• Positive

    • Good amount of Fenugreek
    • All natural
    • Cheap price
  • Negative

    • Uses proprietary blend
    • Many under dosed choices
    • Missing plenty of key ingredients
    • Mixed reviews
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 4.8/10

With testosterone dropping about by 1% a year after 30, it’s a relief to know natural boosters can help.  The latest of these promising to ride to our rescue is Ultra T Gold from supplement company Ageless.

It aims to help with most things you might struggle with or worry about as you age.  There’s help for free T levels as well as libido and sexual performance.  Brilliant in theory but what about in reality?

Ultra T Gold

One thing we’ve got to flag up before we start is, apart from one thing, Ultra T God uses a proprietary blend.  No doses for us then, just names and a total volume of the mix.  Annoying, but we’ll do the best with the info we’ve got.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Tribulus Terrestris alledgedly to boost T
  • Fenugreek supports T by controlling blood sugar
  • Asian Ginseng for blood flow and libido
  • Beta-sitosterol to help free T
  • L-Arginine to stimulate blood flow

We’ll put these claims under the microscope in a second, after the scores

The Scores

Ultra T Gold

There are 3 solid ingredients in Ultra T Gold, but we’re only sure of a decent dose with 1.  Fenugreek is strong, but beta-sitosterol and ginseng have to fight it out for a tiny 100mg with duds like Tribulus Terrestris.  Saw Palmetto and Astragalus do have benefits for guys of a certain age but they’re not T boosters. So this formula could be much better.


Ultra T Gold is sold in many places so it’s possible to shop around and get it for a pretty low price.  Value for money isn’t the same thing though.  There are better budget boosters out there for sure.  But it does have a couple of pluses, so if you’ve got low funds and low expectations you could give it a try.


Nothing in Ultra T Gold is dangerous, but we’ve got serious problems here anyway.  Hiding dosages from users is never the best start, but then claiming 100mg of 6 ingredients combined (a few of which don’t help T at all) will get results is out of order.


There’s no testimonials on the Ageless Foundation website, so we scouted round the sites where customers left reviews.  Feedback is extremely mixed.  It ranges from people saying Ultra T Gold definitely helps with energy to one guy saying it made him sick to his stomach.  More common is people who found no effect at all.


Ageless Foundation are health and beauty company based in Miami, Florida since 2005.  Despite being around for over 10 years they still have only a small range. These include Ultra Derm, for younger skin, Ultra Flex for joints, and Ultra Max for general vitality.  We couldn’t find any serious complaints against Ageless Foundation, but then again it was hard to dig up any info at all to be frank.

How Do I Take It?

Users are told to take one serving of 2 caps on an empty stomach with water.

Even forgetting the problems with Ultra T Gold’s formula, this serving schedule isn’t great.  A single serving to sustain your T for up to 24 hours is really pushing believability.

So far better to find supplement that uses 3-4 servings a day.  This keeps active ingredients topped up and even all day.

Side Effects?

We wouldn’t expect side effects based on this formula.  A few users have reported sickness, this is likely the fenugreek, which in rare cases can cause upset.

Where Can I Ultra T Gold?

Customers can find Ultra T Gold for $25 at Bodybuilding.com in the U.S.  In the U.K you can find it at iHerb.com for £22.

Ultra T Gold Ingredients – In Detail

Testofen (Fenugreek)

Fenugreek seeds are still widely used in cuisine and can help our T in a couple of ways.  Not only does it appear to straight out stimulate the hormone, it also helps control blood sugar levels.  This in turn regulates insulin, which if unbalanced, hurts T.  A 600mg dose with 50% active ingredient is still a solid amount.


So now we’re in to the Male Wellness Blend, amazingly has all these ingredients sharing just 100mg.

Saw Palmetto

Won’t do anything for your T, but in small studies it’s shown positive effects on prostate health and erections.  Larger trials are less impressive though.



There is evidence it boosts immunity and lowers inflammation.  This a T booster though remember, and there’s no help here.



Beta-Sitosterol is the key here. Up to 60% of the T in our body can by tied up by the protein SHBG and unusable. Beta-sitosterol lowers SHBG and frees up more T for use.  Getting just a faction of 100mg though, we can’t say it’ll be much help.


Asian Ginseng

If wasn’t for the fact that everything in this blend is scrapping over 100mg, we’d say it was on a bit of a roll.  Asian (as opposed to American) ginseng can help both blood flow and libido. Or would do if there was more here.

It also works in a similar way to fenugreek, controlling blood sugars to indirectly support T.


Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus was once sold as a great T booster, but studies prove it does nothing for it.  It may give a very slight boost to sex drive, but that’s really it.  So this is a total waste in booster that can’t really afford to waste what little it has.



L-Arginine is an amino acid which can raise blood flow, but isn’t easily absorbed by the body.  For this reason it needs big amounts and oral supplements often don’t work as well. So we’d consider this another poor choice.


Anything Missing?

You could make a whole new T booster out of what’s missing here. A good one too. Vitamin D3, D-Aspartic Acid, boron and many more are missing.

Older guys have rising levels of estrogen. This needs to be dealt with if your going to reach peak T. Vitamin B6 and luteolin would be good adds, but there’s almost nothing here.


Fenugreek helps T but it can’t do the job on it’s own. It’s the only choice that we know is here in good numbers, everything is either under researched or under dosed.

Despite it’s name, Ultra T Gold doesn’t come close to being the best option for age related T loss. Gold? It doesn’t even deserve bronze.