Humanity feeling the heat

I see it there are two great crises facing the survival of the human race.

They may seem quite different, but in a way they’re similar problems. The first is climate change, caused by global warming. The second is male infertility, caused – at least in part – by warming globes.

We’ll leave the first of these challenges to the many brave eco warriors out there. Male fertility is kind of our wheelhouse, so let’s take a look at the latest tool in the battle for improved male fertility.

It’s a little more complicated than just temperature, but generally speaking, sperm is at its healthiest and most mobile when kept cool. If your testicles are too warm, your swim team get sluggishn’t do as much.

But how can you ensure the lads in your gonads don’t overheat? Especially if you don’t live in a nudist colony. Or you don’t want to end up on some weird register. Or your flat mates have told you that if you ever do that to the fridge again you’re out.

Well the answer might lie in new underwear specially designed to keep the temperature of your down lows down low. The The Snowballs

Wait, what fertility crisis?

A recent overview found that over 40 year period, from 1973 to 2011, average sperm count in men from the U.S, Europe and Australia has nosedived. Specifically there had been a 52% drop in sperm concentration and a 59% lowering of sperm mobility.

The World Health Organisation now estimates that around 1 in every 4 couples will still not have conceived after five years of trying. Now while it’s true fertility problems can stem from either partner a 2010 study of 45 million couples makes tough reading for guys who think fertility is a mostly female issue.

Researchers found that in cases of infertility the man was solely responsible in 30% of cases and at least partially responsible in 50% percent of cases.

You better tell me about these pants then

So, back to the frozo pants. Your testicles are naturally kept away from the body because the function best when cooler. About 4 degrees lower than body temperature to be precise. The Snowballs underwear is designed to ensure they consistently stay that way.

Each pair is equipped with an removable ergonomic frozen wedge, which to paraphrase Kenny Loggins, goes right into the danger zone.

The hope is they will keep your baby factories suitably air conditioned, increase the chances of being able to start a family.

Hopefully the exact temperature has been judged to increase your chances of having kids without shrinking what you use to make them. Also fingers crossed there’s some safeguards in place against meltage. Nobody, but nobody, is buying “It’s not what it looks like, my removable ergonomic frozen nut wedge must have melted.”

Um, any other alternatives?

If you don’t fancy ending up with more icicles than pubes there are other steps you can take to stay fertile.

The truth is that scientists haven’t really pinpointed exactly why it is that our sperm is slacking off suddenly. As far as reasons, the front runners include: poorer lifestyle, worse diet, air pollution, some newer medications and ill-fitting underwear.

It all revolves around making the most of our T. We might not be 100% sure of the issue, but it stands to reason that naturally upping a hormone essential for making healthy sperm and stimulating strong libido will help. You’ll be improving your chances on two fronts, quality and quantity.

It’s best to keep things completely natural though, as the evidence is external testosterone supplementation can negatively affect fertility.


Well are the obvious ones. Doing more of what gets T moving, like plenty of physical exercise. Plus eliminating the things that hurt it; losing weight, cutting back on booze and quitting smoking.

Lowering our levels of the female hormone, estrogen is also vital and there are plenty natural ways to do that. Hot water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning helps your liver flush it out for example. Getting plenty vitamin B6 is also a good idea, as it lowers production.

A soft boiled egg in the morning would be a good shout too. Those trusty heroes in a whole shell contain a lot of important amino acids. Especially D-Aspartic Acid which is known to help sperm health and motility.

Research shows asian ginseng is also very useful in this area so some chi tea wouldn’t go a miss. If you’re not a big fan of eggs or not a tea guy, both D-AA and ginseng are available in supplement form.

Other useful nutrients to try and get plenty of are; B12, chromium, selenium, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E.


Even if you’re not quite ready for a baby yet and are content to just practice making them whenever possible, it’s never too early to start looking after your millions of mini me’s.

There’s loads of easy things you can do that don’t have to include a pair of new fangled tighty frostbiteys.

Remember boys, the weight of the entire human race is resting on our healthy groins.

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