• Positive

    • Good levels of ZMA
    • May improve exercise duration
    • Mainly positive reviews
    • Reputable company
  • Negative

    • Missing some key elements
    • One or two unconvincing ingredients
    • Poor serving schedule
    • Expensive considering formula
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 7.0/10

Let’s face it, on some level, boosting your T is about boosting your status.

Boosting your status in the gym to the big dog setting all the records. Boosting your status on the dating scene to a guy who gets plenty of attention. Or boosting your status in the doc’s office to the perfect picture of health.

It is for me anyway, I’ll gladly take all of the above thanks.

Which is why I guess it makes sense that I was drawn to reviewing Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status. Status in a bottle, what’s not to like?

Blue Star Status

The product makes your pretty standard boasts; improved performance, increased strength and muscle.

But then they claim that their booster, taken with exercise, can boost testosterone by 434%! We’re sceptical, but Status sells well & scores high on big sites like Bodybuilding.com so maybe there’s something to it…

Popular isn’t everything though. It doesn’t automatically equal quality. Remember, The Macarena sold 1.1 million copies worldwide. My point is it always pays to go beyond the hype and do the research before parting with cash.

To do that we need to look at the ingredients. Although there is one proprietary blend here (a mix of components that are named but not given individual doses) it’s just for the ‘delivery system.’ Basically ingredients which improve the absorption of the other nutrients in the formula.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Ashwagandha to raise endurance
  • Fenugreek to balance blood sugars
  • Vitamin B6 & DIM to control estrogen
  • Longjack to boost libido
  • Delivery system to improve absorption

We’ll put all that under the microscope and go through it in detail after we’ve had some scores

The Scores

Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status

This booster gets off to a solid start with good amounts of ZMA to support free and overall testosterone, plus well judged B6 to keep levels of female hormone in check.

There’s also a strong amount of ashwagandha, which evidence suggests improves physical performance allowing you to exercise for longer. Beyond that though there are a few more question marks.

Longjack will help your libido and not much else, the jury’s still out on DIM and we need to see a lot more fenugreek for testosterone to be positively affected. A poor serving schedule and several key elements missing don’t help either.


Just under $70 is a lot of money for anyone to shell out on a monthly basis. It’s not the most you’ll pay for a booster, but for that kind of money would quite rightly expect the best on the market, and sure enough some of the best brands we’ve seen are around that price.

Sadly Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status isn’t one of those. It’s just missing too much.


All Blue Star Nutraceuticals products are manufactured on GMP suitable locations, so no worries on safety. And although there is a proprietary blend in Status it’s not really where it matters most.

We had a bit of trouble running down the study that saw a 434% increase in T though, we contacted the company and they haven’t got back to us. This has to hit the trust factor – we are pretty familiar with test boosting clinical studies and this 434% figure isn’t one we recognise.

Also there are one or two ingredients that aren’t quite as clinically proven as they’re made out to be.


There’s no testimonial section on the Blue Star Nutraceuticals web site which is a real shame. Maybe they think that the mainly positive feedback on sites like Amazon and Bodybuilding.com will satisfy most potential customers.

The clued up supplement user looks for more than just an anonymous paragraph though. A little detail just isn’t enough, we need $70 a month worth of detail and we don’t get that here. Reports aren’t perfect either. A handful of users were left disappointed.


Blue Star Nutraceuticals are a highly professional company with global reach and a number of different supplements under their banner. They currently have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and their products are overseen by David Gundermann from the University of Florida. No concerns at all.

How Do I Take It?

Users take 1 serving of 3 caps in the morning before food

Single serving boosters are a real pet peeve. Because there’s simply no way one serving of any booster will sustain peak effectiveness through the day. They’re going to start tailing off hours down the line.

Nothing about Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status’ ‘delivery system’ convinces us this won’t be the case.

Any Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status Side Effects?

We can’t see any problems coming from the ingredients here, though if you have a nut allergy it is stated there may be traces in the product.

Where Can I Get It?

Users will find a month’s supply at Bodybuilding.com for $69.99.

Ingredients – In Detail



Magnesium is a great choice because it helps lower Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. In short, SHBG is a protein which attaches to your T, stopping it from being used in a way that helps performance. Reduce that and you’ll have way more male hormone to put to good use. 450mg is more than enough too.




Enough zinc is vitally important for T. 3 of the hormone’s main building blocks – lutenizing, growth and folicle-stimulating hormone respectively all rely on a strong supply. It’s tough to get enough of from diet alone so supplementing is a smart move. It is possible to take to much zinc, but 30mg is pretty much spot on.



Vitamin B6

It’s called your hormonal balance for a reason. We all have levels of estrogen as well as T and if the female side is to high ten the male side suffers. That’s where vitamin B6 is useful. It not only slows production of estrogen, but reduces its effects when attached to the receptor. This tips things back in the right direction allowing T to climb. 10.5mg is a well chosen amount.



A useful adaptogen, meaning it helps the body better cope with stress, like exercise. This allows you to workout for longer before you feel the strain. So while it may not boost T as directly as other ingredients, it’s still one of the more useful choices. And a whopping 600mg means you’ve every chance of seeing benefits.



This herb has shown some promise in returning guys with medically low T back to the normal range. But if you’re pushing for your peak like Status users want to, there are much better picks. May help libido a touch though, which is always a bonus.




DIM is found in green leafy veg and shows promise as an estrogen blocker in some studies. Trouble is, certain amounts can actually boost the female hormone and we don’t want that. It’s not an estrogen blocker, it’s an estrogen modulator and that makes it more of a gamble than B6 for example.




Fenugreek can be really useful on a number of scores. It’s famous for putting you in the mood for love when used in cooking and also stimulates androgens for T. Besides that however, it also balances blood sugars helping to regulate insulin.

With insulin kept in check it doesn’t disrupt T production. The only problem here is there’s only just over a 100mg. We’d like to see two or three times that.



XD Delivery Technology

A small 60mg proprietary blend designed to help Status kick in quicker.

BioPerine is just black pepper, which is well known for it’s ability to help us absorb nutrients. Fumarate is a chemical compound usually used to treat iron deficiency, which may also boost absorption on a cellular level.

And there’s some evidence Succinate can help fumarate work at its peak. Astragin and Sodium ALA are there for a similar purpose.

Our instinct is this is a bit of a waste. A small one but a waste nonetheless. BioPerine does the job just fine on its own. And at just one serving, Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status’ problem isn’t how quickly it kicks in but how long it will last.

Anything Missing

Two of the biggest heavyweights on the natural booster scene, which you should always look for, are AWOL here: Vitamin D3 and D-Aspartic Acid


Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status isn’t a terrible booster. It’s from a strong company and has some good reviews and more than a few useful ingredients. However while it may match them in price, this effort can’t match the best boosters in terms of quality. There’s just one too many things missing.

Not amazing, not terrible, somewhere in between. Less Status and more Status Quo.