• Positive

    • Some strong T boosting ingredients
    • No proprietary blends
    • From reputable source
  • Negative

    • Some questionable ingredients
    • Good ingredients under dosed
    • Light on estrogen control
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6.8/10

Test Booster 1.0 from Blade Nutrition has one feature that always gets me interested.  It’s brought to us by former Mr Olympia, Dexter Jackson, who is still a big name on the bodybuilding circuit.

This should be a slam dunk right?  This is a guy who spends his life at peak fitness and knows what it takes.  The question is, just how much of Jackson’s own recipe for success makes it into his brand?

All the boxes are ticked as far as promises: supported T, muscle growth and increased strength, as well as estrogen regulation, now it’s just a matter of judging deliver.  Let’s get to it.


How Does Test Booster 1.0 Work?

No proprietary blends here happily.  You’ll find most boosters from professionals don’t bother with such pointless marketing tricks.  The ingredients and amounts in Test Booster 1.0 are just like Jackson come competition time – all on show.

Vitamin D

Great choice.  Vitamin D is created when sunlight hits our skin and can cause our T to rocket if we get enough of it.  4000IU is over the threshold which gets our male hormone moving in the right direction, but unfortunately it’s not stated whether we’re talking about D2 or D3 here.  D3 is much more easily absorbed by the body and effective.


Zinc is another strong selection.  Low levels of this mineral are often seen in men with clinically low T, which is no accident.  Zinc encourages several vital building blocks for testosterone, including luteinizing hormone, human growth hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone.  30mg over 2 servings is bang on most people’s daily tolerance.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another excellent pick.  The amino acid, D-AA is among the strongest and most consistent natural T boosters available.  The more of this the better we say, which is why we’re a little disappointed Test Booster 1.0 stops at 1,500mg.  We’ve seen other quality boosters go as high as 5000mg

Tribulus Terrestris

First bump in the road then Tribulus Terrestris, was once championed in much the same way as D-AA as a great testosterone booster.  Unfortunately, unlike D-AA, clinical trials have spectacularly failed to back tis up.  The only promise Trib has shown in scientific studies is a mild libido boosting effect sometimes.  100mg is a waste frankly.


Diindolylmethane is a nutrient found in green leafy veg like broccoli, which studies have shown has the ability to inhibit the female hormone, estrogen in the body.  However, it is not strictly an estrogen regulator as in some amounts can increase estrogen, so it’s more of a modulator.  The 100mg on offer here is below the 300mg which saw a reduction in clinical trials.


This is a hormonal fence sitter.  It waits to be turned into either testosterone or estrogen when and where the body needs it.  That makes DHEA’s effects difficult to predict and studies aren’t the most convincing, as most of them involve menopausal women.

Anything Missing?

No real libido boosters here.  Okay they’re probably not the most important feature of a supplement, but every little helps.  Remember just getting an erection causes your T to spike.

A more clinically sound anti-estrogen choice would’ve been nice.  Vitamin B6 has solid research backing it up and DIM is still up for debate.

How Do I Take It?

Test Boost 1.0 suggests you take 2 servings of 3 capsules each.  This might seem like a lot but our bodies can only absorb so much at any one time and these 6 capsules need to be spaced out better.  For full active effects all day, most of the best boosters favor 3 or 4 servings several hours apart.

Side Effects?

No worries here.  No side effects reported.

Where Can I Get Test Booster 1.0?

You can buy Test Booster 1.0 from bodybuilding.com for $39.99, buying you a months supply.  Customers in the U.K you can get it from the official site for £30.


Test Booster 1.0

Ingredients (6/10) – Test Booster 1.0 definitely has some pluses.  The vitamin D and zinc are well dosed and although the D-AA is a little light, at least it’s there.  In other ways those this supplement is a real let down.  The Trib is a waste of time, the jury is still out on DIM just as it is with DHEA.  These question marks, plus a misjudged serving schedule mean only an average score.

Price (5/10) –  $40 or £30 is probably the higher end of mid range for these types of boosters.  Although there are some highlights and Test Booster 1.0 comes with the pedigree of Dexter Jackson behind it, on balance we’d say its problems mean there’s better bargains out there.

Testimonials (6/10) – No official testimonial section on the website so user feedback is our only source.  Positive but mixed would be an accurate description.  This pretty much reflects our review but with out the detail of dedicated testimonials it’s difficult to get a consistent picture.

Trustworthiness (8/10) – Test Booster is manufactured in the U.S and is tightly regulated.  Add to that the fact that they don’t use proprietary blends and Dexter Jackson’s reputation being on the line, and the only think we would take issue with is a few under researched ingredients.

Company (8/10) – Blade Nutrition is still a relatively small company with a limited range covering all the bases of muscle building, fat burners, T boosters, pre-workouts etc.  We’ve heard no bad reports however and as they become more established this score will climb.


A bodybuilder’s involvement with a T booster pretty much guarantees it’s not going to be useless, and Test Booster 1.0 certainly isn’t.  But a big name doesn’t always bring perfection either and there are definitely boosters for muscle building we’d recommend before this.