Testosterone is the fuel that lights our fire in the bedroom, everyone knows that.  Levels of the stuff are the single biggest deciding factor when it comes to the strength of your libido and quality of your performance.

What’s less well known, says a new study, is that high amounts of testosterone may be a reason guys prefer to go straight to sleep after the action, rather than do any post-game analysis or pillow talk.

A team from The University of Connecticut tested saliva samples from just over 250 people to find out their testosterone levels, then asked them to keep an online sex diary.  The diary was to include things like, the kind of sex they had (‘anything below the waist’), whether they orgasmed or not and any chat that happened with their partners afterwards.

So y’know, nothing TOO personal going on the internet then, just the kind of general thing you’d chat to your barber about.

Okay, so this might just sound like a bunch of geeks too cheap to spring for mags like the rest of us, but the official story, which the researchers are sticking to, is that by comparing diary entries with hormone levels they were able to spot a pattern.

Guys with a higher testosterone typically considered having a conversation after sex to be riskier and more worth avoiding than those with lower amounts.

As a result those with high male hormone spoke less to their partners post-nookie.  If they did it was rarely about anything really personal and there was a much greater chance of it being something negative.

But why did they need to know who orgasmed?  That sounds like someone just getting their jollies, right?  Well, no actually. The link between testosterone levels and pillow talk was only seen if the person had failed to orgasm.  Subjects who had climaxed behaved more like those with lower T levels, i.e. were more relaxed and talkative.

These findings were reported in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.  One of the team had this to say,

“Not only does the current study contribute to researchers’ theoretical understanding of sexual communication, privacy boundaries, and biology, but it could also have broader practical implications for romantic relationships.”

Alright, we believe you pal, millions wouldn’t but we will.

For what it’s worth, if you are the sort of guy whose eyes are shut before the legs are, you shouldn’t feel too bad.  One of the worst things for testosterone is lack of sleep so, by sleeping straight away all you’re doing is topping up your T for round two, which will be something you can both enjoy.

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