Contenders ready!

Welcome all to another Battle Royale with Larry Leroux and beside me as always, Chase Gains. Tonight we've got a challenger with evil intentions as EVL Test from EVL Nutrition attempts to dethrone TestoFuel by Roar Ambition.
Big night Larry. Which test will pass the test test...test...test?



TestoFuel’s formula is laser focused. A good foundation of ZMA is fleshed out with active levels of vitamin D3 and D-Aspartic Acid. Fenugreek and ginseng will do a good job of balancing your blood sugars while helping to put some natural fire in your loins and vitamin B6 will successfully keep your estrogen levels in check. The required 4 servings will sustain these effects all day too. Always worth noting though it contains oyster extract, so if you’re allergic, this is not for you.

TestoFuel always comes into these nights in great shape, doesn't it, Chase?
Two words Larry: Yes. The TestoFuel team have done their homework. They know exactly what works and what doesn't. No dead weight.

EVL Test

Like TestoFuel, EVL Test has a solid base of ZMA and although not as much D-AA, still enough to possibly get T moving. The same can’t be said for the vitamin D3, which is included but seriously under dosed. The worst choice though is Tribulus Terrestris, a brief has-been T boosting favorite which clinical trials have since debunked. A real waste. Again though good levels of B6 to control estrogen and DIM to help also, although the research isn’t as convincing there. Not bad then, but at just a single serving before bed, tough to see how this will help T when you need it most.

A decent effort, Chase. Just a little short on power in spots and that Tribulus is very much EVL Test's Ringo, wouldn't you say?
Harsh on Ringo, Larry. He's a very underrated drummer in my opinion. Trib is more like: John, Paul, George and a drummer with no arms, Larry



$65/£39 may seem like a big ask for a supplement and it is, but it’s only because we’re confident that you’ll make similarly big strides with a booster of this quality that we’re giving it a passing grade on value. If you can budget for TestoFuel as part of your workout regime it is definitely worth it.

EVL Test

While EVL Test doesn’t quite match TestoFuel’s quality in the formula department, at around $30/£20 it seriously undercuts it price wise. But that drop in cost is probably fair for a product which is decent but still a little rough round the edges like this. On balance then it probably is good value.

Close round, Chase. From here it looked like both competitors giving fans value for money.
Tough to split them, Larry. TestoFuel displaying the better quality, but EVL Test hung in there that round for sure



TestoFuel does everything it can to put your mind at rest as far as making a purchase. It’s made in a cGMP fit environment and you have a free 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your buy. Even before you commit to anything there are a wealth of detailed testimonials from guys of all ages and stages of fitness. They provide full names, written statments, before and after pictuers and stats as well as in some cases videos.

EVL Test

EVL Test can also boast the thumbs up from cGMP inspectors and Evlution Nutrition is too high profile and successful a company to be any kind of money making scam. However the inclusion of Tribulus as an active worthwhile hormone booster makes us raise an eyebrow at the very least. The company also seem to only issue refunds for products damaged in transit so you best be sure before you buy. Makers also make are content to let retail reviews speak for their product, which isn’t great as these lack depth and credibility.

You can't beat the focus of a long form testimonial for putting your mind at rest Chase. It's hard to take Amazon feedback seriously at times.
I dunno Larry, I'm proud of my pop-up exercise book, 'Pop-up Sit-ups' 5 star review. Both those sales seemed legit



Unlike a lot of boosters, you’ll only find TestoFuel on the offical website and there’s an upside and a downside to that. Bad news first, the price you see is the price you get, no comparing round other retailers for a better price. The upside on the other hand is the product you see is the product you get, no knockoff products from dodgy sites. TestoFuel also ships from the U.S & U.K worldwide, meaning no matter where you are you can get your hands on it with not too long a wait. Any questions the Roar Ambition team are easy to get in touch with via email.

EVL Test

EVL Test is available from a number of online retailers, including Amazon and, so in this case it pays (or saves) to shop around. Though they have an official homepage, to make a purchase you are directed to Amazon and buy through them. This is positive because it means it’s likely to be available all the places a big online store like that operates (though while writing this it was unavailable from Amazon UK) but also means one more party to deal with if there’s an issue. You can however reach EVL Nutrition by leaving a message and your contact details on their site.

Well it looked a like there might be an upset on the cards in round 2 there, Chase, but TestoFuel came away comfortably in the end.
That's right, Larry. EVL didn't disgrace itself and it might do well in the Budget Division, but that extra quality from TestoFuel was enough to put it over the top tonight

Winner: TestoFuel

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