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Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex

This week we’ve reviewed Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex by Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd.

A supplement designed to enhance your overall physical performance, the product has come to the market after testing and trials by soldiers and athletes.

The manufacturer claims that benefits include;

  • Increase testosterone – nutrients supporting natural testosterone secretion
  • Improve recovery – support muscle repair to hit the gym more often
  • Reduce inflammation – alleviate stresses that breakdown muscle
  • Enhance sexual function – increase fertility and libido
  • Build muscle & strength – better recovery, more testosterone, and harder session build more muscle
  • Mental precision – improve cognitive performance

Featuring eleven ingredients and a massive daily dose, Military Muscle seems to have the ammunition required to make a big impact.

Are these ingredients effective though? Are the doses adequate?

Read on to see whether this test booster is the kind of guy you’d follow into battle, or the kind that’s best left ordering paperclips hundreds of miles from the front line.

Military Muscle

The Scores

Military Muscle

As mentioned, there are eleven ingredients and a big dose which amounts to 3950mg daily. To fit all of this in a daily dose, they have had to include six capsules for each daily dose.

When preparing for battle it’s the details that count. And you can tell they’ve applied the same philosophy to this product.

The ingredients are all there in the doses shown to be effective by the research. No half measures, just military precision.

All are legal and well-tolerated, this means it is suitable for most people. None of the ingredients feature on the WADA or Department of Defense’s banned substance list.

They’ve also included nutrients that not only improve performance but those that many people are deficient in. Nutrients such as zinc, iron and vitamin D. And the capsules are transparent to avoid any potential food coloring toxicity.


It’s a premium product, so of course you’d expect a premium price. Higher order volumes are rewarded with more competitive prices per bottle.

  • 1 x bottle (180 capsules) – $65, lasts 30 days
  • 2 x bottles (360 capsules) – $117, lasts 60 days
  • 4 x bottles (720 capsules) – $195, lasts 120 days
  • 6 x bottles (1,080 capsules) – $279, lasts 180 days

The value gets even better as each order qualifies for free ‘tracked and signed’ global shipping. If you want your order in quicker time, a priority shipping service is available for a small additional fee.

In addition, there is a 0% interest-free credit option spread over 4 payments to make it affordable.


Military Muscle scores really well on this front. The product itself and the customer service earns it 4/5 on Trust Pilot and features a number of glowing reviews.

In fact, it’s only really dropped a point because it one point there were some delays in shipping. When you are shipping to APO and FPO addresses around the globe, that’s bound to happen. Another great score here.

Military Muscle

The company was founded by a guy who serves in the military, they have locations in London (UK) and Houston (USA) while a shipping and distribution hub is located in the North of England.

The stimulus to create such a product was due to dissatisfaction with other available products for the hardcore fitness enthusiasts that push themselves to the limit.

Honest company and a good solid reputation backing it up. We like Mil-Tech Pharma Ltd.

How Do I Take It?

Each capsule has just over 641mg, and you need to take 6 capsules per day.

That means a daily dose is 3850mg.

That is a very large dose, one of the largest on the market, but it needs to be. As mentioned, each ingredient is dosed as per the studies, anything less won’t have the same effect.

The instructions state that we should take 2 capsules prior to each main meal per day.

Any Military Muscle Side Effects?

The full spectrum of ingredients is very well tolerated.

Each dose is clinically tested so you should not experience any unwanted side effects.

This means that it is perfect to use over the long term, or even as a PCT.

Where Can I Get It?

Mil-Tech Pharma are serious about quality and only sell Military Muscle through their website.  

This means that you know where it is coming from, and there aren’t any risks of buying a counterfeit product.

Ingredients – In Detail

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3

According to the World Health Authority and other respected institutions, much of the world’s population is suffering from a deficiency of vitamin D. This may sound strange as we tend to get the biggest dose from the sunshine, which is free, after all.

Another issue is that we do not get a lot of vitamin D from food, therefore, it is advised for those in regions of low sunlight to use a vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin D is responsible for a number of physiological actions, namely bone health. It does this by regulating calcium and phosphate. This prevents bone deformities and bone pain. It can also help boost your mood, a lack of sunlight is touted as a cause of depression.

Additionally. there is an association between vitamin D and healthy levels of testosterone and higher levels of muscle strength. We all need to ensure we get enough vitamin D for general health, but it also has an impact on natural levels of test.


D-Aspartic Acid

It is not uncommon to see DAA included in testosterone booster supplements or just as a stand-alone supplement to improve gym performance.

There’s a good reason for that, especially if you are new to fitness. The studies show that it is very good and providing a temporary boost to testosterone levels, however, even long term use has demonstrated its testosterone boosting capabilities.

DAA is also an effective way to improve sperm quality and sperm numbers.

This amino acid is great for fertility and also provide a good boost to testosterone levels.



There’s a lot riding on zinc. It has many roles in the body including helping the immune system work, breaking down carbohydrates and is an electrolyte required for optimum exercise performance.

Yet, there is a global malnutrition issue because of a zinc deficiency. This is exacerbated if you sweat a lot through hot weather or intense exercise.
Furthermore, it is proven in clinical studies that low levels of zinc correlate with low levels of testosterone.

Active people can lose a lot of zinc through sweating. Low zinc is associated with low levels of testosterone.



The amount of boron included in Military Muscle is the same as eating 500g/17oz of broccoli.

This is very good because boron can help strengthen bones, build more muscle, improve cognitive function and there’s also evidence to improve testosterone levels. [17]
Studies have noted a synergy with vitamin D, whereby low boron correlated with low vitamin D.

Another nutrient that works well with vitamin D. Boron is key for strength and testosterone production.



There are many uses for ashwagandha, and it is slowly becoming more popular among those in the know, and for good reason.

Ashwagandha has demonstrated its ability to reduce stress, reduce depression symptoms, alleviate anxiety and insomnia.

It also has a role in male fertility, has evidence to increase strength as well as increase testosterone.

A well-rounded herb with many benefits, particularly for performance. Dosed at the required 600mg in Military Muscle.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna is a good anti-inflammatory according to the research. It has also shown that it can help improve male fertility and libido.

Additionally, there’s evidence backing its effectiveness at increasing testosterone.

Great for sexual function and fertility. Also proven to stimulate testosterone.



Contemporary evidence supports the use of fenugreek to promote lean muscle mass as well as being able to reduce cholesterol.

Fenugreek has been proven to promote anabolic and androgenic activity while also reducing body fat.

Trials have shown very little side effects and overall is reported to be very safe.

A safe and effective nutrient to improve overall body composition and increase test levels.


Vitamin K2

K2 is great for organ and blood health. It reduces inflammation and helps prevent the build-up of calcium in the arteries.

Vitamin D3 and K2 work well together, with the former helping absorb the calcium and K2 helping keep the arteries free.

if you are aiming for a more plant-based diet, you may struggle to get the K2 you need as much of it is from dairy products, although soy is a good source to consider.
It has been demonstrated in scientific studies that a deficiency of K2 can lead to low testosterone levels.

Works well with D3 to maximize calcium benefits. Those on low meat diets may struggle to get adequate K2 which can lead to low testosterone.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is important for vision, particularly for low light vision…a great addition for soldiers who operate through the night. [6]

A deficiency of vitamin A can also impair immunity, so it is vital that we get this vitamin.
The problem is, the best sources of vitamin A come from animal meat and fats. So, if you are planning on reducing your meat and dairy intake this can have a negative impact.

There is evidence that vitamin A can support testis health, and a low level can result in a reduced level of testosterone. [7]

Those on a low meat diet may find it difficult to get enough vitamin A. It has been proven to improve eyesight and has links to testicular health.


A deficiency in iron leads to anemia. This means you will have a lack of red blood cells which are needed to carry the oxygen your body needs.

Being low on iron can leave you feeling fatigued, short of breath, dizziness and even headaches, not ideal if you are an active individual.

There’s some statistics that state up to a quarter of the world’s population does not have enough iron.

There’s a link between vitamin A and iron being effective as hormonal therapy.

Iron helps produce red blood cells to carry oxygen. Low iron levels can leave you tired and short of breath. A potent hormonal therapy.

Urtica Diocia

This is a great nutrient if you have been an anabolic steroid user in the past or are using Military Muscle as a PCT.

Clinical evidence shows that Urtica diocia can help reduce the size of the prostate which may have enlarged due to steroid use. Military Muscle includes the exact dose that was used in studies.

Urtica is also proven to increase testosterone, reduce aromatase and thus estrogen.

Acts as an estrogen blocker to help testosterone flourish. Great for people using Military Muscle as a Post Cycle Therapy.


What’s our verdict? Is it a yes or a no?

Hopefully by now, if you read through the whole article, it is clear what our thoughts are.

If you are after a quick answer, then it is an absolute yes. If you are involved in intense exercise, arduous training regimes or just want to feel better overall, Military Muscle is for you. Highly recommended.

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