• Positive

    • Well know manufacturer with great reputation
    • Widely available
  • Negative

    • Proprietary blend
    • Only one star test boosting ingredient
    • Formula only contains 5 ingredients in total
    • Very expensive for what you get
    • Testimonials hard to come by
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  • Price :
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  • Overall Score: 5/10

P6 Chrome is a clinical, no-frills natural testosterone booster from supplement and sports nutrition company Cellucor.

It has straightforward aims – supporting test production and controlling the estrogen output which can hinder it.

Before we get on to whether and how P6 Chrome works, it’s worth pointing out there are several supplements which fall under the P6 umbrella including P6 Black (a workout aid) and P6 PM (which is meant to promote more restful sleep). This is potentially quite confusing, especially when you consider the company also releases under the banners G1, G2, G3 and G4 (Generation, basically more up to date versions.)

So if you manage to successfully Battleship your way through to P6 Chrome, what can you expect?

Well straight away we’ve got issues. All the ingredients are mixed into 1,445mg of ‘P6 Chrome Blend’ … the individual volumes are a mystery.

To be fair such a large overall amount between 5 components means there’s a good chance the doses are effective, but it would be nice to know for sure. So are the choices any good? Let’s find out:


How Does P6 Chrome Work?

Ingredients Summary

  • Fenugreek regulates blood sugars and control insulin levels
  • Ashwagandha reduces the production of cortisol
  • Agaricus Bisporusshows promise as aromatase inhibitor but largely unproven
  • DIM to (try) and produce anti-estrogenic effects
  • Tribulus there making up the numbers – total dud

We fully analyse the ingredients and the dosages chosen for True Grit Test Booster later in the article. First though … the scores

The Scores

Cellucor P6 Chrome

Patchy is probably the word we’d use to describe P6 Chrome. It has five main components only two of which are possibly well placed to help your testosterone and limit estrogen. Ashwagandha needs far more scientific weight behind it, tribulus is an outdated write-off; only fenugreek is a source for optimism and even then we don’t know for sure if it’s there in enough volume to make a difference. Of the two elements designed to control estrogen white button mushroom is definitely a plus, but given that DIM needs specific amounts to lower female hormone and we don’t know the percentage here, it’s hard to get too excited.


P6 Chrome is overpriced. It’s not the most expensive booster on the market but considering the many unanswered questions about both some ingredients and all doses, we would expect a mark down of $10-15 at least before this brand even begins to look worth taking a chance on.


Testimonials were hard to come by for this product. Even reviews on sites where it is for sale, they were pretty scarce. Drawing together feedback from a few sources though, opinion is generally very mixed. Some users experience no difference while others feel they notice some improvement, usually in energy and stamina, certainly no rave reviews though.


As far as this product all being above board, safe and manufactured correctly, there are no problems. But we can’t give full marks to any brand that relies so heavily on proprietary blends and still passes trib off as anything other than a waste of time and money.


Cellucor are a sports nutrition company who started in 2002 out of Bryan, Texas. Since that time they have released a vast range of supplements including testosterone boosters, pre and post workout aids, amino acids and protein products. They have a global reach and are associated with numerous athletes and even have a clothing brand. We’d like to see more feedback from ordinary users on the site but other than that, no complaints.

How Do I Take P6 Chrome?

P6 Chrome recommends you take 1 serving of 2 capsules per day, with or without food. This is not what we like to see. There’s no way that just two capsules over the course of a busy day are going to be capable of keeping your testosterone consistently high. The most credible test boosters typically suggest 3 or 4 servings throughout the day to keep the beneficial effects topped up.

P6 Chrome Side Effects?

We wouldn’t expect to see any side effects based on these ingredients and could find none reported.

Where Can I Get The Product?

This supplement is available from various online outlets including the GNC website and the best price we could find was at Bodybuilding.com, asking $39.99 for a month’s supply of 60 capsules.

P6 Chrome Ingredients – In Detail


Ashwagandha Root Extract

This adaptogenic herb is popping up evermore frequently in testosterone boosters, but the research behind it is underwhelming. It does seem to have an ability to counter the production of cortisol, the stress hormone which inhibits testosterone; but beyond one study on a group of trained cyclists that reported an apparent increase in stamina, not much proper clinical work has been done on its test boosting potential.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Alatus Fruit Extract

Ah, the great pretender. Once championed as one of the best testosterone boosters around, clinical trials ultimately proved this plant’s only real use was as a possible mild libido enhancer. Despite this certain brands stick resolutely by the ingredient, which is why it’s still tested from time to time and is consistently shown to have no effect on hormone levels. We might not know how much is in this blend but we can say one thing for sure. However much it is, it is too much. A complete waste.


Fenugreek Seed Extract

This is a bit more like it. Not only is fenugreek a firmly established libido enhancer, it also has a role in regulating blood glucose. This in turn helps to balance insulin levels, which if become skewed can negatively affect testosterone. It also limits the activity of the protein SHBG which can tie up testosterone and stop it from functioning in the most beneficial way. In a recent 12-week, one-arm, open-label study followed 50 male volunteers aged 35-65 who each received 500 mg/day of fenugreek extract, researchers reported 90% of participants saw an increase in free testosterone.

Agaricus Bisporus

Agaricus Bisporus Fruit Extract

Better known as White Button mushroom, this ingredient does appear to show real promise as an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is the enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen, making anything that counters this basically a means of estrogen suppression. A study published in Cancer Research in 2006 appeared to show WBM limited the female hormone in both cells and mice, backing up a 2001 study which saw it regulate estrogen in women with breast cancer. There are no studies on healthy men however and we have no way of telling how prevalent this component is in P6 Chrome.



DIM, as it’s known, is a nutrient found in green, leafy veg such as broccoli. It again shows potential in the area of curbing estrogen production. A 2011 pilot study on human subjects found that 300mg, every day for 2 weeks was enough to produce anti-estrogenic effects. However subsequent studies have also shown that under certain conditions DIM can stimulate estrogen; therefore it wouldn’t be accurate to call this ingredient an estrogen inhibitor, more a modulator as it can influence the female hormone either way. This makes a proprietary blend even more troublesome as we don’t know if the component is used in a way that will benefit us.


Despite the slick packaging and marketing, this product really fails to deliver where it counts – inside the pills. There are five ingredients in unknown quantities (due to a proprietary blend). Only one of them is an out and out test booster, and the rest either have the jury deliberating or have already been sent to purgatory.

Testimonials are scarce. Not one of the best options and it’s expensive for what you are getting.