• Positive

    • Some good T-boosting ingredients
    • Effective anti-estrogen choice
    • No proprietary blends
    • Reasonably priced
  • Negative

    • Problem with some dosages
    • Features outdated ingredient
    • Some components still need more research
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6.8/10

Elevate Cyclo Test from Infinite Labs, is a spinoff of the Cyclo Test testosterone booster we reviewed recently. That product had a few high spots but was missing a lot, so we’re keen to see how much this latest effort has been improved. Designed with Dr Marvin A. Heuer, Elevate Series Cyclo Test claims to:

  • Develop lean mass
  • Support testosterone
  • Boost libido

In the marketing for the Elevate Series it states that users felt the benefits after just 10 hours, compared to a placebo group. This we gotta see.

Elevate Cyclo Test

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Tribulus Terrestris, D3 to boost testosterone
  • Minerals to support the hormone
  • Vitamin B6 and DIM to limit estrogen
  • Melatonin to stimulate growth hormone

We go into plenty of detail further down this review, but right now, the scores

The Scores

Elevate Cyclo Test

This is a big improvement on the original Cyclo Test. It has added T boosting minerals like magnesium, boron and zinc, though the dose of the latter is disappointing. B6 is a great add to help control estrogen, alongside a couple of other promising but less proven choices. On the downside the vitamin D3 isn’t strong enough and it’s a shame to see an outdated waste like Tribulus Terrestris still hanging on in there.


A booster in the low $30 region may seem a bargain, and there is some good stuff in Elevate Cyclo Test. Still, in the long run that money is going to start adding up and there are better brands available. If you’ve got to pay, why not pay for the best and maximise results?


Like we’ve said in other reviews no worries about the safety of Infinite Labs production process. We’re also pleased to see they’ve dropped the proprietary blend system this time out, which just shows how pointless those are. Still including some ingredients at below active doses and pretending Trib is any help at all loses marks.


There’s no testimonial section on the Infinite Labs website, or, at the time of writing any reviews on amazon, bodybuilding.com or many of the other sites. All there was to go on was a couple of you tube review videos. Although positive, that’s nowhere near enough to get overall sense of using Elevate Cyclo Test.


Infinite Labs are carried and usually reviewed well, by all main shops. They offer all manner of supplements to support a healthy lifestyle and improved performance, offering a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Dr Marvin Heuer, a medical doctor who got his degree in the 70s and has mainly been involved with supplements ever since. He has worked on other brands such as Hydroxycut Hardcore by Muscle Tech.

How Do I Take It?

Users are told to take 1 lot of 3 capsules a day. This is handy, but just 3 capsules to keep your T levels at their peak for 24hrs? That’s a big ask.

The best supplements usually go for 3-4 servings spread out over the day. This keeps a booster’s good stuff topped up round the clock.

Side Effects?

No reports of side effects with this product which doesn’t surprise us, we wouldn’t expect any.

Where Can I Get Elevate Cyclo Test?

Customers can find Elevate Cyclo Test at amazon.com for just over $34 for a one month supply.

Cyclo Test Ingredients – In Detail

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is a great start, or it would be in the right amount. We get our vitamin D mainly from the sun and when supplies are high so is our testosterone. Because weather can be unpredictable, supplements are a great idea, but vitamin D only gets to work on male hormone at levels of or above 3000IUs. The 600IUs here just isn’t enough.



– One study reported an raise in blood flow and benefits to blood glucose and insulin. These need to be kept in check for T to thrive but we doubt just 30mg will get it done

Vitamin B6

– B6 is more useful than B3 because it works on the C2 pathway in the brain to limit estrogen. This helps as the female hormone is away T can really start to play! 10.5mg is a solid amount too, this will be a real help.



– Another strong pick. Magnesium is one of the best natural ways to free the up to 60% of T in our bodies which is being unusable by a protein called SHGB. More T free of SHGB, the higher our levels. However, at just 115mg we reckon this could be a bit higher.



– Kind of the same story with zinc. Zinc is a great choice because it stimulates important building blocks for T. Luteinizing hormone, human growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormone are all vital and rely on strong levels of zinc. It is true we can have too much of the mineral, but normal tolerance is between 30-40mg, so they could afford more than 4mg a serving.



– Fenugreek has a couple of uses. It’s well known for boosting libido, but it also regulates blood sugars. As we mentioned earlier, this helps to balance insulin and give T a clear path. Here under the brand name Test Surge, 600mg is a great amount, but we reckon it’ll take a bit more than 10 hours to see the benefits.



– When the nutrient found in green leafy veg is digested it releases DIM. DIM is sold as an anti-estrogen ingredient because it has blocked the hormone in trials. Yet, in some doses it can actually increase estrogen, which makes it less sound than reliable than B6.


Tribulus Terrestris

– There was once a real buzz around this plant as a T booster but now studies have pretty much debunked the idea of positive effects. May help your sex drive slightly, but that’s it. Even 120mg us a waste.



– Appears to boost nitric oxide during exercise helping to improve endurance, though as far as we can see only when dosed much higher than here. 500mg is an awful lot to commit to something that’s not even at active levels.



– Boron can not only lower SHBG activity, like magnesium, but can lower estrogen at the same time. 10mg should be more than enough to see effects.


L-Carnitine Tartrate

– No direct effects on T but has been seen to cut down muscle damage from exercise, therefore you recover faster from a workout. The effects are pretty small though and studies use much more than 150mg



– Better known  as melatonin, the chemical released when the body is ready to sleep. This makes it good for stress, but some evidence suggests it might simulate growth hormone.


Agaricus Bisporus

– A fancy name for White Button Mushroom, which has shown ability to limit estrogen. These studies are mainly in vitro however. So we’d like to see at least one study on healthy men.


Calcium Glucarate

– Calcium has been seen to raise T in active athletes, but doesn’t have same effect on those at rest. At just 50mg don’t expect too much.


Anything Missing?

– Elevate Cyclo Test has added in a lot of the things we felt were missing from Cyclo Test, but still no D-Aspartic Acid. This is a real shame as the amino acid is still one of the best T boosters nature has to offer.


Elevate Cyclo Test is better than plain old Cylo Test, mainly because of the added minerals and a stronger anti-estrogen profile. There are still problems with choices and doses though, which stop it beating our top boosters.