• Positive

    • Reputable company
    • Well established product with large user base
    • Widely available
    • Good value for money
    • Free shipping to US
  • Negative

    • Proprietary blends obscure dosages
    • DHEA in Prime has doping issues
    • Dosages noticeably low in some ingredients
    • KSM-66 is not vegan friendly
    • By trying to tackle many issues products can lose focus
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
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  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 8.6/10

Thanks to the many performance benefits higher testosterone offers, it’s much in demand. One product which aims to slow, stall and even reverse this drop is Mdrive Prime, part of a testosterone support range from a company called Dreambrands.

Prime is arguably their effort most geared towards those of us starting to get up there in years and makes 3 simple claims:

  1. To support healthy testosterone levels
  2. To promote vitality and stamina
  3. To cut cortisol levels

Note:It’s worth noting for athletes that some MDrive Test Boosters are BSCG Certified Drug Free, but others are not. Mdrive Prime is not certified, if you need a BSCG Certified Drug Free product look at MDrive Elite instead.

Undoubtedly valuable assets to a continually good quality of life … if it works of course. Let’s find out.

Mdrive Prime

How Does Mdrive Prime Work?

There are two elements of Mdrive Prime’s approach which set it apart from some competitors in a positive way:

  • Firstly they don’t use proprietary blends, meaning all the ingredients are individually disclosed in name and dose on the label. Always welcome but by no means guaranteed in the booster market.
  • Secondly, the promise to tackle the production of cortisol, an attribute that many rival brands overlook.

Cortisol is called the stress hormone because it’s produced mainly when we’re under pressure, all but cancelling the effects of testosterone. Keeping this low then not only helps production of the male hormone but also potentially mood.

So let’s take a look at how successful Mdrive has been.

Ingredients Summary

  • Out and out test booster in vitamin D3
  • Ashwagandha reduces the production of cortisol
  • DIM to (try) and produce anti-estrogenic effects
  • B6 for additional estrogen blocking
  • Calcium for bone strengthening, DHEA for anti-ageing
  • B12 for energy boosting, Cordyceps to try and improve endurance

We analyse the ingredients for Mdrive Prime later in the article. First though … the scores

The Scores


Some decent ingredients here, a couple more which are promising and a few that seem a little wide of the mark from a testosterone standpoint.

B6 is a great estrogen suppressant, Ashwaganda should really keep cortisol in check and D3 would be great if it was here in enough supply. DIM has a good chance of helping estrogen down, but others like DHEA are cordyceps are unproven.


The low $20 mark is not at all bad for what you’re getting here. It’s not the best booster we’ve seen but it’s far from the worst, if you’re on a budget Mdrive Prime might be worth a try


Plenty of glowing reviews on the Mdrive website, unfortunately they are all purely text based with no photos, body specs etc. Reviews elsewhere are generally positive but also lacking in real detail.


Mdrive Prime gives us no cause for concern. The supplement is manufactured in accordance with the legislation in the U.S and they don’t use proprietary blends. This product has had no major compaints that we could find.


Dreambrands is a very successful supplement company and that success has been built largely on the back of the various products in the Mdrive range. Dreambrands currently has an A from the Better Business Bureau and we haven’t seen any major scandals connected to it.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 2 capsules in the morning with food. This is pretty convenient, but not best placed to keep your testosterone at its optimum, certainly not throughout an entire day. Consistently the best natural boosters recommend taking 3-4 capsules, spaced out evenly over a number of hours to keep your male hormone profile raised continually.

Any Mdrive Prime Side Effects?

We don’t think there is anything to worry about based on these ingredients and there have been no reports to give us concern.

Where Can I Get The Product?

Mdrive Prime is available from a range of online retailers and about the lowest we found it for was $23 for a month’s supply of 60 capsules.

Mdrive Prime Ingredients – In Detail


Vitamin D3

There aren’t many better vitamins for your T than vitamin D, especially in its most absorbable form D3. It’s produced when sunlight hits our skin and studies have shown that strong levels of it and T go hand in hand; which amongst other things is the reason why male hormone creation slows in winter. Unfortunately although the amount in Mdrive is in line with the U.S recommended daily allowance, vitamin D3 has only demonstrated the ability to stimulate testosterone at a volume of around 3,000IUs, vastly more than the 400IUs on offer here.


Similarly to B12, calcium is certainly not without its uses – the bone strengthening qualities it possesses is arguably an asset as we age – but any actual direct testosterone boosting effects aren’t nearly as sturdy. One trial found some cause for optimism but this was conducted in cyclists undergoing intense resistance training; more general research is needed.


Vitamin B6

A great pick for estrogen blocking stand point. Estrogen is on the opposite end of the hormonal balance to testosterone. When one is up the others down; so vitamin B6’s ability to work on the C2 pathway in the brain to lower female hormone’s production and activity is incredibly useful for encouraging consistently strong testosterone output.


Chromium is an important mineral which plays a vital role in the regulation of blood glucose and insulin sensitivity. In terms of immediate hormone boosting credentials, this ingredient is lacking.

Vitamin B12

Effective as an energy booster more than anything else, low levels of B12 have been found to coincide with some cases of low testosterone, but not nearly often enough to establish a definite cause and effect relationship. More research is needed but as of right now, we’re inclined to say, while not useless, inessential.


Ashwagandha Extract

A really useful addition, Ashwagandha has a clinical track record in being able to cut levels of the stress hormone at around 300-500mg daily. Reducing cortisol not only helps because its presence is hurts T, but by removing stress it leads to a better mood. As for directly raising testosterone, it has demonstrated an ability to replenish testosterone levels in infertile men, but not spike them beyond the normal baseline. Still a worthy choice however.



DIM is  found in leafy green veg such as broccoli, which in trials has shown some promise as an estrogen suppressant. However in other studies it has increased the female hormone. For that reason DIM is best described as an estrogen modulator, capable of influencing levels either way. Anti-estrogen effects were typically seen at 300mg, 6 times what Mdrive offers.


Sometimes used for its anti-ageing effects, the extent to which it’s actual ability in this area is unclear. The same goes for a secondary link to raising T, which current evidence suggests is even more unproven.


Cordyceps Extract

This ingredient is drawn from mushrooms and has shown in mice based studies an ability to raise endurance. However human studies are hard to come by and until that changes there will always be a question mark hanging over this ingredient.



Black pepper as it’s better known doesn’t boost your hormone at all, instead it helps your body better absorb the other ingredients which do, so is useful.


We’re not blown away by Mdrive Prime, but we’re not throwin’ it away either. It’s fully disclosed and there are some good ingredients in there with good dosages.

A few key ones we’d like to see are missing, but in it’s favour it is very competitively priced so you get a lot of value for money. Our budget recommendation.