• Positive

    • Widely available
    • Excellent Company
    • Established Product
    • No proprietary blend
  • Negative

    • Ludicrous serving schedule
    • Bizarre vitamin inclusions
    • Too few test boosting stars
    • Too few testimonials
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6.7/10

Mutant Test by supplement company Mutant is a widely available booster which makes two simple but desirable promises -> to boost both overall and free testosterone.

With a supposed improved formula, including 6 new active ingredients, and a name like Mutant you might well be expecting a physical and hormonal transformation that borders on the scary. But just how far is this product able to deliver?

Will you be off to buy more shorts after your new Hulk-esque body has exploded out of your current pair?

Mutant Test

How Does Mutant Test Work?

Thankfully Mutant Test doesn’t contain any proprietary blends so we’re able to judge each ingredient with its exact amount and get a better idea of what to expect.

At a Glance

  • Zinc included in a good dose to help free testosterone and overall testosterone
  • Fenugreek a proven test booster – regulates blood sugars and controls insulin levels
  • Maca not strictyl a test booster – included for libido enhancement
  • Some really odd vitamin inclusions

The Scores

Mutant Test

There are some things to like about Mutant Test, for example no proprietary blends and no completely useless ingredients; but one or two are slightly wide of the mark and too much emphasis is put on Maca, which is purely a libido enhancer.


Not badly priced by any means but we struggle to give it a higher score as again the ingredients just aren’t as well rounded as some of the better boosters. You’re paying for a pretty one dimensional supplement.


Disappointingly no testimonial section on the Mutant website, just user generated feedback, all positive of course. We hate to see too much focus on famous sponsored athletes at the expense of guys just starting their journey. Reviews elsewhere are a little more mixed, generally positive but not exactly wowing buyers.


We only take issue with some of the ingredient choices and dividing up of doses, but then again it’s a rare treat to get to see the actual amounts and be sure there’s nothing suspicious.


Launched in 2006 on the back of their Muscle Mass product, they’ve grown ever since expanding their range to cover all aspects of workout aid and physical wellbeing. They have a professional, informative website with plenty of athletes carrying their banner and ship to anywhere in North America or Europe. No complaints.

How Do I Take It?

Mutant Test recommends you take one serving a day. Convenient, eh? Not when you consider that one serving is made up of a whopping 6 capsules. This strikes us as ridiculously dosed and is possibly just to make you feel like you’ll be getting massive effects. Aside from anything else, single serving supplements are pretty inefficient. You’re likely to get a spike for a while then the effects plateau for the rest of the day. The most successful supplements tend towards 3 or 4 servings spread evenly across the day.

Mutant Test Side Effects?

There’s no reason to expect any adverse side effects from anything in this supplement.

Where Can I Get The Product?

Mutant Test is a pretty mainstream booster so is widely available from a number of retailers. Among the best prices we found was $42 from Amazon.com and £25 from Amazon.co.uk for 180 capsules making up a month’s supply.

Mutant Test Ingredients – In Detail

Vitamin D2
Vitamin D has certainly been seen in clinical studies to raise testosterone levels, but the clinical evidence has always surrounded vitamin D3, not D2. D3 far more efficiently absorbed, which would’ve been a better choice. This is a real let down for Mutant Test, it’s like there was a typo on the order form and they stuck with it.

Vitamin B3
We would say B6 is the standout B vitamin when it comes to aiding testosterone but B3 is not without its uses, mainly as an energy and mood booster. Slightly wide of the mark again then.



is one of the most important minerals for your testosterone levels. Insufficient zinc is constantly seen in cases of men with low testosterone, It is vital to the stimulation of luteinizing hormone, which dictates how much testosterone your body produces and may also be able remove rate limits on the testes to further aid production. 30mg is right on the money to get the best effects.


Maca Root

– Maca root is a root, originally from Peru, which in clinical has consistently shown an ability to help strengthen libido and sex drive, but effects on actual hormone levels have been significantly less clear cut. Benefits in the bedroom are all well and good but 3000mg is a massive amount for an ingredient that doesn’t help testosterone directly.


Fenugreek Extract

– Another ingredient which is great for keeping you passionate and performing, but also has a hand in controlling blood sugar, helping to regulate insulin, which if imbalanced can negatively affect testosterone. Recent studies including one from Australia earlier this month have shown free and total male hormone rise as a result of fenugreek supplementation. 500mg is a strong amount too.


Black Pepper Extract

– Does nothing to boost testosterone but is included to allow your body to better absorb the other active ingredients.


I really wanted to like Mutant Test on account of them shunning the usual proprietary blend, but there’s just too much focus on libido and not enough real hormone raising components. Disappointing.