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Hello everyone, I'm Larry Leroux and this is Chase Gains. It's T for two and two for T tonight as TestoFuel from Roar Ambition and TestoTek from TekNaturals do battle!
TestoFuel's a big name in the natural booster game, Larry. Interesting to see if TestoTek can muscle in on its success.



TestoFuel does not mess about. Solid levels of ZMA provide a foundation for healthy T production, while high levels of D-Aspartic Acid and vitamin D3 work to naturally stimulate higher t. The vitamin B6 here keeps your estrogen in check, leaving extras such as fenugreek and ginseng to balance your blood sugars boost libido. 4 servings a day makes certain it’ll be working on you as long as you need it too. One drawback, it contains oyster extract so isn’t suitable if you’ve got a shell fish allergy.

What a booster Chase. That's got me feeling like I could use a boost right now.
That tie looks great on you, Larry.


At first glance TestoTek is suspiciously similar to TestoFuel, but a few small changes make a big difference. Again there’s D-AA and vitamin D3 but not in big enough doses to influence T. In other places they seem to have gone too far. There are much higher levels of total zinc here. Too high. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. The amount of vitamin B6 could also cause side effects in the long term. These problems undercut other good ingredient picks and useful serving schedule.

Not so similar after all then, partner
Not at all Larry. If these are twin formulas, then TestoFuel is Schwarzenegger, TestoTek's DeVito



The price of TestoFuel is an area where you could argue there is a little wiggle room. $65/£39 isn’t exactly nothing. In an ideal world we’d like to see that come down a little. But if you think of it purely in terms of value, because TestoFuel is such a strong all round product, there’s a serious upside to making the commitment if you can.


TestoTek is actually more expensive than TestoFuel. Maybe it’s because they appear so closely matched at first, TestoTek think they can get away with the high price. But as we’ve seen there are real issues with the formula so it’s not worth it in our opinion. High price, poor value.

For me, there's only one of these competitors worthy of that kind of cash Larry. TestoFuel. TestoTek is more expensive but has more issues
As a favourite poet of mine once said Chase: Mo money, mo problems

Winner: TestoFuel

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