Men’s Hormonal Reaction To Erotic Video May Predict If He’s Ready To Start a Family.

Normally a racy internet history wouldn’t be a great sign of a man getting to settle down.

Getting ready to settle down and do something, but… not to raise a family. That could be about to change though. A Chicago University study has found a link between how a man’s T reacts to sexy videos and how ready he is to be a dad.

There are easier ways to find out if a guy wants children. Asking him would be one crazy idea – but these scientists wanted to see if there were any biological signals which might predict how close guys were to being family men.

They found 100 young, straight men with no kids and told them their hormones would be measured in response to sexual material. Before this, they were asked 12 questions designed to learn their attitude to babies and another 20 to test views on issues such as casual sex and family relationships.

They were asked to agree or disagree with statements like “I have to be closely attached to someone before I am comfortable having sex with them” and “I often get emotional support and practical help from my blood relatives.”

The answers  were used to create something called a ‘life-history strategy’ for each man. Team member Dr Dario Maestripieri, explains;

“Fast and slow life-history strategies refer to a difference in the extent to which men are orientated toward sexual promiscuity and casual sex versus monogamy and fatherhood. In the context of our study, high interest in babies equals slow life-history strategy”

After the Q & A, the guys gave a saliva sample and were shown 12 minutes of sexy footage. Once that was finished – in a nice change from the usual sample produced from these things – they gave more spit.

Results showed men with more interest in having kids saw a smaller rise in T while watching the video than the more no strings kind of guys. This was true regardless of relationship status.

In a press release, Maestripieri said,

“Young men who don’t like babies as much get more physiologically aroused by visual sexual stimuli; Young men who like babies more are less sexually aroused by novel sexual stimuli, but presumably enjoy sex more in the context of stable monogamous relationships with partners they know well.”

These results back up earlier studies which show having kids can lower our T levels. This is thought to be down evolution. After finding a mate our biology changes to fit looking after a family.

This study is the first to find a mind and body connection when it comes to how ready you are for a family. Some feel there will be a time when data like this is used to help make big choices.

Until then at least a copy of this study and a cheek swab left by your computer can get you out of some tricky internet history questions.

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