• Positive

    • No proprietary blends
    • Not too expensive
  • Negative

    • No direct T boosters
    • Almost all components under dosed
    • Under researched ingredients
    • Poor value for money
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 4.2/10

When it comes to natural testosterone boosters, there are certain ingredients that, in the right dose, are known to work.

So when you find a supplement like Elite Testo which contains none of these, it means one of two things.  Either;

  • Manufacturers Elite Health are way ahead of the pack and found an exciting new way to get results
  • Or … the formula is way off the mark

This bitter, cynical, world weary old reviewer knows what he suspects, but to be fair, Elite Testo does promise all the right things.  We can’t risk missing out on increased muscle mass, higher energy, better sex drive as well as improved exercise recovery, by not checking the effort out properly.

Elite Testo Labs

Elite Sports are a U.K based company and thankfully have dfully disclosed their formula, so we get to see all the ingredients and there individual doses. Just how we like it. If they really do have ome new secret to success it’ll be right there for all to see. Fingers crossed…

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Arginine & Citrulline to boost energy
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid to help metabolism
  • L-Histadine to raise endurance
  • Vanadyl Sulphate & L-Norvaline to balance blood sugars

There’s plenty to explore there, so let’s not waste any time and dive into the scores

The Scores

Elite Testo Review

This formula is a real head scratcher. With almost no key T boosters, it’s like a pre-workout supplement having an identity crisis.

The only pluses are ingredients like arginine and citrulline which may help boost energy, and L-Histadine, which may boost endurance. There’s massive question marks over all of them though. The rest are a punt at best and pointless at worst. We’re all for natural boosters going a new way, but this is the just plain wrong way.


Usually £20 for a booster would be a steal and we be considering top marks here, the formula is so wildly wide of the mark we just can’t rate it in terms of value for money. Like we say it might have some energy boosting effects, but why spend 20 notes a month on just that? Save your cash, you deserve better.


About all we can say Elite Testo is that it doesn’t use proprietary blends and doesn’t cause side effects. As far as pitching itself as an effective T booster and asking for you’re money though, not great. We just can’t see where the results are coming from in this formula. We don’t buy it so neither should you.


No actual detailed testimonals on the Elite Health website so it’s the less useful retail site reviews to rely on. There Elite Testo actually has fairly strong feedback of 4.7 out of 5, but most of these lack the kind of depth we’d advise you look for before comitting to buy. There are also more than a handful of one star reviews with customers saying it did nothing.


Elite Health are based in the U.K and have a small range of supplements to their name.  All their products are GMP approved and we found very little in the way of serious customer service complaints.

That said, there could be more information and background on the site to explain the company’s weird approach to formulas. There’s no address to contact the company either, the only way is via online form. Room for improvment.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 2 servings of 1 capsule a day.

On workout days take the first with breakfast and your second 30 mins before you start exercising. On rest days it’s one before breakfast and a second before lunch

So great, right? No drama. Well, okay, but no help either.  Even if you ignore all the problems with Elite Testo, 2 servings aren’t enough. Double that to 4 to keep active T boosting components topped up evenly all day and we’re talking spot on.

As it is any advantages Elite Testo brings will begin to tail off later in the day whether resting or working out.

Any Elite Testo Side Effects?

Finally something we can give Elite Testo some credit for! It won’t cause any side effects, but it is proof that what doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger.

Where Can I Get It?

Customers can get Elite Testo from Amazon.com for £20 buying a month’s supply. It’s not currently widely available in the U.S (lucky lot)

Ingredients – In Detail

Arginine HLC & HKG

In theory, arginine does have its uses. It increases nitric oxide which help blood flow and energy, potentially aiding exercise. There’s a problem though. Arginine isn’t easily absorbed by the body and is pretty useless when taken orally in anything other than huge amounts. 200mg may sound a lot but it’s nowhere enough to make a dufference.



Citrulline is what’s produced after arginine is broken down in the liver. This means it can get round the poor absortion problem, but at just 100mg it’s not going to do much for your nitric oxide levels anyway.


Alpha Lipoic Acid

This guy’s in the wrong room. Because of ALA’s influence on metabolism it sometimes pops up in fat burners but it has absolutely zero effect on the male hormone.



This amino acid formed after taking beta alinine is still a bit of an under studied mystery but some the research there has been suggests it may be able to raise endurance, lower fatigue and possibly help fat loss. Still no direct T boosting abilities though.


Vanadyl Sufate

The evidence for this isn’t strong but at least there is some. It may help to control blood sugars and balance insulin, keeping it from negatively impacting T. A great thing for a booster to include as long as it’s as a support to the core nutrients Elite Testo doesn’t have.



Almost exactly the same story as Vanadyl. An indirect help for T through regulated blood sugar but not much else.

Anything Missing?

Weirdly for a testosterone booster, T boosters.

No zinc, magnesium, boron, vitamin D, vitimin B6. Even though it’s a complete dud we would even have almost been pleased to see Tribulus Terrestris just for old times sake.


We’ve no problem with bold new formula choices if they get your T flowing. But this isn’t a new road to success, it’s the road to nowhere. There’s almost nothing here that will directly help your hormones.

It’s like there was a mix up at the labeling plant and a load of pre-work supps were labelled as T boosters accidentally and they couldn’t be bothered to change it. Avoid.