• Positive

    • Some good T boosters
    • May help libido and energy
    • Good serving schedule
  • Negative

    • Uses proprietary blend
    • Amounts of some of the best choices unclear
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6.8/10

Senior from supplement company High T, is a natural booster made to show men who are getting on that age related testosterone loss isn’t a done deal. Beyond the age of 30, all guys see a steady drop in T of about 1% a year. High T Senior is aimed at those in their 40s, 50s and 60s who may already be beginning to feel negative effects.

The formula sounds well suited to older guys as it makes a big thing of prostate health and urinary function. This is obviously alongside the usual claims like: higher T, stronger sex drive, better strength and stamina and improved vitality.

Great stuff, but the question is, how far can this product deliver, if at all?

How Does High T Senior Work?

We were disappointed to see that this brand wraps up a lot of its recipe in a proprietary blend. This means we only get names of ingredients and not the separate amounts. Black mark there for there. However there are several choices which are given doses, so let’s take a look at them first.

Vitamin D3

A great choice here. Vitamin D3, the most easily absorbed form of vitamin D, is made when sunlight hits our skin and high levels of it are directly linked to raised T. Since the sun can be a little picky, supplementing D is a great idea. However, although the 400IUs on offer here is in line with the U.S advised daily amount, it falls well short of the 3000IUs shown to get T rising. Dissappointing.

Vitamin E

This one is a real head scratcher. Normally when an ingredient is included which doesn’t seem to help, it’s there to pad out the formula. However, one study in which vitamin E was administered to a group of men in their 60s, found T levels actually dropped. It may also bring down estrogen slightly but the pros and cons cancel each other out.

Vitamin B6

No worries about B6. This vitamin is useful for working on the C2 pathway in the brain to slow creation of estrogen in the body and limit its effects. Since T and estrogen are in competition, anything that gives T an edge is welcome. Good dose too. First real highlight.

Vitamin B12

B12 doesn’t have nearly the advantages of B6 when it comes to strong T. Thought to help boost energy but some even question this.


Iodine as an effective detoxer and it can help reduce estrogen under some circumstances. Research could do to be more clear cut though, we’re not about to get too excited.


Zinc is arguably the first standout ingredient from a T boosting standpoint. Zinc is important for the creation of luteinizing hormone, which controls how much male hormone we produce. 


Probably an attempt to solve the problem above. It seems like if the zinc was just a little better judged, the copper wouldn’t be necessary and there would be more space for better choices.


Selenium is an vital nutrient found in foods like Brazil nuts, which supports mportant enzymes in the body. Anecdotal evidence suggests it boosts T in healthy men, as well as regulating thyroid function. Clinical evidence to support this appears to be pretty thin on the ground, so its inclusion is not that solid but understandable.


Another ingredient with the potential to boost energy, possibly alongside bone strength and durability. Bizarrely has been seen to positively influence hormone levels in birds, but until the research is literally a bit more grounded in human studies, we’ll reserve any real praise.


Chromium is important nutrient, found in the likes of broccoli, which is useful for controlling blood glucose. Some link chromium to increased muscle mass, so you tend to find it more in the muscle building T boosters rather than the low test boosters aimed at the older market.


This mineral has been linked by some to raised energy and possibly preventing erectile dysfunction. Yet another ingredient which has occasionally been shown to lower T however

High T Senior Blend

Any benefits in this blend are up for debate. We don’t know the exact doses, which is a real pity because there’s 1,300mg to play with.

More annoyingly there are three really stand out components in there which, if correctly dosed would have been real pluses for this product.

Fenugreek is useful because it can control blood sugars, helping to balance insulin levels and preventing them from hurting T. Boron is another mineral with strong hormone boosting credentials. In one study boron was found to increase guys’ testosterone by 29% and decrease estrogen by 39%. Nettle is another stand out as it is able to bind to SHBG receptors in place of T, leaving more of the good stuff free to flow. It is also the source of beta-sitosterol, but at just 250mg any advantage is likely to be slight.

How Do I Take It?

High T Senior actually has a pretty good serving schedule. Take 3 capsules a day with water for 8 continuous weeks before giving your body a break. 3 capsules over the course of a day usually gives a supplement the best chance of sustaining any T boosting effects it has as long as you need them.

Side Effects?

We don’t envisage this product giving problems but as we can’t see dosages we can’t rule it out.

Where Can I Get High T Senior?

Customers can get High T Senior from a number of online stores, including Amazon.com. where. Typically priced around the $30 mark for a 1 month supply.


High T Senior

Ingredients (7/10) – There are some worthwhile ingredients here, even if few of them directly help your T levels and a couple even hurt them. Attention for energy levels and libido is a must for men of a certain age, but without a strong hormone boosting foundation we can only give an average score.

Price (6/10) – $30 is not the most expensive price you’ll pay for a T booster but it is still a fair chunk of change and on balance it isn’t really worth it. Too many unproven ingredients and unclear doses.

Testimonials (5/10) – Annoyingly there are no testimonials on the High T website, so we’re left to rely on customer reviews posted to the sites where it’s available. These vary in insight and depth so are of limited usefulness, but for what it’s worth feedback is fairly mixed and even the positives aren’t exactly enthusiastic.

Trustworthiness (8/10) – KingFisher Media, LLC who makes High T products are based in Utah so are subject to the good manufacturing practices required in the U.S. This means our only real issue as far as trust are some of the ingredient choices and use of a proprietary blend.

Company (6/10) – Despite boasting of a 20 years’ career making supplements and offering a wide range of different options under the High T brand, the Better Business Bureau currently cites 40 complaints against KingFisher Media, LLC for customer service issues.


High T Senior deserves credit for recognizing men in their 50s and 60s still want top performance. Just a shame that the product doesn’t match the vision. Many ingredients miss the mark, tackling symptoms of low T rather than raising it at the hormone. As we don’t know the doses of the best ingredients it’s tough to say if they’ll help.

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