• Positive

    • Contains some good T boosting ingredients
    • Reputable company
    • Reasonably good reviews
  • Negative

    • Multiple proprietry blends
    • Problems with dosages
    • Missing key components
    • Some unproven ingredients
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 5.8/10

Cyclo Test is a natural testosterone booster from Infinite Labs. Infinite Labs are carried by the biggest supplement sites – they tend to score well, which makes them of interest to us.

Especially a when they release a booster aiming to:

  • Raise free testosterone levels
  • Enhance Human Growth Hormone levels
  • Limit estrogen’s impact on the body
  • Improve strength, muscle mass and performance

So let’s not waste any time and see if Cyclo Test’s formula stands out as much as the bright yellow packaging.

Cyclo Test

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Magnesium and nettle root to help free testosterone
  • DDIM, chamomile and Chastetree Berry to limit estrogen
  • Mucuna pruriens and Coleus Forskohlii to boost muscle growth

We’ll look at how well these choices pan out in detail later but first let’s look at the scores

The Scores

Cyclo Test

Hard to give much more than a low score there are a few good selections in Cyclo Test, but we either no that they’re way under dosed, like magnesium, or we don’t know how they’re dosed as in the case of nettle root or mucuna pruriens. Every ingredient here show’s some promise as far as helping T, but many are not as clinically solid as they might be and again without the amounts, it’s even more of a gamble.


Around the $40 mark is reasonable for a booster, some of you might have the budget to give Cyclo Test a whirl, but why not safe your money for a supplement that doesn’t leave you guessing and has a formula that’s a little more consistent as far as qulity.


No alarm bells ringing about Cyclo Test’s manufacture, it complies with GMP regulations, but our issues are with the use of several proprietary blends. There’s no reason users shouldn’t be told exactly what, and how much of what they’re taking, unless the company is trying to cover up some of the weaker ingredients included.


We’re limited to user reviews retail tail sites because the official website because there’s no testimonial section on the Infinite Labs website. Although Cyclo Test scores pretty high and some of the reviews are quite detailed, across the board they’re patchy. This makes it difficult to get a complete picture of just how effective this product actually is.

Obviously though these are chosen by the company, so if you want to go further afield on the internet for recommendations there’s always that option. Generally though, we found these reviews to be overwhelmingly positive also.


As we mentioned earlier Infinite Labs is a well-established brand. Most all their supplements focus on either gaining muscle losing weight or improving performance. They offer a refund or exchange if you’re not completely happy, which is great and our only real problem is with their use of proprietary blends.

How Do I Take It?

Users are told to take one serving of 3 capsules a day. It’s recommended that you take it continually for 3 months before giving your body a rest.

3 capsules is a solid amount, but the most effective boosters would normally separate them out into different servings hours apart. This keeps active ingredients working through the day. With just one serving, there’s every chance benefits will tail off.

Side Effects?

Side effects haven’t been an issue with Cyclo Test as far as we can see.

Where Can I Get Cyclo Test?

Customers can pick up Cyclo Test from Body Building.com for $39.99. This brand not currently available in the U.K.

Cyclo Test Ingredients – In Detail


– Calcium is obviously great for bone density and one study did show a sizeable dose of it helped testosterone levels in active athletes. A sizable dose 6mg ain’t though, so we’re not sure how this will help.



– Magnesium is a more clinically solid choice because it has been shown in studies to help our free testosterone. This is T that is not bound up by the protein SHBG and unusable, well worth it when you consider that can be up to 60% of our body’s male hormone. Again though 6mg won’t have much impact.


Anabolic/Androgenic Catalyst (655mg)

Eurycoma Longifolia

– Also known as Longjack, this herb has been seen to help return T levels to normal if you’re clinically low. If you’re in the normal range though, it doesn’t do much except boost libido. There are better ingredients to headline a supplement with..


Nettle Root

– Nettle root can really boost free testosterone by limiting SHGB. You would hope there would be more nettle root in Cyclo Test than there is magnesium, there probably is, but thanks to the pointless proprietary blend, we can’t say how much.


Black Pepper Extract

– Black Pepper Extract is purely to help your body better absorb the other nutrients.

Cyclo Test Estrogen Management (525mg)


– This nutrient is found in green leafy veg like broccoli a when it’s digested it creates DIM. DIM is often touted as an effective estrogen blocker, because studies have shown it can reduce the female hormone. In fact, in certain amounts it can also increase estrogen, making it more of an estrogen modulator. That’s why knowing dosages is so important and we’re not given that info by Cyclo Test.


Chastetree Berry Extract

– Chastetree Berry is not as widely studied as some other anti-estrogen ingredients, but one study did find it was capable of attaching to estrogen receptors reducing the hormone’s influence in the body. Since we don’t know exactly how much is here though, we can’t say how much it will help.


Chamomile Extract

– Apigenin in Chamomile has been seen to block estrogen fueled breast cancer cells, but again without exact amounts it’s hard to say how much help this will be.


Cyclo Test Growth Factor Amplification (475mg)

Coleus Forskohlii

– Coleus Forskohlii shows some ability to boost T, but the increase is only slight and wasn’t consistent across the whole subject group. So depending on how much is included it might help, but there are still some pretty big question marks here


Mucuna Pruriens

– Mucuna Pruriens are great source of the amino acid L-DOPA, which has been seen to not only boost T but also significantly reduce stress. This cuts down on the stress hormone cortisol, which blocks T. A great choice if and given that this blend only has two ingredients, there’s probably a solid amount. We shouldn’t have to guess though.


Anything Missing?

– There’s a couple of really serious T boosters missing here. Where’s the D-Aspartic Acid? Or vitamin D3? Or zinc? All of these are more proven than some of the ingredients that are included. Vitamin B6 would make a good addition to the anti-estrogen profile too.


There are flashes of good stuff in Cyclo Test: magnesium, nettle root and Mucuna Pruriens to name a few, but it’s missing so many essentials and there so many unanswered questions about what’s there, that we can’t recommend you purchase this booster.