• Positive

    • A handful of good T boosting ingredients
    • No side effects
  • Negative

    • Uses proprietary blend
    • Small amount of formula in servings
    • Missing key ingredients
    • Overpriced
    • Problems with free trial
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 2.6/10

We review A LOT of testosterone boosters on this site, but it’s a crowded market and these things aren’t Pokemon – we ain’t gonna catch em all.

That’s why it’s great when readers get in touch and ask us to check out specific products. T-Complex is one brand that passed us by but a couple of you asked about.


T-Complex looks a straightforward booster pitched at the bodybuilding crowd. It promises increased lean muscle mass, lower body fat and more free T. When there’s interest in a generic effort like this it usually means one of two things; big results or big problems.

Unfortunately in this case it seems to be the latter. Many users have had problems with the ‘free trial‘, which we’ll get to later and add to that the lack of clarity on dosage. Apart from the first one or two ever ingredient amount is hidden in a small 655mg propietary blend.

That’s a massive red flag when it comes to quality, but let’s see if it has any reedeeming features.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Tribulus Terrestris supposedly helps boost your T
  • Munica Pruriens stimulates L-Dopa
  • Nettle Extract to boost Free T
  • Ashwaghanda to aid workout performance
  • Longjack aimed at boosting libido

We’ll pick apart some of the problems here in depth after the scores

The Scores


There are a handful of good ingredients in T-Complex but their effectiveness is hampered by questions over dose.

Zinc and magnesium would be solid T boosting mineral base if there was enough of either. Munica pruriens and nettle root extract could help to if we knew we had enough. After that a selection of not terrible but not great components and a poor serving schedule leaves T-Complex looking pretty weak.


There is a free trial offer (which it seems you have to sign up to) where you pay $5 or so for P&P. After that it’s just under a whopping $90 for a months supply. Nothing about T-Complex is worth anywhere near that price tag. Even the best boosters on the market are a 1/3 cheaper than that. Save your money for those.


T-Complex is maunfactured in the U.S and is likely safe for consuption, plus there’s very little chance of side effects but that’s all you can say for it. There’s no excuse for hiding ingredient amounts or including as much formula total as better products use on one element.

Then there’s the ‘free trial.’ A depressingly predictable story, this is a classic supplement industry scam that always sets off huge warning bells.

You give your card details to pay P&P on your free booster then you’re automatically and quietly signed up to pay the full whack on a monthly basis. First month up front. Worse, several users have had problems reaching the company to cancel.


There are plenty of reviews on the T-Complex site, which we like to see. But only if they’re informative detailed testimonals, rather than you just another way to funnel you through to the purchasing page. Not very convincing, nor were the few You Tube reviews we watched. Genuine non-bias feedback is tough to come by.


T-Complex is made by Florida based company Coyanco LLC and all you need to know about them is one of the first results you get for them when you searh is on a site called the Rip Off Zone, complaining about the difficulty cancelling their free trial. They also have a 1/5 rating on Bizipedia.

You won’t find that with reputable booster companies because they are confident that the quality of their product is what will keep you coming back and paying the

How Do I Take It?

Users are advised to take 1 cap twice a day, spacing these out in a way that suits them.

Like a urinal in the the girls bathroom this is convienient, but pointless. Just 2 servings (especially of such a small formula) will do you little to no good. Any brief effects you do get will taper off fairly quickly and without regular top ups they’ll stay gone.

In order to keep the active components working 4 servings a day are ideal. Preferably well spaced out. (The servings, not you.)

Any T-Complex Side Effects?

*SILVER LINING KLAXON*. T-Complex might not do us a whole lot of good, but we can be reasonably sure it’s not doing you any harm either. So that’s something, right?

Where Can I Get It?

T-Complex is available from the offical website where after you’ve completed the free trial, you’ll be charged $89.95 for a month’s supply.

T-Complex Ingredients – In Detail



Zinc is a brilliant choice because vital building blocks for your T, like lutenizing, folicle stimulating and human growth hormones. It’s difficult to get enough of from diet too, so extra is always good.

This is ome of the few ingredients we’re given a dose for but it’s only 15mg. We can safely take over double that.




Another strong name. Magnesium is one of the best ways to free the up to 60% of T in our bodies which is unusablethanks to a protein called SHGB. More T free of SHGB, the higher our levels.

Again though, some serously weak number, with only 20mg here. No exaggeration we’d be hoping for almost 10 times that.


Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

We’re into the propietary blend now so no more dosages for us. Not that it matters here of course, becuase although Trib was once thought to be a great T booster, clinical trials have proved it useless.

High doses might give your libido a boost but we don’t even have that here




Good choice, pity we’ve no dose. Thanks to the beta sisterol in nettle, like magnesium, it is also great for lowering SHBG and giving us much stronger free T.

With just a fraction of 655mg though remember, we wouldn’t get too excited.




This isadaptogen, meaning it helps the body better cope with stress, including exercise.  In the right amount studies show it can also boost T, it’s just a pity don’t know if that amount is here.Probably no help sadly



DIM is sold as an anti-estrogen ingredient because it has blocked the hormone in trials. Yet, in some doses it can actually increase estrogen, which perefectly shows the risks you run when you’re in the dark on dosages.

Tongkat Ali

This is known by a few names, including Longjack.  Studies show it can have T boosting success if returning someone with clinically low levels to normal.

We can be relatively sure there’s only a small amount in T-Complex so this is another disappointment.



Munica Pruriens

Could’ve been a  great source of amino acid L-DOPA, which is known to stimulate T production.  Munica Pruriens can also cut cortisol, a stress hormone produced when we’re under pressure, which blocks testosterone.  Lower cortisol also means better mood.

It’s the same old problem with dose though


Avena Sativa

This is better known as Oat Straw.  What little research that has been done on it suggests it may have anti-inflammatory properties, which could help with exercise.  It needs more research though and we need a dose.


Anything Missing?

Plenty. But the two biggest no shows from a muscle building persepctive are D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D3. Both are essential for a quality booster in this category.


About the best you can say forT-Complex is it’s not harmful to your health, though by the looks of things it might be real threat to your bank balance and not that helpful for your hormones. One to avoid.