• Positive

    • Proven ingredients in (mostly) good doses
    • 90 day money back guarantee
    • Available worldwide
    • Manufactured in the US
    • US Customer Service Number
  • Negative

    • Missing anti-estrogen compounds
    • Missing libido enhancement ingredients
    • Some ingredients under dosed
    • Some ingredients unnecessarily over dosed
    • Blisteringly expensive
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 4.5/10

One the first things we notice about TestBoost, the new supplement from Nature Lean, is how similar it is to Prime Male.  Prime Male has been among our top 3 testosterone boosters since its release, so the idea that a rival product could match it, or even improve on it, has us a excited.

TestBoost is aimed at the same people as Prime Male : guys over 30 looking to avoid or repair the natural T loss which begins from that point in life.  It also makes pretty much the same promises as far as keeping male hormone and energy levels up, helping to build muscle and improve libido.

In fact… their whole offering and website is highly reminiscent of Prime Male.

So are there differences?  If so, which brand comes out on top and why?  These are all questions we’re about to answer in this review, starting, well, right now.

How Does TestBoost Work?

Credit where it’s due, there’s not a proprietary blend in sight here.  That means every ingredient and amount is clearly displayed on the label. Which is good, because in a product apparently so similar to others, the details are going to matter.

D Aspartic Acid

We’re off to a strong start.  This amino acid is one of the strongest natural T boosters currently available.  In several studies it has been seen to raise T and sperm quality.  1800mg just edges the Prime Male, 1600mg.  However Prime Male uses D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate, which is more easily absorbed by the system (and is more costly and difficult to source).


Fenugreek is a good choice as it is able to regulate blood sugars, controlling insulin levels and stopping any imbalance from hurting your T.  Traditionally it also has a great reputation as a libido booster to boot.  Most of the studies use more than just 100mg though, so maybe could’ve been a little more generous.

Vitamin D3

We get most of our D3 from sunlight and there is a proven link between the amounts of the vitamin and T levels.  Topping up with supplements is a great idea if you can rely on good weather and both TestBoost and Prime Male both contain the 5000IUs recommended by the Vitamin D council. TestBoost has a rather unusual 5200IUs – maybe trying to edge it’s established rival by adding ‘just that little bit more’.


Zinc is a hugely important mineral for testosterone, a huge number of guys with Low T also have zinc deficiency.  It encourages the production of important T building blocks such as luteinizing hormone, human growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormone.  Given how key it is, 11mg is very light, when you consider we can tolerate up to 30mg with no problems.


Can’t fault this.  Magnesium is great for free testosterone, that is T not tied up by SHBG and unavailable.  60% of our male hormone can be affected so including this ingredient is a smart move. 200mg is double Prime Male’s 100mg, but research suggests 100mg is enough to get the job done, so this looks slightly heavy handed.

Mucuna Pruriens

A bit of a wonder ingredient.  Great source of the natural L-DOPA, which not only raises T but lowers the stress hormone, cortisol helping you to feel better.  TestBoost loses a bit of ground to Prime Male with only 200mg to PM’s 300mg.


A brand name black pepper extract which helps the body absorb all the other good stuff.  10mg is par for the course.

Anything Missing?

Studies show that as men age and T falls, the female hormone, estrogen begins to rise.  Surprisingly for a booster aimed at the over 30s, there are hardly any ingredients to tackle this.  None of the vitamin B6, luteolin, or boron (which also raises T) that Prime Male makes room for.

There’s also a lack of libido boosters like panax ginseng and vitamin K2, which makes D3 more effective.

How Do I Take It?

TestBoost suggests you take 4 capsules a day.

Side Effects?

The marketing material for TestBoost promises no side effects and to be fair, we don’t see anything here that makes us think that’s not true.

Where Can I Get TestBoost?

TestBoost is available from the official website for $97.00, buying a months supply in the U.S and £69.95 getting you the same in the U.K. There is a 90 day money back guarantee.



Ingredients (6/10) – There’s are no poor ingredients here and some of them are really standout.  Good amounts of great stuff like vitamin D, D-AA and magnesium all ensure TestBoost will be far from useless.  The real problem here is what’s missing.  The zinc in particular is too light and there’s almost no anti-estrogen choices.  In a Low T supplement for over 30s, this is unforgivable.  Like car missing a wheel.

Price (3/10) – For all its plus points TestBoost is eye wateringly expensive.  Prime Male is certainly not cheap, but it’s a bargain compared to this.  The brand is new so we’ll need to see what deals are on offer as time goes on, but just now the product doesn’t even nearly justify the price.

Testimonals (5/10) – We’ve given TestBoost a middle of the road mark here. it’s a new product and it’ll take time for the testimonials to feed back in. However you’d think that someone would have something positive to say about it, and that they’d have put that on the website. Even if it was just their friends who had tried it, or the manufacturers themselves. Seriously – nobody has tried it at all?

Trustworthiness (7/10) – TestBoost is made in the U.S and has to comply with all the regulations that come with that and all their ingredients and amounts are on the label.  We have unearthed nothing to suggest that there is anything untrustworthy about the manufacturer. Although to be fair there is very little information about the parent company.

Company (3/10) –
We’re slightly confused about the ancestry of the parent company. The footer says it’s owned by TJ Nutraceuticals Ltd, which was incorporated in the UK at the start of may 2015. They clearly used this service here;


“Your registered office at a prestigious London N1 address 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU.” The header of the site has a logo for a ‘NatureLean’ and the terms and conditions say the operation is based out of Miami. This opacity results in lower marks.

Overall – 4.5/10

TestBoost have definitely been taking notes from Prime Male and the ingredients they’ve chosen are strong. However if they were taking notes on the lecture then they clearly bunked off half way through it. Half of the ingredients that make Prime Male so potent are missing altogether.

They manage to pip Prime Male on volume a few times for the ingredients that they have included, but this looks like a bit of sporting one-upmanship. No anti-estrogen components, no proven libido boosters.

The ridiculous price means however good the picks, it’s not great value.