitter that can be useful in helping you calm down and reduce stress.

Unfortunately another ingredient which isn’t very easily absorbed because it has trouble passing from the blood stream to the brain. It means the lack of a specific dose is a real problem yet again.



An amino acid which appears to reduce levels of ammonia in the body and as a result can prolong exercise. The study that shows this however used a very high dosgae amount. Around 2g.




600mg of fenugreek makes up the Testosterone Boosting X Complex all by itself.

This is good and bad. Fenugreek is a great choice, it raises libido, controls blood sugars keeping it out of T’s way and stimulates androgens for testosterone production.

But if they’re banking on fenugeek, even a strong amount, to do all the heavy lifting in this department, then they’re missing out some other key choices


Tribulus Terrestris


The Natural Factors X Complex gets off to a poor start with this.

Time and again tribulus terrestris has been proven to do nothing for your hormones yet for some reason it just keeps showing up in natural test boosters. We don’t know how much of the 500mg mix trib takes up but we do know it’s too much.

It has been seen to boost libido slightly when taken in huge quantities, but nowhere near what BioXgenic High Test brings to the table.


Eurycoma Longifolia

Sometimes referred to as Longjack or Tongkat Ali, this herb has shown some promise as a libido booster and may be a natural alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. If we knew the volume we were looking at, and we dont’. Yes, we are starting to sound like a stuck record, hopefully you understand why we loathe these ‘proprietary blends’ so much.


Avena Sativa

Better known as oat straw, what little research there is on this points to some anti-inflammatory benefits. This may well help extend workouts a little longer.

This wouldn’t be our first choice for a booster on such little evidence though.



Beta Sisterol

390mg of Prostate Safety Complex starts with beta sisterol.

This is the active ingredient in stinging nettle and although it doesn’t have any affect on prostate size, it does appear to limit the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Which can be a real problem for guys in later life.

One bonus here is beta sisterol significantly lowers SHBG. This a protein which binds to T and makes it unusable, so enough of this ingredient means more free T.


Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto does have form maintaining prostate health naturally and given that it’s one of only two active ingredients in his blend, there’s a good chance we’ve got enough to make a difference.


Anything Missing?

Quite a bit actually. If you want to support healthy T, particularly as you age then keeping estrogen down is key. Vitamin B6 would help keep the female hormone in check, making way for the test.

Fenugreek also could’ve done with a bit of help from the likes of vitaman D3, D-Aspartic Acid, magnesium or boron.


It’s great that this booster makes a point of promoting prostate health, and there are some good choices here.

The problem is there are bad ones too and you’ve really got to look to find the high points. We’re not sure that effort is worth BioXgenic High Test’s price tag and there are definitely more focused options out there that are better value for money.