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Welcome along everybody to another exciting T booster Battle Royale! With you as always is Larry Leroux and Chase Gains, as Status from Blue Star Nutraceuticals tests its mettle against TestoFuel from Roar Ambition.
Status, Larry, but what Status? Champion Status?



TestoFuel’s biggest asset probably is the strength of the formula. Levels of vitamin D3, D-Aspartic Acid and ZMA are all well-judged enough to make a positive difference to the amount of male hormone your body produces. Solid volumes of fenugreek and panax ginseng will also help to balance blood sugars and fire your libido, while vitamin B6 successfully controls estrogen output. 4 servings a day ensures active ingredients put in a full shift. Remember though it contains oyster extract so if allergies are a problem give it a pass.

Everything seems accounted for, Chase. Just by looking at it though, is there anything you'd improve?
Orange and blue is pretty last season, Larry.


Status isn’t half bad in places. A solid amount of ZMA (although the magnesium may be a little too high), plus it has similar levels of B6 to control estrogen. Fenugreek also features, though not as strongly, with only a third of what’s in TestoFuel One of the largest doses is reserved for Ashwagandha, an adaptogen which helps the body deal with stress like exercise, in theory letting you work out for longer. But there’s no D-AA or vitamin D3 which is a weakness. What there is though is XD delivery technology; a small proprietary blend of ingredients designed to help the booster take effect quicker. Just 1 serving a day though.

What about this XD Delivery Technology, Chase? Convinced?
Not really Larry. The right amounts of the right stuff and your natural metabolism will do just fine on its own. Status needs improve what it's delivering, not how it's delivered.



No question TestoFuel’s price tag of $65/£35 is towards the higher end of the market, but crucially this section is value. If a booster is asking for a fairly big financial commitment then it better be capable of producing some fairly big results. In this case, based on the quality of the formula, we’d say TestoFuel has every chance of doing that so is good value for money. (Would be nice to see a wee price drop in future though.)


Status may be missing a few of TestoFuel’s key ingredients but it’s certainly not missing any of its confidence. At $69/£53 it’s actually more expensive than TestoFuel, but whereas the strong recipe was enough to make that worth it, with Status, a high price for a product that needs some improvement might be a good reason to look elsewhere for your natural boosting needs.

Two competitors asking the big bucks here, Chase.
You said it Larry. But if they're going to be at the top of our budget then they need to be at the top of their game. For me that's TestoFuel.



TestoFuel really doesn’t give you much reason not to trust it. As far as safety goes it’s produced in line with cGMP regulations and any questions about performance are addressed in the testimonial section on the website. There’s plenty of detail there from varied users who provide written statements, their full name, stats, before and after pictures and in some case video. Plus if you aren’t satisfied with this booster after you’ve bought it, there’s a free 90 day money back promise.


Status also complies with cGMP regulations but there is one thing that gives us slight cause for concern. This formula contains 450mg of magnesium, 100mg over the RDA for men. That means there’s a chance of side effects with long term use. As far as reassuring you on quality Status let’s user feedback on retail sites do most of the talking. These are of limited help though because they’re often light on author and product detail. To be fair if you buy from the official site and are not convinced you have 60 days to get your money back.

Magnesium is like Ben & Jerry's Larry. It's great, but too much of it too often can make you sick.
Other ice creams are available, Chase.



Like other Roar Ambition products, TestoFuel is only available from the official website. That means no real chance to bring down costs by shopping around, but has some pretty important upsides. For example you always know exactly what you’re getting, where it’s coming from and who to contact if there’s a problem. TestoFuel ships from the U.S and U.K to locations all over the world so it’s simple enough to get your hands on. As are the team, via email if you have a query.


Status is available from a number of big retailers so there’s every chance you’ll be able to take the edge off that hefty price tag. If you buy from the official site though it ships only from the U.S, U.K, Italy, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia with a $10-15 flat rate shipping fee. Any problems and there is a U.S phone number to reach the team.

In my eyes TestoFuel racks up another victory tonight, Larry
Looks that way partner. If we didn't know exactly which Status before, Chase, we do now: runner up.

Winner: TestoFuel

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