• Positive

    • Some good ingredients for stimulating testosterone
    • Contains good libido boosters
    • Reputable company
  • Negative

    • Outrageously expensive
    • Multiple proprietary blends
    • Some un proven elements
    • Unclear if ingredients have active doseages
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 6.5/10

Force Factor’s latest attempt to keep us in top shape is the slickly presented Test X180 Alpha. It assures us that it will help to enhance our sex drive, boost blood flow and build muscle mass, as well as improve strength and stamina.

Test X180 Alpha retails at whopping $140; well above market average and double even some of the best quality boosters we’ve reviewed.  Frankly for that sort of money we’d want peak T, the power of flight and 3 wishes.

If Test X180 Alpha can get hormone levels anywhere near as high as the bar it’s set for itself with that price, we’ll be impressed.

Test X180 Alpha

There’s only one way to find out definitively then so let’s see what’s on offer here.

How Does Alpha Test 180 Work?

Frustratingly, Alpha Test 180 goes for proprietary blend system. This means ingredients are put in a snazzily titled mix and only the overall volume are shown on the label.

Why does this makes it difficult to separate the good, the bad and the ugly ingredients? It’s because dosage is key. As you’ll see if you read our reviews, often an ingredient might be there on a label, but it’s there in such tiny amount that it will have no effect at all.

That said there are a couple of elements given amounts in Testx 180 Alpha, so let’s analyse them first.

Vitamin B6

This is a really good start. In clinical trials, some on women with estrogen fuelled breast cancer, B6 has shown an ability to limit female hormone. It works on the C2 pathway of the brain to not only slow production of estrogen but also lower its effect. This tips our hormonal balance back in favour of T.


Zinc is an vital mineral for luteinizing hormone, a building block of T which dictates how much we produce. Time and again a link between low zinc intake and low testosterone has been found in studies, so its a great pick. They might’ve added at bit more though.

The rest of the dosed ingredients, like vitamins B1, B2 and B12 along with components like selenium, etc. are fine for general health, but do little to boost T. We’ll skip over them. Our review’s focus is testosterone, even if parts of Test X180 Alpha’s formula aren’t.

This then brings us on to the excitingly named Sexual Performance Blend, all 860mg of it.


Turned into L-Arginine in the kidneys which helps nitric oxide levels in the body and improves blood flow. Stronger blood flow can aid both erections and energy levels, so provided we’re not talking tiny amounts, not the worst choice in the world.

Catuaba Bark Extract

Anecdotal evidence suggests that this has a positive effect on libido. We’d prefer to see some more solid clinical trials before singing its praises too loudly. That said it has been used in traditional medicine for years and is usually served in tea so it’s not harmful.

Maca Root

As a member of the ginseng family, you would expect maca root to deliver in the downstairs area. By all accounts it does seem useful when it comes to keeping your libido firing. No specific T boosting credentials, but as part of a sexual performance blend? Good choice.

Damiana Leaf Extract

Damiana Leaf is another choice with a strong background in traditional medicine. Used for everything from raising energy levels to helping arousal. Again very little T improving qualities but for this blend, not an okay choice.

Muira Puama Root

Yet another sex drive enhancer from traditional medicine. Thought to also improve the quality of erections, a claim which seems to stand up to modern day study. A 1990 trial found that libido increased in subjects by up to 60%.

We are not fans of proprietary blends, but will admit some of these ingredients are well chosen, and there is enough of a volume to assume that you will see some benefit from the mix. Now on to what should be the main attraction, the Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix. Unfortunately there’s only 350mg in this one which means one or more of these choices will light.


A strong choice. This ingredient be at home in the sexual performance blend, as it too has libido enhancing qualities. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, balancing insulin, which prevents it from inhibiting testosterone. A recent 12-week study followed 50 male volunteers aged 35-65 who each received 500 mg/day of fenugreek extract and researchers reported 90% of participants saw an increase in free testosterone. Then again, 500 mg is far more than this whole matrix.

White Mushroom

In the right dose White Button Mushroom has surprising clinical form as an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is the enzyme in the body which converts testosterone to estrogen, knocking off our hormonal balance. The problem, as with any proprietary blend, especially one as small as this is establishing whether there’s anywhere near enough of an ingredient to make a difference. Impossible to say.

Stinging Nettle

Another strong selection, in the right amount. Anywhere up to 60% of the testosterone in our system is bound by the protein Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and hence unusable. Stinging nettle has shown in studies it has the ability to reduce SHBG activity and allowing far more hormone to remain as free testosterone. The beta-sitosterol content also helps to reduce oestrogen and improve mood.


This bioflavonoid has, in certain studies, shown the ability to increase testosterone but only when injected directly into the testicles. Results of ingestion via the other end have been less impressive, though considerably less eye watering.


DIM is a nutrient found in green leafy veg like broccoli. It has displayed the capability to significantly reduce estrogen production in studies, however has also, in certain conditions, been seen to increase the female hormone. As a result it is not correct to say DIM is an estrogen inhibitor, rather a modulator. Whether it reduces or increases levels is dependent on dose, information we don’t have in this case.

How Do I Take It?

Test X180 Alpha is supposed to be taken as two daily servings of two capsules, the first with breakfast then again with lunch. 4 capsules is normally the perfect number to strike a balance between effectiveness and convenience, but we’d prefer to see the servings spaced out a little better throughout the day.

Side Effects?

We wouldn’t expect you’d experience any unwelcome side effects from these ingredients and the reports we’ve seen appear to confirm that.

Where Can I Get Test X180 Alpha?

Customers can get Test X180 Alpha from a range of online outlets, including the official company website and the GNC site, where as we’ve already said, it is priced around $140 for 120 tablets.


Test X180 Alpha

Ingredients (6/10) – For all Alpha is dominated by proprietary blends, it is actually not bad in terms of components. With a few minor exceptions, most of the choices are well judged and The Sexual Performance Blend in particular has enough quality and quantity to pretty much assure some libido improvements. If anything too much attention is given to that side of things and the testosterone mix is skimped on. We still prefer fully disclosed doses but these formulas are among the best of a routinely bad bunch.

Price (2/10) – $140 for this is ridiculous. Yes it has some good points, but not $140 worth. Some of the best boosters we’ve seen cost less than half that and this product doesn’t even reach their standards. Better value is definitely out there.

Testimonials (6/10) – There is a testimonial section on the Force Factor website with a specific drop down Test X180 Alpha. This gives informative feedback from users of all ages which goes deeper than the customer reviews on selling sites. However for the most part you are only offered written statements and first names, no before and after videos or photos. Reviews on the GNC site are generally positive but range wildly from 5 to 1 star.

Trustworthiness (8/10) – Apart from the use of proprietary blends clouding things a bit, we don’t see much of a reason to mistrust this product. It has a few customer service complaints to its name but for a high profile company this is pretty normal. There are no concerns regarding manufacturing practices.

Company (10/10) – Force Factor are a successful supplement company with a decent range of product besides Test X180 Alpha. There is in-depth background information on their website and they currently have a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. Hard to argur with that.


Not a bad booster by any means. It has some potentially good ingredients, albeit in mysterious quantities and the presentation looks a million bucks; it’s just a pity the product costs only slightly less than that. Ultimately isn’t worth it, a good product with a ludicrous price tag.