• Positive

    • Some very good formula choices
    • Xtremely cheap
    • Now no proprietary blends
  • Negative

    • Key ingredient underdosed
    • Not easy to purchase outside of Amazon.co.uk
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
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  • Overall Score: 7.4/10

We first reviewed this product at the end of 2016 and there were a couple of things we didn’t like about it – primarily that (other than the DAA) the whole formula was wrapped in a proprietary blend. Given that Iron Labs are a UK company, this is quite unusual, it tends to be US manufacturers who use proprietary blends.

The other issue was poor feedback, it didn’t have great reviews on Amazon.

Well, nowadays those negative aspects have changed.

No blend, and loads of good reviews. Let’s look at the new incarnation of Test Xtreme from Iron Labs .

Test Xtreme

How Does Test Xtreme Work?

At a Glance

  • Heavy on the Maca
  • Key ingredient under dosed
  • Very cheap – xtremely cheap in fact
  • Overall good reviews
  • Effective levels of D-Aspartic Acid

We analyse go over the ingredients further down the page. First though … the scores

The Scores

Test Xtreme

There are several good testosterone stimulating ingredients in here such as DAA, zinc, vitamin D3, magnesium and the B vitamins (B5 excepted).

So why not a high score? The Vitamin D3 is the main problem. 8µg is equivalent to only 320IU, an absolutely tiny quantity of vitamin D3. It might as well not be there, the latest research (early 2018) is indicating that even 5000IU is not sufficient (read more here). However this is excusable given the price of the product, D3 is expensive. You get what you pay for.

Also, while the D3 has been underdosed, the Maca has been applied with an extremely heavy hand. You’d expect to see dosages of around 1500mg to 3000mg at the max. Iron Labs have used 4000mg in the daily serving, which is a huge amount on an ingredient which is likely to have no effect on your testosterone. Your libido yes, maybe that explains some of the Amazon reviews.

They could have been more generous with the DAA, but it depends on the type used. If it’s calcium chelate then we’d be happy with 1640mg, but if not we’d like to see around half as much again.

Overall – the bottom line is that they can keep the price down on Test Xtreme because it’s effectively a multivit with DAA added and a heavy dose of Maca thrown in to blast your libido levels through the roof.

That makes you think your testosterone levels will have done the same thing. They won’t have (get them tested if you don’t believe us), and the gains you make in the gym will reflect that. Your missus might end up walking like John Wayne but you won’t end up built like Arnie.


Under £20 is Xtremely cheap for a test booster. The formula isn’t perfect, but it’s not expensive – at this price it gets a high score.


This supplement is made in the UK and therefore is subject to all the regulations which come with that.

One thing we don’t like seeing is a label where a very under dosed ingredient (in this case the D3) is slightly masked by the choice of unit used to quantify it. So marks off here for using µg which hardly anybody else does. It makes it much harder to compare like for like without converting first, you only ever see µg used when there’s not much.


Testimonials are unfortunately limited to reviews on retail sites like Amazon.com. However, whilst they may not have the types of before and after photos, videos, and detailed testimony we normally like, the product scores good marks here.

There are a lot of positive reviews. They look legitimate (we are experts at spotting the fakes). Many are very positive …. some even graphically so, I wouldn’t suggest reading the most upvoted one on Amazon whilst you are eating.


Iron Labs started as a company in 2009, but merged with Euro Nutrition in 2013, undergoing a significant revamp which saw them re-evaluate products on the basis of both up to date research and customer feedback.

It seems they re-evaluated again since, as this product has been updated. That scores good marks from us.

How Do I Take It?

Users take 2 servings consisting of 2 capsules a day.

Any Side Effects for Testo Xtreme?

No side effects have been reported to date, we can’t imagine any are likely given the formula.

Where Can I Get Test Xtreme?

Test Xtreme is available on Amazon.

Ingredients – In Detail


D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid is among the best natural T boosters available to us. It works on the brain to for the creation of luteinizing hormone, which helps dictates how much T we produce. D-AA also helps key players like growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. At 1640mg you’re hardly being short-changed, but as pointed out above it depends on the version used.


Vitamin D

It says just ‘Vitamin D’ on the Test Xtreme bottle, so we have to assume it’s D3 they’ve included. Although I don’t like to assume things and it’s be better if there was more clarity on the label.

Called the sunshine vitamin because it is created when UV rays interact with our skin, levels of D3 go hand in hand with levels of testosterone, which is why our testosterone is uniformly lower in winter or sun starved areas. Unfortunately D3 only begins to stimulate testosterone at a high level, well above most RDAs.

Which is the main problem with this product, as explained above in the scores for the ingredients. 8µg is risible, it might as well not have been included.


Magnesium Aspartate

Another strong selection. Up to 60% of the total T in our bodies can be rendered effectively useless by a protein known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. One of the best ways to convert it to free testosterone is magnesium. It has to be present in strong enough quantities, and with Test Xtreme it is.



Maca is far from a useless choice, but its real strength according to clinical trials is boosting our libido. It does little to promote actual hormone production.

However 4000mg daily dosage? This seems excessive and the formula could have benefitted from reducing this and replacing it with pedigree test boosting ingredients.



A bit of a multi-purpose testosterone fuelling ingredient. Still widely used in certain types of cuisine, such as Indian, fenugreek is not only a potent libido enhancer but also has the ability to control blood sugars. This in turn helps regulate insulin levels, which if allowed to skew can have an extremely negative effect on health testosterone production.

A recent 12-week study of 50 male volunteers, aged 35-65, gave 500 mg/day of fenugreek extract to subjects and ultimately reported 90% of participants saw an increase in free testosterone. 310mg is arguably even slightly more than we’d like to see as it can cause stomach cramps in larger dosages.



A really important mineral for testosterone production as witnessed by zinc deficiency occurring in a high proportion of men with clinically low male hormone levels. Healthy amounts of zinc translate in to a strong output of luteinizing hormone, which as we’ve said is a vital precursor to testosterone.

The dosage of 25mg should be fine assuming your diet isn’t zinc rich. Daily tolerance is around 30mg.

vitamin B5

Pantothenic Acid

More commonly known as vitamin B5, this inclusion is the first one we would seriously question. Certainly some studies demonstrate it is able to raise testosterone, but usually only in large doses and so far only in rats.


Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

AKA vitamin B6. B6 makes a great contribution to your hormonal balance by operating as an estrogen inhibitor. Not only does it work on the C2 pathway in the brain to reduce female hormone output, tipping things in favour of testosterone, it also dampens its impact once it’s bound to the receptor.


Vitamin A

Found in a wide selection of fruit and veg, many studies have shown it is not only able to actively help boost testosterone, but also limit estrogen, giving us our optimum man balance.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid

Found in broccoli amongst other things, folic acid is essential for the creation of new cells in the human body. It also acts to repair muscle damage after training and promotes DNA and RNA synthesis. It encourages nitric oxide in the body, which a key physiological component in training that helps increase muscle mass.



Several studies, including a 2012 report from Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Nigeria, have shown selenium can greatly improve levels of testosterone, and as an added bonus, its high L-Arginine content increases nitric oxide in the body, aiding energy and blood flow.



Vitamin K2 as it’s also known. Often overlooked building block for T. K2 helps to maintain healthy levels of plasma in the testes, but it has also been seen to, when used in conjunction with vitamin D3, it can improve the effectiveness of the latter.



Another B vitamin pseudonym, this time B12. B12 is great for aiding the effective transition of carbs into energy and encouraging strong blood flow. Again not a direct testosterone enhancer but a helpful support act.


It’s a cheap product from a decent company. As such if your budget doesn’t stretch far it might be worth a go, but for your libido more than your test levels, the formula is heavily weighted towards libido with the high Maca content.