• Positive

    • Fully disclosed, no proprietary blends
    • Excellent formula and customer service reputation
    • Manufactured in USA & UK in cGMP Facilities
    • Money back guarantee
    • Huge number of detailed positive reviews and testimonials
    • Ships from USA and UK, FAST courier delivery available
  • Negative

    • Not the cheapest product on the market
    • Only available on the TestoFuel website
    • Never any discounting / black Friday type deals
    • Not suitable for vegetarians
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  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 9.2/10

TestoFuel is a well known natural test booster used mainly by the body building community.

The product offers a number of benefits;

  • Greater strength and muscle mass
  • Improved stamina
  • Consistently high energy
  • Enhanced libido

Although it is targeted at the body building crowd, effective ingredients are effective whether you’re picking up a barbell, picking up a woman or just picking up your own mood and energy.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • No duds or fad ingredients – all are effective testosterone promoters such as vitamin D3 & Oyster extract
  • Fenugreek regulates blood sugars and controls insulin levels
  • Estrogen suppression via vitamin B6
  • Minerals magnesium & zinc included to help free testosterone and overall testosterone
  • Panax ginseng helps blood flow and nitric oxide in the blood for faster recovery and enhanced libido
  • Effective levels of D-Aspartic Acid

We analyze the ingredients and the dosages chosen for TestoFuel later in the article. First though … the scores

The Scores


As a hardened supplement reviewer I enjoy nothing more than rolling up my sleeves and ripping into some scam ingredients, so to be honest it’s mildly annoying that TestoFuel hasn’t really given me anything to work with in that respect.

All the ingredients have shown strong clinical indications of effectiveness, and the dosages have been well researched to ensure that they are at recommended levels.

There’s genuinely not a dud amongst them.

Note:We’ve listed all the clinical studies which demonstrate this in the footer of this page just before the comments.


There’s no getting away from it, TestoFuel is not cheap. You can only get it from the official website, can’t shop around and the company don’t offer voucher deals.

Purchasing through the official TestoFuel website has its advantages too of course. Knowing automatically that anything on sale from literally anywhere else is definitely not legitimate means there’s no chance of ending up with potentially dangerous replica products.

At the end of the day it’s all about value – you get what you pay for and most guys are willing to pay more for a better product when it affects their health.


There’s no question of any suspicion surrounding Testofuel; everything is completely out in the open on their website. Manufactured in the USA and UK and made FDA registered and cGMP certified facilities.

It is also an extremely high profile testosterone booster with a large fan base, so the relative lack of negativity only goes to prove how widely trusted TestoFuel is.


Another area it’s difficult to fault. There are a huge variety of testimonials presented prominently on the TestoFuel website, featuring satisfied customers of all ages from around the world. All of these guys have provided their names, before and after pictures, a written testimony, images of them working out and in many cases a video.

Obviously though these are chosen by the company, so if you want to go further afield on the internet for recommendations there’s always that option. Generally though, we found these reviews to be overwhelmingly positive also.

Here are a few of our favorite testimonials;

William, USA

“After a while trying various test boosters I couldn’t find any that worked. Right away I liked it, loads of help and information. I liked being able to see exactly what was in it …

My first month I gained about 6lbs of lean muscle. I wasn’t having any other supplements, protein and pre workout. I made big gains in my 4 months. I’m going to buy again for 4 months and I’ll be doing another review after the next 4 months.”

Guy, UK

“TestoFuel has really helped me gain size and also benefited me with my condition. I’m an MS patient (multiple sclerosis) and took up bodybuilding around 4 years ago. But because of my genetics I found it very hard to but on size and TestoFuel has really helped.

As I said it has also helped my condition. Giving me more energy to do things It took around 2 months to take effect but I have now been taking for nearly 5 months and have gained around 8lb of muscle mass.”

Brenon, USA

“I could not be more satisfied with TestoFuel. My expectations were blown away. I’ve gained almost 2 inches on my arms, over 3 inches on my chest and I’m more ripped. My abs look better than ever and I feel more motivated, I have more energy and I have better bigger lifts. My bench press alone went from 315 pounds to 365 pounds in less than 3 months!!!

I have been taking TestoFuel for about three months now and I’m about to place my next order. I swear by this product and all of its ingredients. I recommend TestoFuel to Anyone wanting to make some serious gains in the gym or to gain that extra edge The results speak for themselves.”


Roar Ambition is a very high profile company, based in the U.K. They work with nutritional experts, scientists and athletes to produce safe, natural, clinically tested supplements. They also have an admirable policy of re-evaluating their ingredients every 6 months.

Willingness to adapt with the science means consumers never have to worry about missing a genuine breakthrough if new evidence emerges which makes a case for a change in the formula.

How Do I Take It?

TestoFuel recommends we take 4 capsules daily to get the full effect.

Anything Else We Should Know?

It is worth pointing out that for all its benefits, the inclusion of oyster extract makes TestoFuel unsuitable for vegetarians. It also goes without saying that if you have a shellfish allergy, then you’re best to steer clear. It might well still give you a bigger physique, but probably not the kind of physical swelling you were after.

As we’ve already touched on, it is not cheap. But then premium products at the top of the market never, are – it’s about how much you value your supplement regime and how much you can afford.

The 90 day money back guarantee only applies if you buy a three month supply. Edit: We go into some detail about the guarantee in the comments at the foot of the page, you should read it if the guarantee is very important to you.

TestoFuel Ingredients – In Detail


Vitamin D3

Often referred to as the sunshine vitamin. D3 is mainly produced when rays from the sun hit our skin. It not only helps to simulate the body’s testosterone creation but contributes to a range of additional health benefits. Many supplements contain it but TestoFuel has followed the advice of the The Vitamin D Council, and modified the dosage to the recommended daily dose of D to 5000IU.



D-Aspartic Acid

D-AA is an amino acid which works on the central region of the brain to provoke beneficial hormone release. Luteinizing hormone – which is crucial to the regulation of the testes – growth hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone production have all been shown to be effectively stimulated by the right dose of D-AA.

Research in recent years also points towards this component also helping to build up the testes and remove late limits on testosterone synthesis, leading to higher levels of the hormone.



Oyster Extract

Nature’s answer to a Barry White record, a potent natural aphrodisiac. Crammed with zinc, containing a whopping 10 times more than beef steak, pound for pound. Includes all 59 trace elements required by our system, covering amino acids, vitamins and other effective nutrients to support the body.




Various elements of this herb have long been in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat a number of complaints, including low libido.

Over the past few years an increasing amount of evidence has shown an ability to positively affect testosterone levels, especially by regulating insulin levels which if too high have a detrimental effect on testosterone.




The link between magnesium and testosterone is well known. Consider that on average 60% of the testosterone in our bodies is bound to the sex hormone binding globulin (or SHBG) and hence unable to be used in the most direct, efficient way.

One of the ways magnesium helps is to lower our SHGB count freeing up more of that previously preoccupied testosterone and allowing our systems to utilize it.



Vitamin B6

B6 works in two ways to help boost our testosterone. It’s a precursor to multiple androgens, which are crucial for kick starting testosterone levels by sending a message to the testes asking them to raise levels of the hormone.

B6 has also been shown to help limit creation of the female sex hormone, estrogen. It has a pretty straight ahead seesaw relationship with testosterone; when one’s up the others down. B6 also manages levels of prolactin, a similarly unhelpful hormone for our purposes, too large a quantity can be the cause of low testosterone.




What with this and the oyster extract, it may seem like Testofuel are a little zinc happy but in fact zinc is vitally important, to men in particular and not just for healthy testosterone purposes. The male prostate requires ten times more zinc than other cells in the body to function properly.

On the testosterone front zinc is key because it governs the processes in the brain related to the releasing of crucial hormones for testosterone production, such as luteinizing hormone. Studies also show zinc helps the modulation of and promotes levels of serum testosterone in most men.


Panax Genseng

Another ingredient with a strong background in traditional medicine. In more recent studies panax ginseng has shown ability to boost nitric oxide in the body, encouraging healthy blood flow which can helps with issues such as erectile dysfunction.

As well as helping to regulate blood sugar in a similar way to Fenugreek, Ginseng contains steroidal saponins which can increase testosterone levels, DHT, luteinizing hormone and androgens in men.



Vitamin K2

K2 is a vitamin found in meats which is effective at maintaining plasma levels in the body and our testes own supply of testosterone.

It also acts as a support to D3, allowing that to work more effectively by working to prevent calcification in the arteries and soft tissue.



‘Quality’ is the word to sum up TestoFuel. There is a wealth of up to date research backing up each individual all-natural component which is included and importantly they are all present in fully disclosed bioactive quantities; nothing’s here just for show, they’re all pulling their weight when it comes to safely getting results.

If you still need convincing, by all means head over to the TestoFuel site and read up on their product’s processes in more depth.

Studies Quoted in the Review

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Comment List

  • marc 24th May 2017

    the level of vitamin d in this product are too much. the institute of medicine says you should not take this much per day.

    • Rob Wright 24th May 2017

      You are correct in saying the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine recommendation (used) to be much lower than the daily Vitamin D in TestoFuel. They used to recommend 600 IU/day.

      However this figure was widely discredited by a study done by the University of California, San Diego and Creighton University in 2014. You can read the excerpt here.

      Basically they’d got their sums wrong. You can also read more about Vitamin D and testosterone in our article on it. In fact, I’ve just realised we’ve done two – here’s the other. Suffice to say the amount in TestoFuel is the Vitamin D council’s recommended daily intake;


  • HACHAM ARTO 20th June 2017


    • Rob Wright 20th June 2017

      Thanks for the comment. There are lots of people who seem to get annoyed about gurantees and refunds in relation to supplements, so I decided to write a proper response and help others like you. Hopefully illuminate some other users that come this way and read this TestoFuel review.

      Before we get started, this specifically applies to TestoFuel (as this page is reviewing it) but it actually applies to just about every other supplement out there. Let’s have the next sentence in bold;

      If the guarantee on any product you buy is important to you (whether it’s a supplement or not) then read the damn terms and conditions!!

      Most angry ranters have not done that. They’ve skim read, made assumptions and then get angry about it when their assumptions are incorrect.

      I’ve had a good study of the TestoFuel terms and conditions page this afternoon (https://www.testofuel.com/terms-and-conditions/). I’ll elaborate on this for anybody that comes this way looking for information on TestoFuel and the various return policies and guarantee.

      I’m basing my interpretation on this on my experience with the supplements industry and on writing terms and conditions for other internet companies in the past;

      1. The 90 guarantee only applies if you’ve bought at least three boxes

      This I think is pretty obvious, you can’t take 90 days worth of it if you’ve only bought a 30 day supply. To fall under the 90 day guarantee you need to buy the Ultimate stack and take it for 90 days.

      2. You can get refunded for unused boxes

      Never mind the 90 day guarantee, if you buy two boxes and don’t like it in the first month you can return the other unused box and get refunded on that.

      3. You can’t return a box you’ve started using.

      This should be obvious – there is no way they can resell it. If you went into a pharmacy and bought some toothpaste you didn’t like, then came back with half a tube looking for a refund they would tell you to get lost. The supplements industry aren’t any different, they are not going to refund you for some pills in an opened box. So if you buy 2 boxes, don’t open them both and keep one in your bathroom and one in your car.

      4. You will not get your shipping cost back for any refund – 90 day guarantee or not

      This is industry standard, look at ANY refund on a supplement product, you never ever get your shipping costs refunded.

      5. The 90 day guarantee only applies to your first order

      This one is to catch anyone sneaky enough to order it every month for a year and then try and claim back a years worth of money at the end. It also applies to anyone that buys 1 box. Then buys another box. Then buys another box and then asks for their money back. If it genuinely didn’t work then why would anyone order more?

      6. You must provide empty bottles for the guarantee

      This is another rule that’s not there to be difficult but to protect the company. You see this one a lot with supplements. Take a look on ebay for supplements. People sell them there. If TestoFuel weren’t asking for the empty bottles to be returned people would just sell them on eBay and then ask for their money back.

      7. Claims must be made within 4 months

      This is to stop people deciding they need some extra Christmas money 9 months after taking TestoFuel and asking for a refund then. It clearly did work and they never asked for a refund at the time, they’ve done it much later when they needed the money.


      So ultimately a lot of these rules are designed to put off people who will act in bad faith (there are a lot of them), and people who are just unreasonable (there are a lot of them too). If you follow the rules (buy 90 days, take it every day, workout, eat well) and you still don’t think it’s done anything for you then you’ll get your money back.

      If you decide you don’t need to play by the rules then you wont. And if you don’t read the rules you’ve only yourself to blame quite frankly. This doesn’t just apply to Roar Ambition, it applies to all supplements manufacturers.

  • Stu Simpson 26th July 2017

    Ok read your review amd have bought Testofuel. This better work!!

    • Rob Wright 26th July 2017

      Ha, good man Stu. Well all I can say is it works for me, I don’t just review TestoFuel, I take it too. Feeling great at 40! Good luck with it.

    • Thunderjak 31st August 2017

      Does it work?

  • stelios 24th October 2017

    Hey Rob,
    Thanks for all the infos i needed…
    The last thing i need to know…
    I did order TestoFuel to day but i will start using it end of December …
    Is that ok by the time that i will keep the box sealed not opened?

    • Rob Wright 24th October 2017

      Good man Stelios – sounds like you are getting well prepared for a big push at the start of 2017.

      The short answer to that is yes, it will be fine. I think the expiry is a couple of years at least, I have a box on my desk expiring 2018 so it’ll definitely be OK to leave it waiting for the big new year push. You can check the bottle when it arrives, it’s printed just under the ingredients in dark letters. There’s a batch number there and the expiry date is printed just underneath that.

      Best of luck with it!



  • Gary 9th December 2017

    just got some bottles of this myself,
    Was wondering if im taking multivitamins should I stop while taking this product?

    • Rob Wright 9th December 2017

      Hi Gary,

      Really good question – I suppose the answer would depend on the Multivitamins in question and the levels of zinc, vitamin B6 and vitamin D3 they contain.

      Basically TestoFuel gives you enough D3 that you won’t need any more. There is some scope for additional zinc as TF gives you 67% of your RDA (you see loads of Test Boosters giving levels of zinc that are very too high but this isn’t one of them).

      You’ll be getting B6 of 5mg a day which is more than enough. The truth is that you’d have to be guzzling massive amounts of multivitamins to cause problems. In tests, they start to see toxicity problems at enormous intake levels, way WAY above what you’d realistically get just by taking TestoFuel and a multivitamin.

      Check this article, https://smartypantsvitamins.com/the-overdose-risks-of-vitamins-why-proper-dosage-matters/, it is talking about 50,000iu of D3 (10 times what is in TestoFuel), 300mg of B6 (60 times what is in TF) and 225mg of Zinc (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc_toxicity – 22.5 times what is in TF) being a problem.

      Hope this helps,


      • Andrew 6th May 2018

        Hi Rob,

        Is it safe to take two different types of testo boosters (example – one week testo fuel and one week prime male?) as I want to get as much testosterone into my body as humanly possible.


        • Rob Wright 8th May 2018

          Hi Andrew,

          Yes, there would be no problem alternating like that. I’d be really interested to hear how you got on with that, let us know. I saw your reply to Todd further up the page, that’s fantastic that you are getting such good results from Prime Male – good luck with this PM/TestoFuel combo, and your SA beach body mission for August!



  • Ryan 12th December 2017


    Is there a need to cycle on and off with Testofuel. A lot of the products I seem to come across say 4 weeks on and then 4 weeks off?

    Also do I need to worry about my estrogen levels while on the product?


    • Rob Wright 12th December 2017

      Hi Ryan,

      Good questions. Funnily enough I have a fresh answer as one of the guys who was reading the Prime Male article last week asked pretty much exactly the same two part question – cycling and estrogen

      Cycling – There should be no need to cycle TestoFuel. In fact they explicitly address it in their faq -> https://www.testofuel.com/uk/faq/#faqanswer8;

      Do I need to cycle / PCT TestoFuel? – A: No. It has been specifically formulated to be taken on a daily basis, continually.

      The ingredients are designed to help your body produce its own testosterone more effectively, not replace it (ie TRT, steroids or prohormones). You are right, it’s quite common to see test booster marketing material recommending cycling. It is just a massive marketing gimmick, they want customers to believe that their product is SO strong that it needs to be treated like steroids and cycled. It’s rubbish, normally it’ll be accompanied by suitably outlandish claims like ‘As powerful as steroids’, ‘Legal steroids’ etc etc.

      Estrogen – No you don’t need a full blown estrogen suppressant either for a natural test booster. We do look at estrogen suppressing ingredients when we review products (TestoFuel has vitamin B6 for example). The thing is because you are not introducing a massive spike in testosterone levels through synthetic test, you won’t get the compensatory spike in estrogen which guys on steroids will get. They need to look at serious estrogen suppressants … we don’t (thankfully).

      Natural test boosters are all about small, safe, incremental effects on the body rather than the sledgehammer of the more serious illegal stuff or TRT. That’s a good thing!!

      Hope this helps,


  • Jason 13th February 2018

    Is there anyone real out there who has taken Testofuel and gotten results? Or no results? Been contemplating buying this product for almost a year haha

    • Rob Wright 13th February 2018

      Haha – yeah, me! And Robbie Robinson 😉 . Seriously, I’m no Frank Zane but we are not recommending this product as our top pick just because we like the branding, I actually use it. Those testimonials on their website are not made up (I know the industry is absolutely terrible for doing that kind of thing so I don’t blame you for being cynical).

      The thing you’ve got the remember about Testofuel is this – they’ve sold over 100000 orders, you don’t have success like that if the thing doesn’t work. If you go on bodybuilding forums you don’t have to go far before you find some locker room ‘expert’ that says test boosters are a load of rubbish and don’t work at all. They don’t know what they are talking about, the proof is in the pudding at the end of the day!



  • Roy 12th March 2018

    Hey man was wondering if its ok to take 2 pills a day instead of the recommended 4. Trying to make the pills last every penny’s worth

    • Rob Wright 15th March 2018

      Sorry for the delay in replying Roy (system never notified me). This is a good question too. To be honest, I was doing this for a while last summer. I was doing quite a bit of running in the sunny weather (so I’d have been getting more vitamin D naturally) and also taking various multi vitamins so I decided to scale it back even though it meant reduced DAA. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend it of course, the idea is to keep the levels of the components up high. And it would mean you wouldn’t qualify for the money back guarantee either, so beware of that.

      For me though – I always go with the same rule of thumb. If it feels right, if you still feel it working … and if YOU feel good about it, then why not. It’s not like antibiotics, with a critical required dosage – if it works for you then that’s what matters. Try it and let us know!

  • Todd 14th March 2018

    As a 51 yr old who lifts regular and wishes to continue building muscle would you recommend testofuel over prime male? Or both should work equally well? Thanks.

    • Rob Wright 15th March 2018

      Ooooh – very interesting question.

      If you asked TestoFuel they tell you to take TestoFuel. And if you asked Prime Male they’d say that Prime Male was the product for you. 🙂

      I’m 41 so you are not old to me! The real difference is that the extra DAA and Magnesium in TestoFuel, coupled with the Zinc/Oyster Extract are typically nutrients/minerals taken by bodybuilders. Of course, the boron in Prime Male is an old school body building supplement (for releasing free T via SHBG inhibition) , and also TF doesn’t have Nettle Root which is also known for inhibiting SHBG.

      Hard call, Prime Male is marketed at the older ‘low T’ guys but of course that doesn’t mean it’s no use for lifters. I would still be tempted to go for TestoFuel though if I was you – maybe move onto the Prime Male when you are in your 60s 😉



    • Andrew 6th May 2018

      Hi Todd

      I can say that I have been using Prime Male for the past 4 weeks now and have noticed a massive difference in the gym and in the bedroom. I have however just bought Testo Fuel as well as I would like to try both (not together but maybe alternate) as I think that these products are going to be a big help going forward. I am excited about what I am going to achieve over the coming weeks with these tabs and hopefully should look lean and beach ready for my holiday to SA in August 🙂

  • Fabio 17th March 2018

    Hi i wonder if this could work at any age or is better used over 40+?
    i’m actually 34 doing BB 4-5 times x week pretty seriously and an High Testo level you know is a priority, considering i live a pretty stressed life and sleeping few hrs x night i wish if this could help improve my performance in some way. Tnx for your Time

    • Rob Wright 17th March 2018

      Hi Fabio,

      No, this product is aimed pretty squarely at guys exactly like you. Bodybuilders 4-5 times a week, 34 years old – you are very much in the TestoFuel bracket. Check out the testimonials on their site, it’s full of guys exactly like you. As you’ve brought up sleeping, if you read up on ZMA supplements, lots of guys report improved sleep and improved recovery time. This has Magnesium at 200mg and the combination of the Zinc and Zinc-rich Oyster Extract so you may derive more benefit from what sleep you do get.

      Good luck – hope the stress eases off, get rid of that cortisol 🙂

  • John 22nd March 2018

    Would you recommend for someone 60 I lift and exercise regular or a waste of money for my age.

    • Rob Wright 28th March 2018

      Hi John,
      I would say definitely say it is not a waste of time. My dad just turned 70, I sent him some TestoFuel last year and he really felt the benefits (he doesn’t lift any more, he cycles – he used to lift a lot back in the day though). He did say he preferred Prime Male however, I sent him a couple of bottles of that out as a birthday present. My advice would be to buy a bottle and try it out, it’s not a massive investment to trial it and see.


  • Simon 27th March 2018


    I wonder what will happen if i take the product for a certain time and then discontinue it. Will my body become dependent to TestoFuel after I took it so that my Testo Level decreases rapidly after stopping to take the pills?

    • Rob Wright 28th March 2018

      Hi Simon,

      I can see why you might think that, a course of steroids ruins the body’s own abilities to produce test and it takes ages for the body to start producing it’s own at adequate levels. I have never heard of anybody experiencing any problems like this when they stop taking a natural testosterone booster though.

      A natural booster is just a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc and is assisting your body to produce it’s own test rather than replacing it. This is why TestoFuel customer services say you don’t have to cycle it. And I agree with that, companies that sell their boosters and say it needs cycling are just trying to pull a marketing trick, implying that it is as strong as a steroid. Which of course it isn’t going to be.

      I wouldn’t worry about this, I take TestoFuel and whenever I’ve not been taking it (forgot to order it, had to wait until pay day to order it etc etc) I haven’t had any type of ‘come down’, that’s for sure 🙂



  • Ricardo T James 6th April 2018

    Was wondering if TestoFuel can help me get rid of this stubborn belly fat? I just started back at the gym a couple of weeks ago and I’ve lost some weight, but still haven’t noticed my gut shrinking.

    • Rob Wright 7th April 2018

      Hi Ricardo – There is evidence that testosterone helps shift fat – we wrote about it a while ago here Testosterone as a Fat Burner. I don’t think TestoFuel specifically talks about fat loss and test on their site (although they might in the blog), you could always use it in combination with a fat burner?



  • Greg 13th April 2018

    hi Rob – I’m 53; don’t workout, but am really not ‘out-of-shape’ either – I just want my energy & motivation back! – that I had before turning 50 . . . do you still recommend TF for me?

    • Rob Wright 18th April 2018

      Hi Greg,

      Yes, definitely. For me the ‘Low Test vs Muscle Building’ is in essence more about marketing than testosterone. Sure, there are definitely some ingredients that are more focused on one group than another. DAA, boron, zinc, magnesium are good examples for those that work out, whilst Low Test Boosters often focus heavily on libido boosting herbs and traditional medicine.

      The bottom line is that there is a massive overlap in the ingredients – you can take a ‘Low Test’ booster in your early twenties and a ‘Muscle Building’ booster in your late 60s. Test is test, if it promotes testosterone then it’ll do it whether you are 53 or 33. Go for it! 🙂



  • Royster 18th April 2018

    would you recommend to take testofuel for a person who is 22 years old.
    will this have any side effects



    • Rob Wright 18th April 2018

      Hi Royster,

      Yes, I would recommend it to a 22 year old. Not that you are likely to be suffering from age related ‘low test’ of course. The product is a great combination of vitamins and minerals which have an excellent research pedigree for improving health in a lot of areas. You could easily be vitamin D deficient at 22 for example, being young doesn’t stop that. You could benefit from any of the other ingredients in TestoFuel.

      In relation to side effects … the short answer to this is likely to be ‘No’. Although don’t believe anybody that would guarantee that as nobody can ever rule out the possibility on any given individual.

      If you look through all the reviews that we’ve done, it’s pretty rare that we single out a product as being likely to cause side effects in the test boosting categories (the fat burning categories are a different matter though!!!!).

      A combination of natural minerals, vitamins and amino acids in dosages at this level is not likely to cause any side effects whatever your age. Although, if you do experience any, then please let us know as we are always interested in individual stories and experiences.



  • Donni Williams 20th April 2018

    Protein powder,Creatine and this product can it all b tooken together..??

  • martin b 8th May 2018

    I want to use testo fuel with prime male as a stack. i am 47 and i am using genf20 for gh support.
    I used spartagen and it was not bad but i am looking for the best. i have 4 bottles of prime male and just started with it. i Always order big to keep the cost down so i can combine products.
    i can recommend genf20. i started with the 4th month. i think that if you use 1 week prime male and the other week testo fuel you will delay the effects from both.

    • Rob Wright 9th May 2018

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment – nobody has mentioned this alternating the two products at all and two guys in a week are talking about it. Careful, you’ll start a new craze ;). Let us know how this goes, it sounds interesting.


  • Nicholas Zata 19th May 2018

    Hi Rob,

    Is it safe to take this testofuel alongside Instant knockout?


    • Rob Wright 20th May 2018

      Hi Nick,

      This is a good question – short answer is that in my opinion there should be no problem there. The reason I say that is there’s no real overlap in the ingredients that would push you over your tolerance limit for any individual ingredient.

      The only ingredients that are in both supplements are Zinc and Vitamin B6. Even combined the total B6 is 10mg per day which is well under the recommended upper limit (50mg in the EU and 100mg by the FDA). Zinc is slightly different, each supplement has a 10mg daily dose but TestoFuel contains zinc rich Oyster Extract too. I’d say this still keeps you under your daily limit (you’ll see test boosters on this site with 40mg and more per day), but that would depend on your diet and how much zinc you were getting from that.

      I know a lot of guys who train go through bulking and cutting phases using both TestoFuel and Instant Knockout alternatively, there’s a big French guy on the TF testimonials page who I remember reading about, he alternated his phases. Big Pierre.

      If you try them both at the same time then let us know how you get on. Good luck, if you stick at that you should send your story and photos into them and try and get onto the testimonials pages yourself!


  • ben 2nd June 2018

    Is it okay to take ape test booster and testofuel simultaneously? 1 serving of each before the gym?

    • Rob Wright 2nd June 2018

      Hi Ben,

      I definitely wouldn’t recommend that. In some cases it’s fine to stack a test booster with other supps – creatine, protein, fat burners, pre workouts. But not another test booster, especially one where there’s such an overlap on the ingredients. Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Fenugreek, Zinc – they are all there in both products. Stick to one test booster at a time, besides anything else if you take two at once you’ve no idea which one is doing the best job.

      I have realized we’ve never reviewed Ape so I’ll get that on our list.

      Good luck,


  • Ricky 13th June 2018

    Hi just been reading all the comments on here I’m 24 years old is it worth me taking it too ?

    • Rob Wright 14th June 2018

      Hi Ricky,

      Yes, definitely. This product is in the muscle building category, it’s the Low Test category that tend to target older guys. Even if you are only 24, if you work out with a view to getting bigger and stronger then you could benefit from it. Take a look at the testimonials page (https://www.testofuel.com/our-testimonials) there are loads from guys even younger than you.

      There’s FAIZAN KHAN (really interesting one with some X-Rays), ROBBY LUNDQUIST and JOSH from USA – those are ones I’ve quickly checked with the ages quoted (they are all younger than you). But looking there are plenty from guys in their twenties, going by the photos. It’s interesting reading, take 10 minutes to flick through them :).



  • Keith 26th June 2018

    Does this really work I have tried many and have no result with any of them. Looking for stamina, libido and help to lasting longer for the Misses.

    • Rob Wright 26th June 2018

      Hi Keith,

      Well you can see from all the customers and testimonials that it delivers the first two. It definitely isn’t going to make you last longer in the sack though, or vastly improve your swordsmanship skills.

      Well … it didn’t for me at any rate 😉 . Try sinking a good few beers beforehand and think about your mother-in-law standing in her dressing gown and rollers giving you a hard time about the state of the garden hedge. That should keep the wolf from the door.

      Cheers, and good luck!


  • Ken Rowbotham 6th July 2018

    Good afternoon,

    Wondering how long you really need to be taking this to get the full effect from this supplement.

    Don’t really want to be taking it for a year straight… $$$, however I don’t want to buy 1 bottle and be a total waste of time, $$$ and effort.


    • Rob Wright 6th July 2018

      Hi Ken,

      This really is a good question – they say you’ve got to take it for at least a month. That’s why no test booster manufacturer really does a bottle that lasts under a month, and it’s also why you never see test booster samples being offered in the same way you see pre-workouts. Try a month.

      If you are deficient in any of the minerals/vitamins in it you are likely to get a pretty quick ‘feel good’ boost, lots of guys do. Once you are topped up, if you spend a month taking it and hitting the gym, eating well etc then I’d be pretty surprised if you are not glad you did it at the end. You could then either kick on with a bigger purchase to get the extra box or free shipping, or buy another single box.

      Good luck with it!


  • Jan 11th July 2018

    Mother of a supplement user.
    Noted tightening of muscle, but in ability to eat as much as usual?
    No noted side effects?
    Any comments welcomed.

  • wassim 27th July 2018

    i am 33 and i feel like i reached a point where i can not lift more than the current weight i use to lift and i am not getting more muscle despite i exercise regularly and i eat clean. is Testo fuel helpful in this stage to lift more and get more muscle?

    • Rob Wright 27th July 2018

      Hi Wassim,

      Sounds like you’ve hit a plateau. This is the point where loads of guys that have never thought of supplementing beyond protein and pre-workouts start Googling test boosters. Best thing I can do is point you in the direction of some of the guys on the TestoFuel testimonials section who have been in the exact same position as you, you should read their stories;

      Jake Marquette

      Robby Lunquist, USA

      Cody, USA

      Hope this helps you!


  • Alexander 8th August 2018

    Good day to all

    I’m 43 y.o. and I took TF for one month 4 pills daily and my conclusions are:
    aa/ I have very good testosterone level rising. I made blood researches before starting and after finishing
    bb/ I training heavy 4-5 times per week and I got additional good strength and lifting weight. Still I can not say anything 100% about stamina increasing, but there is so so. About body fat reducing, maybe if you take some fat burner as Instant Knockout or something else, it should work. Especially TF + IK as per Roar Ambitious consultant working great. IK before eating and after training; and TF after eating and before training. And in the end I will recomend TF as expensive, but really excellent product for any man in good health condition

    P.S. Sorry Rob for my invasion in your area

    • Rob Wright 9th August 2018

      Haha, no problem Alexander, glad to have you invading ;). Seriously, I love feedback like this – thanks for taking the time to write us.

      So it sounds like you actually got blood work results done and saw improvement in Testosterone levels after taking it for just one month? I’d love to see the results if you know he numbers. Or if you want to take a couple of photos of the results you can email them to [email protected] and I will add them into your comment!



  • Brandon Stephenson 21st September 2018

    I am 43 years old. I also only have one testicle as a result of testicular cancer in 1999 and have struggled with below average testosterone levels through the years. I have really been “struggling” the last 6 years or so to really perform physically and to get the results I believe I deserve. I read about Testo Fuel and decided to try it. I have been using it for a month now. About 2 weeks in I started feeling more energetic. About 3 weeks in I suddenly had an insane amount of strength in the gym and I am pushing weights that I never thought I could possibly do. I also do more sets. I wake up in a good mood in the mornings and I definitely feel less “stressed” at work. Another notable change is my sex drive has climbed dramatically and my performance is a lot better. I have just ordered another 4 boxes ! This product works !

    • Rob Wright 21st September 2018

      Hi Brandon,

      That is awesome, thanks for letting us know. I’m really glad it’s working out for you – a four month supply means you will be going into 2018 feeling 33 rather than 43. It’s a great story, you should get in touch with the TestoFuel team and do a testimonial, get your next boxes free. Here’s the link -> https://www.testofuel.com/tf/submit-a-testimonial/ . Remember to take your ‘Before’ picture so your ‘After’ picture with all the ‘gainz’ looks all the more impressive! 😉


  • Sal 22nd September 2018

    I saw you say Testofuel don’t ship to Mexico. Looks like they so now, you should update.

  • Rudolf 23rd October 2018


    Seems u guys don’t Deliver to South Africa ?
    ”Sorry, we do not currently offer shipping to the country you have selected.”

    Can u guys maybe fix this .. ?

    • Rob Wright 24th October 2018

      Hi Rudolf,

      Sorry, this is just a review, nothing I can do I’m afraid! I know they started shipping to Mexico recently so maybe they are looking at sending to countries that have previously been a problem (unfortunately S.A. is a problem – by which I mean packages just don’t get delivered to the destination, they routinely ‘go missing’).

      I notice you’ve got a Jo’burg IP, you could get it sent to a friend in Swaziland or Lesotho, both of those are still live on the TestoFuel website. Just an idea!


  • Tom Tullos 3rd November 2018

    Hi, I’m on the downward side to 48 have had low T levels for the better part of my 40’s. I have done the Androgel patch, compounding pharmacy TRT, and now testosterone cypionate injection twice a month. Still with lower T levels than I want, can I combine the Testofuel with my current injection or should I go of the injection and concentrate on the T fuel?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

    • Rob Wright 6th November 2018

      Hi Tom,

      Wow – very interesting. Nobody has ever asked that on the site before … and the honest answer is that I don’t know. I’m almost certain that there’d be no problem combining them from a safety point of view – but as always, when combining medication with supplements I’d recommend seeking guidance from your doctor. It’s whether it’d do anything for your test levels – at the end of the day any natural test booster is designed to get your body generating it’s own testosterone. It’s not going to be as potent as actual synthetic test and TestoFuel is no different there.

      On the flip-side though – you’ve tried everything else from a TRT point of view it seems. I’d love to know your take on the pros and cons of the TRT methods you’ve tried. You are now an official TRT expert!

      If your doctor OKs it from a safety perspective I think it’s worth giving it a go. I have seen plenty of reports from guys who hated TRT getting great results from natural supplements. I tell you what, if it does work for you you must get in touch with TestoFuel’s customer service team and let them know, they will love this story if it works out. And let us know too of course!

      Thanks and keep us up to date!


  • Dave 23rd February 2019

    Hi Tirumal,
    I am 65 (but look much younger) and still work out regularly. However my main problem has been BPH & Libido, not muscle gain. I have tried both TestoFuel and Prime Male. For my age group Prime Male is recommend however it had no noticeable effect on me. On the other hand TestoFuel has helped me significantly with both. When I don’t take TestoFuel for a few days, my Libido decreases and my difficulty urinating increases. It is also likely helping my muscle growth. I recommend you try them separately first to see if they are having any effect on you.

  • Nico 7th March 2019

    Took TestoFuel for 4 months and had great results in strength and leanness. Took a 2-3 month break and noticed the difference.

    Wrapping up my second 4 months right now but some bloodwork I got done a couple weeks ago shows my free test is at the low end of the normal range (72, normal range is 47-244)

    My question is whether the bloodwork is indicative of TestoFuel’s efficacy? I feel and notice the ‘real-world’ results but the lab work has me worried. I don’t have a baseline number for my test prior to using testofuel so my theory is that I had very low test to begin with and testofuel has helped me get to normal levels.


    • Rob Wright 8th March 2019

      Hi Nico,

      Thanks for the comment. That is really interesting. You’re right of course, without having a baseline level we have no idea whether the test levels have gone up or down, just that you are feeling better when you are using TestoFuel.

      I have actually been doing a bit of work and research on this recently, we covered the ways of getting your test tested (for those that don’t get it through their medical plans) a few years ago and the options were pretty grim and unreliable at the time. That’s all changed, high quality lab testing for Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone is much more widely available and affordable now. So I expect a lot more guys to start getting tested.

      The truth is there are loads of reasons why TestoFuel could be making you feel better. It is one of the few boosters with 5000IUs of vitamin D, I see from your IP address you are in Virginia, it could easily be vitamin D deficiency over the winter. But magnesium or vitamin B6 deficiency would also affect your mood and make you feel low. It could be that too.

      Only way to tell for sure if your test goes up is to do another course now you have a baseline level 😉 Thanks again for your comment, much appreciated. Come back and update us when you next get it checked.


  • JOE MA'MA 11th March 2019

    IS there any estrogen blockers that are needed to be taken with testofuel. Im an avid body builder. Will I be able to gain mass from taking this product.

    • Rob Wright 12th March 2019

      Hi Joe,

      The best answer to that question is the TestoFuel testimonial page – it’s full of guys who have taken it to gain mass and seen serious results. A spread of ages and body types. If you take it, look after yourself and you’re serious in the gym then I’d expect you to put on lean mass.

      As for the estrogen question, they have a section on that on their blog. The answer is no. Natural test boosters are not steroids, when manufacturers claim they should be cycled, or need estrogen blockers/PCT it’s total marketing BS. TestoFuel does include vitamin B6 which is known to inhibit estrogen, here’s one example. Imo, you don’t need a seperate estrogen blocker.

      Good luck with the muscle building Joe, keep making those Gainz 🙂


  • Tirumal 7th April 2019

    Hi Rob,
    I read your reviews on Testofuel & Prime Male. They are good articles. I am 40 and regularly do workout since an year. I wanted to build muscle and read testosterone will help reaching my goals.I am a vegetarian for 4 days a week, hence planning to take Prime male on Veg days and TestoFuel on other 3 days. Does it will have any negative impact on health with this method? Will the gains be same? Appreciate your thoughts on this.


    • Rob Wright 8th April 2019

      Hi Tirumal,

      Wow, that’s an interesting idea. First time I’ve heard of anybody doing that. Just out of interest, is the 4 vegetarian days a week part of a special diet you are on? Wondering what the reasoning is surrounding that.

      You are right, one of the main disadvantages of TestoFuel is that it is not vegetarian friendly. That’s not just because it contains Oyster Extract though, the capsules are made from gelatin – same for Prime Male, so technically it’s not vegetarian friendly either. Although I have this nagging suspicion from somewhere that they were changing things so that they used plant caps (vegetarian friendly) instead rather than gelatin. You should contact their customer services to check that. I do know quite a lot of vegetarians just cut open the capsules and discard them but that’s a hassle, and the powder tastes awful too on it’s own.

      You might have to do a bit of digging for a full blown veggie friendly test booster. Unlike fat burners and pre-workouts, test boosters seem to have neglected vegetarians a bit.

      Hope this helps a bit! Thanks,

  • Austin Smith 17th April 2019

    One man got permanent kidney damage from taking 8,000-12,000 iu of vitamin D for 2 years. Would you still be ok with 5,000 iu of vitamin D? I understand there could’ve been other contributing factors such as the sun or his body weight. Thanks

    • Rob Wright 17th April 2019

      Hi Austin,

      Agreed, that is far too much vitamin D3 to be taking on an ongoing basis. Those kind of doses are prescribed by doctors in the short term for conditions like anemia. I’ve also heard of athletes taking high doses like this in the short term, but I wouldn’t take it myself. The RDA on D3 has recently been increased, they’ve had it wrong for a long time.

      5000IUs a day is right at the top end of what’s sensible to have in a supplement, I wouldn’t take any more than that personally. There’s a good table in this article. If I was also getting a lot of sun (with no sun cream) then I’d consider reducing my dose. Mind you, if I was getting a lot of sun with no sun cream I’d be more concerned about skin cancer than renal failure, but that’s just me.



    • Rob Wright 17th April 2019

      Hi Austin,

      Your comment prompted me to improve our article on Vitamin D3 as there is quite a lot of confusion about it generally. We’ve tried to make it as informative as possible, and there is a section at the bottom talking about dosages and risks. https://fmsguru.com/tboosting-ingredients/vitamin-d/


  • Ay 21st June 2019

    Can I stack this with Tribulus Terrestris? Thank you?

    • Rob Wright 21st June 2019

      Hi Ay,

      Yes, absolutely. We are normally pretty scathing of Trib in a test boosting sense, it’s only really a worthwhile addition for libido – I take it that’s why you’d want to augment TestoFuel with it? If it’s just for pure test boosting reasons I wouldn’t bother if I was you.