• Positive

    • Plenty of libido boosters
    • No proprietary blends
    • Reasonable price
  • Negative

    • Contains nothing proven to directly help T
    • Uses outdated ingredient
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 7/10

As age related testosterone loss will hit us all eventually, a growing number of boosters are being aimed at the over 30s.  We’re all for it, the more the merrier we say, just as long as they get the job done.  One product promising to roll back your hormone clock is Herbal T (see what they’ve done there?) from Daily Nutra.


Herbal T  promises healthy T support, improved libido as well as better energy and strength.  Saying is one thing though, doing is another.  Let’s see if Herbal T can make any waves in a pretty crowded market.

How Does Herbal T Work?

This brand deserves a tip of the cap for listing all 800mg worth of formula in name and individual amount. Proprietary blends are still too common in boosters, but are avoided here.

Ashwagandha Extract

As a main ingredient choice, Ashwagandha is certainly not the worst. It has a great clinical track record of cutting cortisol, the stress hormone, when dosed at the 500mg in one capsule here. Cortisol blocks the effects of T  s lowering it is helpful. It’s only T boosting claim is it may help return guys with clinically low levels to normal.

Epimedum (Horny Goat Weed)

Horny Goat Weed may sound like something you have to take to gain entry to a fraternity, but it’s well worth getting past that vivid imagery, because this ingredient appears to show real promise as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction; something which sadly becomes more of a concern as we age. HGW is thought to help in this area through inhibition of the enzyme PDE5 and increasing levels of nitric oxide in the body, strengthening blood flow. Its actual testosterone boosting credentials are pretty non-existent though.

Cordyceps Extract

A component found in mushrooms, cordyceps have displayed an ability to raise endurance in mice. There’s not a lot of evidence of it having a similar effect on humans however, so for the moment at least, it’s a little hard to get too excited about this inclusion.

American Ginseng

Ginseng had us full of hope, sadly though, Herbal T has gone for the American ginseng rather than the far more useful Asian strain. As a result, while American ginseng may still offer benefits from an energy standpoint, the T boosting power will not be what it could’ve been.

Tongkat Ali (Longjack)

Another pick which the research suggests is  focused on libido and erectile health. Again, this is welcome, but we’d like appreciate if this Herbal T stopped beating around the bush (no pun intended) and used some T boosters.

Tribulus Terrestris

If this is what Herbal T is pinning hopes on then they’re in for a let down. Once considered great at boosting male hormone, it’s a flop in clinical trials, Studies have repeatedly failed to show any link to T levels. It may have some effect on libido, but that’s not something this product is short of.

Siberian Eleuthero

Another name for Siberian ginseng, which is another name for Asian Red Ginseng. This will add to its American ginseng’s benefits and nitric oxide stimulation should also help erections.

Hawthorn Berry

This ingredient has been used widely in Chinese traditional medicine to promote heart health, which is always important in men of increasing age. It has also demonstrated some slight anti-inflammatory properties, but once again any contribution to the headline act (testosterone remember, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t) is absent.

How Do I Take It?

Users are told to take one serving consisting of 2 capsules daily. We’re pretty underwhelmed by this to be honest. The idea of a dose that small sustaining boosted T for whole day is pretty preposterous. You’re far better to seek out supplements which suggest you take 3 or 4 capsules, spaced evenly throughthe day.

Side Effects

Ginseng has can cause mild stomach upsets in some. Other than that, we wouldn’t expect to see any adverse effects.

Where Can I Get Herbal T?

Herbal T is available from a number of online outlets for around the $30 mark, which gets you a 1 month supply.


Herbal T

Ingredients (5/10) – Tribulus Terrestris aside, it could be argued that each one of these ingredients have their use to guys over 30.  Just not the one advertised. This ‘booster’ seems to skirt round what it’s supposed to be doing, treating the symptoms rather than the cause. If T boosting was purely trib’s department then the strategy hasn’t paid off.

Price (4/10) – $30 for this as an energy booster, or a libido enhancer, then maybe we’d have something to talk about; but for boosting T? There are far better options out there.

Testimonials (8/10) – The Daily Nutra site actually has a pretty impressive testimonial section, with guys in the right age range tellingtheir stories with videos and pictures in some cases. All mention better energy which is something we’d expect to see from this, so we’ve no reason to doubt them. The only question is if it’s as a result of higher T. Off-site reviews are more mixed but most report some benefits.

Trustworthiness (8/10) – Herbal T deserves a high score here for making clear that the supplement is manufactured in the U.S in accordance with good manufacturing practices and for avoiding proprietary blends. It doesn’t constitute a perfect score however because it markets itself primarily as a testosterone booster and largely fails to deliver any purely male hormone increasing elements.

Company (9/10) –  Daily Nutra has a lot to like. Their keeping it simple, the solid website, it all inspires confidence. The only currently sell Herbal T and one other main product but they do it well enough from a marketing standpoint that we would expect the product range to grow. Our only issue is with the formula choice.


Herbal T arguably only really needs a change of label. As a T booster it falls down quite badly compared to the best we’ve seen. We wouldn’t recommend it, but as a libido aid or energy pick me up it may well have a place.