• Positive

    • From a reputable company
    • Not overly expensive
    • Contains a couple of proven ingredients
    • Widely available
  • Negative

    • Contains mostly unproven ingredients
    • Underdosing of solid ingredients
    • Few ingredients in formula
    • Not easy to find positive testimonials
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall Score: 5/10

A new testosterone booster from a company as well-known as USN is always going to be worth a look. 17 Testo is the latest supplement added to their ‘Core Series.’

It boasts a ‘Multi-Phase Triple Impact’ which as far as we can see consists of its promises to;

  • Boost lean mass
  • Increase performance
  • Build strength

We decided to investigate a little further and see just what 17-Testo has to offer.

17 Testo

How Does It Work?

The majority of these ingredients are part of a 1000mg proprietary blend, meaning we won’t be able to say for sure how much of each there is. This is frustrating because active doses often hold the key to overall effectiveness, but let’s examine what’s in there anyway.

At a Glance – the solid ingredients

  • Mucuna Pruriens to boost testosterone and inhibits cortisol
  • Effective testosterone promotion and SHGB control wih Boron

The Scores

USN 17 Testo

All these components show at least some promise as a testosterone booster but too many aren’t conclusively proven. The strongest inclusions are either under dosed, as with the boron or have question mark over the amounts, as with the Mucuna Pruriens.


$40 is about midrange for boosters. A product from a reputable company like USN would normally be worth a try, but we simply don’t see enough solid evidence here to justify that tag.


Nothing in this supplement is dangerous or irresponsible but a lot of the ingredients are still up for debate and the use of proprietary blends denies the user full clarity.


There is no testimonial section on the USN website, simply customer reviews, which as you expect are largely positive. There are currently no reviews on Bodybuilding.com so useful objectivity is hard to come by.


USN are a South African based supplement company whose reputation, popularity and product range has grown over the years to cover a worldwide audience and all aspects of workout enhancement. We can’t really fault them apart from a fondness for proprietary blends.

How Do I Take It?

The instructions say one serving a day consisting of 3 capsules. 3 is a good number but ideally we’d much prefer to see them divided up evenly throughout the day to keep any testosterone boosting effects working consistently.

17 testo Side Effects?

We wouldn’t expect you to experience any serious side effects based on this formula. As noted, this is with the possible exception of the Burdock Extract, which has been linked to dermatitis. However this is only when it makes contact with the skin, which is obviously unlikely given that 17-Testo is taken orally.

Where Can I Get It?

17-Testo is easily accessible online from reputable stores like Bodybuilding.com, where it is currently priced at $39.99 for 90 capsules making up a one month supply.

17 Testo Ingredients – In Detail

Eurycoma Longifolia

Otherwise known as Longjack, this ingredients is often pitched as a male fertility aid. It’s clinical track record for boosting testosterone levels is pretty poor, but it has shown an ability to stimulate sex drive and improve erection strength in past studies, so you can never write this choice off completely.

Mucuna Pruriens

This bean is a great choice. Known to increase levels of free testosterone (the amount available for the body to use in muscle building), it’s also a fantastic source of L-Dopa, a natural chemical which increases the amount of overall testosterone and human growth hormone. It can limit cortisol levels, a stress hormone terrible for the healthy production of testosterone. The only real problem in this case is because it’s part of a proprietary blend we don’t know if there is a large enough supply here to be effective.

Burdock Extract

Burdock extract can certainly lay claim to helping male hormone levels, several studies have seen it cause them to rise; however these trials have thus far been conducted on rats and there is some suggestion that supplementing it over and above the small amounts that occur naturally in food may cause skin problems.

Massularia Accuminata Extract

An ingredient with an anecdotal reputation as an aphrodisiac based largely on its use in traditional African medicine. Human clinical studies supporting this are hard to come by so technically we would still class this as unproven.

Peaderia Foetida Extract

Another speculative choice. It has been suggested Peaderia Foetida may raise testosterone levels based on one or two studies, but as we say this is a long way from being conclusively proven.


Boron can do wonders for your testosterone levels when supplemented at the correct level. The good news is boron is one of the few components given a specific amount on the label, the bad news is 17-Testo’s 0.2mg on offer here is far below the 5 to 10mg seen to improve hormone output in multiple studies. A prime example of why we need all the facts as far as doses.


From a company as big and well-established as USN, 17-Testo is a surprising let down.

You’re just being asked to take a chance on too many as yet unproven ingredients.

At $40 dollars a pop that’s a pretty expensive gamble, especially in a crowded marketplace where you have a wealth of rival options. We think you’d be far better to save your cash for a sure thing.