• Positive

    • Plenty of good T boosting ingredients
    • Good dosages
    • No proprietary blends
    • Reputable company
  • Negative

    • Poor serving schedule
    • Missing one or two ideal ingredients
    • Not a lot of reviews currently
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 7.2/10

When it comes to natural testosterone boosters for muscle building, our top 3 have been our undisputed champions for a long time. But as any sports fan will tell you it’s always exciting to see an undefeated streak put in jeopardy and Hypertest XRT is the first booster we’ve reviewed in a while to do that.

The team at Axis Labs have designed a booster which is not only visually striking but also has a formula with many of the elements to bring higher energy, better strength, increased muscle and healthy sex drive.

Hypertest XTR

When it’s a close run thing like this it all comes down to the little differences in order to decide which is best. Happily, there are no proprietary blends in Hyper Test XTR so we get to see all the ingredients and their dosages to compare. The mark of a confident product!

How Does Hypertest XTR Work?

At a Glance

  • Minerals zinc and magnesium to promote male hormone creation and raise free T.
  • Ashwaghanda to supposdly reduce cortisol
  • Vitamin B6 to suppress estrogen
  • Nettle root  and supposedly Eurycoma Longfolia to further boost free T
  • D-Aspartic Acid to raise overall testosterone.

We’ll look closer at how each of these choices is likely to perform right after the scores.

The Scores

Hypertest XTR

Spot on amounts of great stuff like vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium get Hyper Test XTR off to a strong start. And although there isn’t as much D-Aspartic Acid as TestoFuel offers, it’s within the range that will bring some benefit. Plus nettle root is a good additon to help promote free T.

However, although Ashwaghanda and Eurycoma Longfolia have advantages there are better choice out there to help T more directly. Also the serving schedule won’t make the most of what’s good here.


Around $40 is reasonable by booster standards. It’s around the higher end of mid range but there’s arguably enough here to justify that. The reason it doesn’t get full marks is because the fomula isn’t quite as on point as it might be and the serving schedule means you’re not getting the maximum effect of ingredients.

$40 a month is a lot in most anyone’s book, saving your cash for an option that doesn’t make these small mistakes might be better.


Reviews of Hypertest are quite hard to come by. There’s only two on Bodybuilding.com and while one of those gives it a perfect 10, the other gives it 1/10 because he had an adverse reaction. This is where a testimonal section would’ve been handy, with individual user stories and plenty of detail. There isn’t one sadly so we don’t have a lot to go on save for You Tube reviews.


Hypertest XTR is manufactured in the U.S so there’s no worries on saftey and because there are no proprietary blends all the info is right there on the label. Most ingredients there are in active doses and it just misses out on full marks because we couldn’t find much evidence that one or two ingredients did what they’re billed as doing.


Axis Labs operate out of Denver, Colorado in the U.S and in 2006 became an interntional company shipping worldwide. They have a huge range of range of supplements covering most areas of natural fitness, while their website is professional and informative. They offer a 40 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and they contribute a portion of profits to the Wounded Warrior Project, helping wounded vets. Top marks.

How Do I Take It?

Users are told to take 1 serving of 6 capsules a day for 8 weeks then take a 2 week rest.

6 capsules is quite a lot but you may not mind as it feels like you are giving the booster every chance to work. In actual fact, just 1 serving is poor.

Because of the way you’re body processes nutrients it’s not the number of caps but servings that matter. 1 will not sustain a supplement’s peak effects all day, you’ll experience a drop off.  The best boosters go for 4 evenly spaced servings to keep the formula topped up regularly.

Any Hypertest XTR Side Effects?

We wouldn’t expect to see any side effects, though one user on Bodybulding.com did report tightness in his chest as a result of the supplement (though this may have been a particular allergy.)

Where Can I Get It?

A month’s supply of Hypertest XTR is currently available from Bodybuilding.com for $39

Ingredients – In Detail



Zinc stimulates various components vital to strong T production. There’s luteinizing hormone, a precursor to testosterone which dictates how much you are able to create, and other important building blocks like growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormone.

Hypertest’s 30mg is in line with our daily tolerence so is a great addition.




Magnesium is one of the best natural way to increase free testosterone. Free testosterone is hormone not tied up by the protein SHBG, which affects up to 60% of our supply and makes it unusable. Manesium means more circulating in the blood stream which we can put to good use in the gym.

Again Hypertest XTR’s amount should be effective.


Vitamin B6

B6 works to slow the production of the female hormone, estrogen, as well as limit its influence once it’s attached to the receptors. This is important because T is on the opposite endof your hormonal balance, if one is strong, the other is weak. B6 tips things in the right direction. The dose in this case is pretty spot on again.

Eurycoma Longifolia

Sometimes called Longjack this herb’s real strength is as a consistent libido booster. Certain studies have shown that it may return men suffering with clinically low testosterone back to within normal range, but this is disputed and sex drive improvement is the only solidly proven benefit.

There’s no real evidence it helps your free T however making this one of the weaker choices.




Nettle is a great choice. The beta sitosterol in nettle is great for lowering SHBG count and leaving more of the good stuff free to use.  Hypertest’s dose is impressive again.




A useful adaptogen, meaning it helps the body better cope with stress, like exercise.  So it’s not the worst ingredient in the world, but it doesn’t directly boost T in the way that some other choices might. For what it brings though 300mg here is spot on.



D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid is still one of the best natural testosterone boosters available. Solid clinical evidence shows it raises male hormone levels. It really is a case of the more the merrier with this stuff and boosters like Testofuel have around 5000mg.  Hypertest only has just over 3000mg, which is a shame but it’s still an active dose.


Anything Missing?

The main thing that this booster is missing which would put it right up there among the big boys is vitamin D3 which is one of the best T promoters around in the right dose.

Fenugreek seeds too not only help balance blood sugars stopping an imbalance in insulin getting in the way of your hormone, but also helps your libido.


We have to admit Hypertest isn’t far away from being the full package as far as muscle building boosters. With a better serving schedule and one or two formula tweaks we might have had a decision to make.