• Positive

    • One or two good ingredients
    • May help libido
    • Well established, been around for years
    • Many MANY reviews to digest
  • Negative

    • Uses a proprietary blend
    • Missing key ingredients
    • Uses debunked tribulus
    • Weak serving schedule
    • Expensive
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6/10

In a crowded market, boosters will try anything to stand out. But at the end of the day, the only thing most of us care about is that they work. So maybe Superior Labs have the right idea by putting out a plain, understated bottle and calling a product TEST WORx.

You might recognize the name, this has been around for a few years now and has stayed a pretty strong seller. It promises to:

  • Increase muscle growth
  • Boost stamina and energy
  • Help cut fat
  • Improve recovery time
Test WORx

All these supplements know how to sweet talk you though. Like any résumé (except mine obvs) they know the things you want to hear. It’s whether they can deliver and how they do it that matters.

The how is our first real problem in fact. Most of TEST WORx key ingredients are inside a proprietary blend, meaning we don’t get individual dosages for ingredients. Just names and a 950mg overall total.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Vitamin B6 to aids in controlling estrogen
  • Vitimin B12 and L-Arginine to support energy
  • Longjack and maca to help sex drive
  • Nettle root to increaase free T
  • Tribulus to supposedly raise T


The Scores


Let’s try and start with the positives. There’s zinc here to support T and vitamin B6 to keep a lid on your estrogen, though both could use a higher dose. Nettle root is useful for naturally raising free T, but because it’s in a blend, we’ve no idea what we’re getting.

After that it’s an uninspired selection of libido boosters, an energy stimulator that almost certainly is underdosed and Tribulus Terrestris. Trib is so outdated and discredited it’s like the supplement version of flat earth theory. Yet it keeps popping up for some reason. On balance then, not great.


Maybe it’s because TEST WORx has been around for a while and still makes sales they feel confident enough to charge $60 a bottle. Because there certainly isn’t $60 worth of quality here. For that price you can get some of the most on point, up to date and effective boosters we’ve seen, so why not just check those out instead?


This brand has the basics of trustworthiness down. It’s made in the U.S and complies with cGMP rules, so it should be safe to take. Beyond that though it doesn’t do much to build on that trust. Poor ingredient choices, proprietary blends, high price.

TEST WORx really has done the bare minimum in this department.


On the face of it this should be one of this boosters strongest categories. It has a near perfect 5 stars on Amazon on the basis of thousands of reviews.

Sadly we’ve heard rumblings of free product being offered in return for positive Amazon feedback, so just take the praise with a bag or two of salt. Retail site reviews are too easy to swing one way or the other. You’re far better looking for individual testimonials with plenty of detail about the author and product, with photos and videos.

Editors Note

I should chime in here. First of all, I can’t find any evidence of these claims.

However … there is something not right with those Amazon reviews imo. They are TOO good. Normally a sign of fake Amazon reviews is that they are very short, lack detail, many reviewers are unverified and many of the reviewers themselves have only ever done one review.

This is the opposite. There are ZERO short 5 star reviews, all of them are lengthy and detailed. ALL of them are verified purchases. So they are real reviews by real people all right. But it’s all too perfect!

I’m going to keep the score at 7/10 but I am deeply suspicious that these reviews have been orchestrated and that the reviewers have been given guidance on what to write.

Note that normally I don’t care if a company does give free products for good reviews. Why would anybody want a product that doesn’t work? Unless …..


For all their issues, from a professional standpoint, Superior Labs seem pretty solid.

They’re based in California, have a reasonable sized range over free shipping domestically and a money back promise if you’re not satisfied. There have been a fair few customer complaints over the years but mainly about ineffective products, which squares with our worries about the formula.

How Do I Take It?

You’re advised to take 2 capsules 15 minutes before a morning meal.

Sounds easy enough and it is. About as easy as it is ineffective though. There’s no way a single serving will keep what active ingredients there are working for a full, busy day. It’s suggested you cycle on for 5 days and rest for two, but frankly we think that’s just to give the illusion of a strength that’s missing.

In our experience and judging from the reader feed back we’ve had, 3 or 4 servings are really ideal. Both in terms of keeping you well topped up and not getting in the way of activities.

Any TEST WORx Side Effects?

Unless you count disappointment as a side effect, you’ve probably nothing to worry about on this score at least.

Where Can I Get It?

You’ll find TEST WORx from Amazon.com for a $59.95

Ingredients – In Detail


Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is one of the best natural ways to keep estrogen in check. It not only safely slows production of the female hormone, it lessens the influence of what’s already on your system. That clears the way for higher T as the two are on opposite ends of a balance.


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

Not nearly as useful as B6. Vitamin B12 may go some way to helping general energy levels but not much more than that.


Vitamin B3

Sometimes known as niacin, this occasionally pops up in T boosters. We’re not sure why though because no direct benefits have been proven and its upsides are all centered around general health. Heart etc. Great, but not really the point of a T Booster.




Zinc is a really strong choice because several building blocks of healthy T levels rely on enough of this mineral. Luteinizing hormone, growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormone all depend on it and it can be difficult to get enough from diet.

20mg is a little low, our tolerance is 30 to 50mg but better than nothing.


Tribulus Terrestris


Total waste of time and money. Briefly thought to be a useful hormone booster decades ago, clinical trials have since shown it brings nothing to the party. We don’t know how much is here, but a simple rule is any amount is too much.


Tongkat Ali / Eurycoma Longfolia


Not without good points to be fair. In a decent amount it can boost sex drive and if you have clinically low T it may be a natural way to claw you back into normal range. If you’re trying to reach your peak though there are much better options.




Some guys are unaware that your overall T levels are not always the ones your able to use. A protein known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin can bind to your testosterone making it inactive. The beta sitosterol in nettle is able to lower SHBG count freeing up more T. The dosage would be good to know however.




Just a libido booster really. Nice as an added bonus if there are already some proven T boosters on show, unlike here. Thanks to the obscurity of the proprietary blend we don’t even know if we’ve got the right amount to help anything.



L-Arginine is good for increasing nitric oxide levels in the system. This boosts blood flow and can aid energy. The problem here is it’s not well absorbed when taken orally so you need to take large amounts to see changes. We don’t know how much we’re getting here but doubtful it’s enough.


Anything Missing?

Either a significant drop in price or D-Aspartic Acid, Vitimin D3, Magnesium and a good few others.


With a hefty price tag and good sales on a site as big as Amazon, no doubt TEST WORx to make the company a profit. But we can’t see much solid evidence that TEST WORx to improve male testosterone levels based on that formula. There are so many better choices.